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message 1: by Alicia (new)

Alicia Grace | 7 comments Mod
Hey, guys!
I'm Alicia, one of the newer moderators here and I can safely say that everyone on the team is super excited to read the book of the month with all of you guys! It's the first of March and this month's book of the month is Me Before You by Jojo Moyes!

I'm so excited to read this novel as I've heard lots of good comments about it. I'm currently on chapter one of the novel and I intrigued. I have high expectations for this novel (Even though I probably shouldn't because I'm always disappointed :) ) but nevertheless, I can't wait to read this book. I always cry in books (I'm a sensitive person :) ) but I haven't cried in a book yet, this year. This may sound weird but I love crying in books, there is just something so magical in the way that these words on pages can make you feel so much emotion!

Anyway, well here are my initial thoughts on the book! Why are yours? Have you read this book before?

message 2: by Shahd (new)

Shahd SM (shahdsm) | 8 comments I think it will be a great book and I'm gonna cry my eyes out while reading it. But the ending is gonna be happy ❤️

message 3: by AllyGC (new)

AllyGC | 1 comments So excited for this!!!

message 4: by Hannah (new)

Hannah Brown (sprinkledwithwords) | 4 comments I hope it's a good romance book! I don't know much about it at all, so I'm looking forward to finding out about it! :D

Marianne (Boricuan Bookworms)  (mariannelee) | 3 comments I started this on the train today so I'm really hoping it's as good as everyone says! I expect crying... so I'll be sure to read the ending on my own hahaha

message 6: by Rosita (new)

Rosita (rosreads) I have read Me Before You before and it's so bitterly beautiful! I had little expectations before reading it but it ended up blew my mind. Please prepare a lot of tissues :') I can't wait to know what you all think about this!

message 7: by Chiara (new)

Chiara (dreamsandpages) I have to admit that the main reason why I want to read this book is the absolute amazing movie cast, oops. I love Emilia and Sam so much!

message 8: by dina (new)

dina (theairwascold) | 3 comments I bought the book last year and read a few pages, but because I was drowning in assignments (plus the book is v thick!), I decided to take a break. But as I continue this book this afternoon after being exhausted caused by extreme activities at school, I could say that this book healed my tiredness a little! I have reached a half of this book within a day and I can see where all the ramblings come from! :)

message 9: by Nicole (new)

Nicole  | 1 comments I want to read this book this month because the movie is coming out!

message 10: by Sarahi (new)

Sarahi Flores (readergal91) I barely bought this book two days ago. I kept seeing this book everywhere from instagram to goodreads and of course book tube. So when I heard that they were making a movie out of it, I had to check out the trailer and to my surprise the trailer got me wanting to know the whole story.

message 11: by Alja (new)

Alja (alyaofwinterfell) (alyaofwinterfell) | 3 comments I already read this book when it first came out and I'm really looking forward to a reread, especially with the movie coming out! Emilia is perfect for the role and Sam is amazing as well based on what I've seen in the trailer. In the past 4 years I've read countless books but this one left such a deep impact that it feels like I read it only yestersay. I can't wait to revisit these amazing characters!

message 12: by Sarahi (new)

Sarahi Flores (readergal91) Looking forward for the movie!

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