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Back in the Saddle (Jessica Brodie #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Female has a guarddog named Fred. At one point she jumps into a rodeo area in her bra (waving her shirt around) to stop a bull from stomping on her love interest [s]

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Jess | 6 comments I read this book ages ago and can't remember the authors name or title of the book.

What I do remember is she moves into a guest house/cottage after either escaping an abusive relationship or running from danger.
She has a guard dog named Fred (and possibly another one), the dog was given to her to help protect her.
At one point her love interest is in the rodeo rodeo arena and being stomped on/attacked by the bull he was riding, to try to save him she calls out for Fred and runs into the ring, she takes off her shirt and is waving it around, when she has the bulls attention she starts running out of the ring but the bull gores her back as she went to jump the fence, when people try to help Fred is standing over her trying to protect her, she manages to call Fred off and then passes out.
Also in the book the people who she's hiding from break into her house and Fred (& I believe another dog??) save her by attacking the people.

That's all I can remember. I have heaps of books in my kindle/Google play/iTunes account and can't find it. I do remember that I loved the book and I want to read it again.

I hope someone know the book!!

Thank you in advance

Jess | 6 comments bump

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Jessie, normal bump period is 30 days, unless you remember new information.

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How many years ago did you read this? 2 years? 10 years?

Jess | 6 comments sorry. i didn't realise that aboit bumping.
I read it about a year ago but I think it was published maybe 3 years ago.

Jess | 6 comments Bump

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Katie Cox | 7 comments I'm going to look in my history I just read this like 2 weeks ago!!!

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Katie Cox | 7 comments Willow Summers...
Back in the saddle
Hanging on
A wild ride.

Full series.

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Back in the Saddle, Hanging on, and A Wild Ride by Willow Summers / K.F. Breene for Katie's suggestion.

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Jess | 6 comments That's them!! Thank you so much :)

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