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message 1: by J (new)

J (luckyladyvabch) | 177 comments Mod
Side dishes and Salads - YUMMY! I can't wait to explore all the different side dishes you can create to go with a meal. I am definitely tired of broccoli and carrots. It is time to step it up and find some new and unique foods to eat with my main dish.

I always forget how much I enjoy a nice salad until I'm eating one. What about you? Do you love salads? Got a great side dish recipe to share?

My favorite side dish is fried corn. This was a staple at all of our family gatherings and the best thing is that the dish is simple and delicious.

Fried Corn:
2 lb frozen corn
1 lb Bacon (Not turkey bacon)

Fry 1 lb of bacon until crisp. In the left over bacon grease add the 2 lb of frozen corn. Fry for ten minutes until slightly brown then turn and fry an addition ten minutes. Crumble cooked bacon into corn and continue to stir every 5-10 minutes until corn is slightly browned. Let cool and eat.

Check out our collection of cookbooks at infopeake.org - most cookbooks have a side dish chapter but here are a few links to side dishes and salads.

Side Dishes


Happy Reading! Happy Cooking! Happy Eating!

message 2: by Ingrid (new)

Ingrid Hurst (bookrdr) | 279 comments I am now drooling over fried corn. Yum!

Because the weather turned so nice, I went crazy cooking summer foods starting last Sunday. Broccoli salad, Jell-O salad, deviled eggs, baked beans, barbecued chicken and more.

My father side of the family is Swedish so I did end up picking up a Swedish cookbook last month. Was pretty interesting because it had all the Swedish traditions regarding food. I like that part better than the recipes. Ha ha.

message 3: by J (new)

J (luckyladyvabch) | 177 comments Mod
Ingrid wrote: "I am now drooling over fried corn. Yum!"

Trust me - there is much drooling in our home when someone decides to cook Fried Corn :)

Ingrid wrote: "Was pretty interesting because it had all the Swedish traditions regarding food. I like that part better than the recipes"

I also enjoy cookbooks that talk about the traditions and culture behind the recipes. It is nice to know how the recipes came about. Maybe there is an interesting Swedish Side Dish you would like to share with us this month? I can't think of anything I have ever tried that is Swedish - what are some yummy dishes?

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