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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Possible regency romance, soul swap of smart proper woman and rakish man [s]

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Keriboo | 4 comments Feuding hero/heroine end up swapping bodies due to some sort of old artifact like a statue at an exhibit they both attend. After swap, she has to keep up appearances for him with friends and in card playing. Her spotless reputation and intellectual dinner parties are threatened when hero wakes up in her body.He puts her in a compromising situation on purpose. She ends up playing cards to try to save a favorite horse that the hero's younger brother gambled with. I think book is from within the past few years.

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Mrsbooks | 252 comments Sounds quite amusing. Following.

message 4: by Keriboo (new)

Keriboo | 4 comments Yes, that's it Anna!! Thank you, thank you! Mystery solved :)

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