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Doubt about Cinder

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Diogo Maia Helo!

When I was re-reading the Cthaeh part I realized something.

The Cthaeh said to Kvothe that was not his fault didn't recognize Cinder since he was to busy trying to please the Maer Alveron (I don't know if it is his name in the english version) and with Felurian.

So I think maybe he has met Cinder in the Fae (the world where Felurian lives, is it the name in inglish?)

Because if he was to busy with Felurian and because of this could not recognize Cinder, it means that he met Cinder after met Felurian.

In the time Kvothe was in the Fae he only met someone or something when he was going to the night with Felurian to build his Shaed.

And It makes sense to me, because name of Cinder is Felure and it's realy similar to Felurian, so maybe they are from the same region or something like this.

Besides of it Felurian has the eyes in the same color of the sunset, because she lives in this part of the Fae, and Cinder has black eyes, and the place where Felurian and Kvothe went to build the Shaed is a dark night, maybe the same color of Cinder's eye.

And Felurian seemed to be very scared when the "thing" appeared.

So I think the "thing" they found in the Fae could be Cinder.

What do you think?

Kevin I think that it's an interesting idea and I wouldn't discount it entirely, but the Cthaeh specifically said that it wasn't his fault that he didn't recognize him. Considering that Kvothe seemed to recognize him during the battle but couldn't place him, the way he was described as being so different from the regular bandits, and the way in which we was able to take an arrow shot to the leg with little visible effect seems to make it more clear that it was him he was talking about.

Of course, I wouldn't be surprised if this was careful misdirection.

Diogo Maia I agree with you!

But when the Cthaeh said thar he was too busy with Felurian to recognize Cinde, I thought that maybe he hás met Cinder again in the Fae.

Maybe the bandits leadear and the"thing" that they met on the Fae could be Cinder!

What do you think?

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