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Denise (destiny_chan) | 5837 comments Mod
Krissy & Elena - Finding Audrey

Elena | 1382 comments ready when you are...

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3313 comments I don't have my copy yet so this one will have to be pushed back until later in the month if that's okay. But luckily we have plenty other books to read in the meantime :)

Elena | 1382 comments Definitely! Let's start with rock addiction.

Elena | 1382 comments Definitely! Let's start with rock addiction.

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3313 comments Just wanted to let you know the audiobook became available today. So I figure we can start it on Mon or Tues. Or anytime in the next 14 days which is how long I have it before it's due back. Just let me know

Elena | 1382 comments Sure! Let's start Tuesday? That ok?

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3313 comments Tuesday works for me :)

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3313 comments I started this morning

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3313 comments So far I like the narrator

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3313 comments 26%~ The mom is kind of annoying

Elena | 1382 comments Yup, started this morning, I'm about half way through...

Mom is annoying because she seems to be all talk and no action (except throwing the laptop out the window, which was a ridiculous waste!) ... She seems to be nagging too much, instead of having a real conversation with her kid and figuring out what he wants to do...

In terms on Mom and Audrey - mom seems to be encouraging daughter to nurture her social disorder...she doesn't seem to be encouraging her to step out of her comfort zone and try to get over her problems....

Elena | 1382 comments What exactly did happen with the girls from school to cause Audrey's anxiety!?!?!

Elena | 1382 comments Generally though, I feel like more than half the book so far is about Frank - I seem to know more about Frank's gaming than about Audrey's disorder!

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3313 comments 47%~ I am really disliking the mom. And you are right. The book feels like it's about Frank and Audrey is just a secondary character.

As a parent my only rule when it comes to electronics is that as long as it doesn't interfere with your school work, grades, and bedtime I really don't care if they choose to spend all their free time playing games or watching Netflix or whatever. And it sounded like Frank was doing perfectly fine until mom went all psychotic on his ass. She needs to calm the fuck down. Her OTT attacking is helping nobody.

And damn it's frustrating as hell to keep getting these references to "the incident" but never any freaking details. Enough already. Wtf happened???

Elena | 1382 comments Krissy wrote: "...And damn it's frustrating as hell to keep getting these references to "the incident" but never any freaking details. Enough already. Wtf happened??? ..."

YESSSSS !!!! Like seriously!!! I'm 70% in and STILL NOTHING!!!

Elena | 1382 comments My kid is still too small for me to have set rules about electronics - but yes, I agree with you - as long as it's not interfering with school and sleep, I think I really won't care! I mean - I'm on my ipod/phone/laptop very often as well - who am I to judge, lol :D

The only thing that I will be AGAINST is electronics at dinner table :D:D:D I hate when I'm trying to talk to someone over lunch/dinner and they are playing with their phone/tablet!!! Rude!!

But -- yes - to me Frank seemed to be doing fine! And his gaming competition seemed like something he was really involved in and passionate about ... ($6million ?!?! really?! lol!)
Ok I guess there was that incident where Mom discovered he was gaming from 2-6am, but ... a normal conversation about the side-effects of lack of sleep could have worked... And maybe the mother could have been a little more interested in his hobbies , rather than just bitching at him constantly ....

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3313 comments By the time they tell us we'll be totally over it.

Elena | 1382 comments that;s what I'm thinking, too...
usually that's how I am - I really wanna know, until about the 60-70% and then if I don't find out by some point I really don't care anymore... because I've had time to go over multiple scenarios in my head and usually I somewhat have it figured out, or just don't care! :D

Elena | 1382 comments Now I'm guessing that she was bullied?? What do you think?!

Elena | 1382 comments I mean, obviously it has to be more than that , but I'm assuming it was related to a bullying incident...

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3313 comments The only reason he was up gaming at those times was because his mom grounded him from the game in the first place without actually having a reason. He wasn't doing it before. But I agree with talking to your kids first before flipping the fuck out. At this point in the book I'm just following Frank's story. I'm more interested in finding out if he is able to play in the competition and how well he does. More than I'm interested in Aubrey and her anxiety. Since she has basically been pushed to the back burner in the book.

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3313 comments I figured they played some kind of prank on her. And in public. Her friend Natalie(?) probably stopped it but too late. The damage was already done.

Elena | 1382 comments that's what im thinking too ...
or maybe Natalie didn't do anything to stop it ...

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3313 comments Finished. I liked it enough to rate it 3 stars. Still didn't care much for the mom even when it was over. I did adore Felix though. Having my own 4 year old I could totally relate to all his scenes. Been there, done that. Lol.

Elena | 1382 comments Ok, so we never really find out the details about the bullying... but yea- we were right, it was bullying...

Yes, loved Felix :) My kiddo is 1.5 yrs old, and I can see him being like that, because he is already reacting similarly to some stuff :D:D:D

YEah, I liked it well enough for 3* .... mom grew on me a little bit in the last few "pages" ... but it seemed kinda unrealistic that she did a 180 and was now all into games and all that, within two days!!

I hoped for more of a bullying explanation though - more details!

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