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Me Before You- March 2016 > Chapter 1-10- Thoughts!

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Alicia Grace | 7 comments Mod
Me Before You (Me Before You, #1) by Jojo Moyes

Share your thoughts here about the first ten chapters of Me Before You by Jojo Moyes!

Marianne (Boricuan Bookworms)  (mariannelee) | 3 comments Okay, so I'm really liking the book thus far. I'll admit, maybe it was the hype, but I guessed that Will was (view spoiler). I love Lou's voice! She's so snarky and fun. Will is also really funny even if he comes off as arrogant at first. I find it easy to sympathize with him. I'll probably finish the book between today and tomorrow since I'm taking advantage of the free time college is giving me :D

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Shahd SM (shahdsm) | 8 comments I started reading this yesterday and once I reached chapter five I couldn't put it down. I'm really enjoying this one. ❤️❤️

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dina (theairwascold) | 3 comments GYSGUYS GUYS OMG

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Sarahi Flores (readergal91) I'm surprised some who is 26 would be dressing kinda ridiculous. That's one thing that kept popping in my head lol.

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Chiara (dreamsandpages) I'm actually suprised by how much I enjoy this book, since I normally read YA & stuff. But it's great and I love Lou, she's awesome!

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R.A. I think I loved Lou right from the start, mostly because of her eccentric wardrobe choices. I definitely relate to wanting more color and buying odd matches from thrift shops! I also found it interesting that Camilla Traynor got a chapter. I felt that I was able to sympathize with her more because of that chapter.

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