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message 1: by L.A. (new)

L.A. Barnes I am seeking reviewers for my first novel, The Pit. It is the first in a planned series of five, all set in my own version of hell. Be aware, this is intended for an adult audience with violence, sex, language and dark themes throughout. A preview is available on my goodreads page and my website, If you want to read for review, email me here on goodreads and I will send you a mobi, epub or pdf file.


In life, we are plagued by the uncertainty of an afterlife, and it is often expected that when we die, everything will suddenly make sense. But when a group of strangers, similar only in their time of death, find themselves in the afterlife, they are faced with more questions than ever before. Are they in Heaven or Hell? If they’re in Heaven, why is there a Nazi wandering around? Why are there no children? If they are in Hell, what universal law did they break? Is there a way to repent and move on to a better eternity? At least one man seems to have some answers. Marcus, a Roman dead for 2,000 years, gains the group’s trust by leading them through the perils of their new reality. But soon it becomes clear that Marcus is only telling them half the story.

Again, just send me a message on goodreads and I will send you the book.

message 2: by Ana (new)

Ana (anaslair) | 2312 comments Mod
That actually sounds very interesting, though very dark.

I feel tempted to request a copy but I have such a huge pile to read already >.<

message 3: by L.A. (new)

L.A. Barnes Ana, thanks. let me know if you change your mind :)

message 4: by Ana (new)

Ana (anaslair) | 2312 comments Mod
Hi! I actually got this from Netgalley, at least it will count towards my ratio.

I hope you are ok with fully honest reviews!

message 5: by Ana (new)

Ana (anaslair) | 2312 comments Mod
Oh, nevermind... It's a protected pdf. I have major issues with those. I wish Netgalley would stop doing that.

Is there any chance you could send me a mobi version to please?

message 6: by L.A. (new)

L.A. Barnes Just sent it. Let me know if there are any problems.

message 7: by Ana (new)

Ana (anaslair) | 2312 comments Mod
Thanks! I think I will get right on this.

message 8: by Ana (new)

Ana (anaslair) | 2312 comments Mod
Thank you for the opportunity to read and review your book!

My review is now out on GR, my blog and Netgalley.

Wish you lots of success!

message 9: by L.A. (new)

L.A. Barnes Thank you for that review, it was well written.

Also, it's weird that your spoiler mentioned the thing where Lauren is allowed to use her shot gun shells even though the black powder in them is valuable. There's a whole backstory with that I couldn't find a place to add in. Even now I keep typing a sentence that begins with, "The short version is" and then deleting it because there is no short version. Since it relates to Marcus and Lauren's relationship, I am hoping to add it into The Camp. Basically they belong to her and she decides what to do with them. And even though Marcus agreed to this fact back when she first arrived, it gives her a level of power few people in Hell have and deeply affects their interactions with each other.

Anyway, thanks again for the review.

message 10: by Ana (last edited Mar 12, 2016 01:05AM) (new)

Ana (anaslair) | 2312 comments Mod
Thank you for the explanation!

I think the thing is you introduced so many cool concepts that it is difficult to develop them to a full extent. I have to admit I got lost at times. I didn't add the platform thing to my review but those lost me as well. I guess people are supposed to fall on 11 and I didn't get how many regions in the world would correspond to them. Unless there's some other purpose to a few of them. Or my math is just horrible. Which it is.

I suppose all this is at least partly why you plan for 4 more books, eh.

Thank you again for letting me read your novel!

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