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Olivia-Savannah  (olivia_catastrophe) Feel free to discuss all your thoughts here with other members as you read! If you're worried about spoiling the story for someone, please hide your words in a spoiler.

Olivia-Savannah  (olivia_catastrophe) Has anyone been reading yet? What do you all think?

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meghann (megs182) | 8 comments I'm almost finished with it, and I absolutely love it!

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Amy Liu (Bookish Amy) (theamylooo) | 7 comments I'm reliving everything right now, just got up to the part where Tessa bring's Will holy water.

message 5: by meghann (new)

meghann (megs182) | 8 comments I'm really liking Tessa, and I actually prefer her over Clary. I feel like Tessa is a much stronger character. I'm really looking forward to finishing this one and reading the other two books.

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Amy Liu (Bookish Amy) (theamylooo) | 7 comments I agree. I feel like Tessa is a more sophisticated character than Clary, maybe wise for her age because she grew up taking care of her aunt and brother. She had to grow up faster but she's also a bit naive at times. Clary on the other hand was just a dear in headlights, slowly stepping into her shadowhunting shoes. Both have tremendous character development though and I love them both as strong female heroines.

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DJ (aerochik) I really like the book. It's well written so I can escape to another time/place and see everything so clear.

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meghann (megs182) | 8 comments I finished it last night. LOVE. Getting ready to start Clockwork Prince!

Olivia-Savannah  (olivia_catastrophe) meghann wrote: "I finished it last night. LOVE. Getting ready to start Clockwork Prince!"

I really like Tessa more over Clary as well, and I feel like she is a lot more confident! Although they both do go through a lot of character development themselves. I still feel like there are slight similarities between the characters from this series and the Mortal Instruments. But they are unique as well.

The setting is done so well! I agree with DJ. The combination of steampunk, paranormal and historical fiction is so interesting.

I'm about 100 pages into Clockwork Prince, Meghann, so I'm reading with you :D

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