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You are in the middle of a room. Three boxes are set in front of you. You are allowed to box one box with you. Inside each box, there contains a gift. Which box do you take?

A. An old and worn box filled to the rim with some unknown substance.
B. the box containing your greatest desire.
C. The box containing the one thing that will fix your past, present, and future, it will make you perfect.
D. You choose none.

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You are watching your best friend get mugged, right before your eyes. If you interfere, you know you could get hurt. What do you do?

A. Go in anyways and fight the mugger. You have no plan though...
B. Think up something that will help get your friend out of this situation and get their stuff back.
C. Offer up some money to the mugger and hope he will leave your friend alone.

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You now are put in front of a plate of food. You are starving, you have not eaten in days. A beloved family member stands next to you. They are also starving. A factionless man is on the other side of you. He is starving as well and likely to attack if he does not get food. The plate holds enough food for just one person. What do you do?

A. Give the food to your beloved family member.
B. Give to food to the factionless man.
C. Eat the food yourself.

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Finally, there is an object in your hand. What is it?

(Write in answer)

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Your final result was Dauntless. Go ahead and plug in Dauntless in your character creation area. Erase Yes for Divergent if you have it marked as yes.

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