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Middle Class Creatures live in the middle plate. Go look at the species topic to see which species are in the middle class


[Full Name:]
[Date of Birth:]
[Zodiac Sign:]
[Blood type:]
[Relationship Status:]

[Clothing Style:]
[Scaring or Markings:]


[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:]



[Favorite Things:]


[Interesting Facts:]
[Powers:] (Dont go over 2 powers)
[Clan:] (Optional)
[Theme Song:]

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Sorry, Yu's not here right now, leave a message for when he actually gives a fuck


[Full Name:] Yu Otosaka
[Alias(es):] Saka
[Age:] 18
[Gender:] Male
[Date of Birth:] June 15th
[Zodiac Sign:] Gemini
[Blood type:] B-
[Sexuality:] Bi
[Crush:] Frey
[Relationship Status:] Single
[Species:] Dark angel
[Race:] Japanese

{Appearance:} http://static.zerochan.net/Otosaka.Yu... (view spoiler)
[Hair:] Brown
[Eyes:] Brown
[Height:] 5'11
[Weight:] 134 lbs
[Complexion:] Smooth, perfect
[Clothing Style:] https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/...
[Scaring or Markings:] None


{Commonly Shown Characteristics}

Yu, as you get to know him, is a selfish, egotistical and narcissistic young man and a borderline sociopath, who misuses his ability on a daily basis. For the short period he was homeschooled with some other half breeds, he misused his ability to cheat in any way possible in order to get good grades. Despite that, Yu is clearly intelligent, being able to devise carefully calculated schemes to achieve his devious goals and is able to hack things that are nearly impossible to hack. He is also able to calmly analyze situations, making it where he's quick to act in a dangerous situation. While a master of his own crafts, Yu isn't the best at socializing with others and is quite rude to people when first meeting them. He has only been shown to act differently when talking to his little sister before she went missing. When his plan succeeds, he's often found laughing like a villain, even in public. Sometimes he's known to act before thinking, which often scares people, but usually by doing so, his plan succeeds. He's often seen acting like he's better then everyone else. And although he's just acting like it and doesn't feel so confident on the inside, he plays it well. Yu is someone who cusses alot as well. In fact, its rare that he ever says a sentence that doesn't have at least one cuss word in it. He's someone who flirts with just about everyone and is someone who will gladly grope any man/women's ass, just to piss them off. He usually always seems to have something up his sleeve, so its best not to get on his bad side.
[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:]
*Can use telepathy and sometimes control those weak of mind for approximately 5 seconds
*Couldn't give 2 rats asses about other people
*If you hear him laughing like a villain, it means his plan has succeeded
*Knows special pressure points to press on people in order to make their body go numb for 2 minutes


Ill fucking devour you. I dont mean in a sexual way, I mean ill freaking fucking frackin' devour you

*His younger sister, Ayumi (Despite her being dead/missing)
*Heated, bright areas (Being in sunlight, sitting too close to a fireplace for too long, etc.)
*Vampires, Demons and Werewolves (So he hates all the full breeded royals)
*Someone touching what belongs to him (The person he likes, his hair, etc.)
*Those who hate cussing and tell him to stop (He'll cuss them out)


The fuck you talking about? I can fucking blend in!

*That one day he'll die alone (Since he has poor people skills)
*Being used by a royal (Or by anyone really)
*Cats (Has an unnatural fear of them)
*Hacking things (He's really good at it)
*Hiding away his true feelings


...And he died that day

[Favorite Things:]
*Telling scary stories
*Watching people screw up
*Hacking things
*His little sister
[History:] Not much is known by others, since Yu doesn't talk about it often. Yu doesn't remember his parents. He just knows his father was a dark angel and his mother was mortal but that they both died when he was 5 just after his little sister, Ayumi, was born. After that, a weapon who was a friend of there father's took both the children in and raised them as there own. Around this time, only royals were allowed to go to school. Private school, but it was school. It was illegal for other ranks to go to school, so most were secretly homeschooled in a small group of children, the teacher being a weapon who was able to learn all they know from there royal master. Yu was one of those kids who was homeschooled. However, despite his grades being high, it was mostly because he'd often cheat to get good grades, often being too lazy to study and do the work on his own. Despite that, he was still smart and hacked his first electronic object at the age of 10. By time he was 11, however, he was forced to move to the middle plate with his little sister when the weapon who was raising them was bought off by a royal and the Peacekeepers invaded their home and took them forcefully. After dumping them on the middle plate, Yu raised his younger sister best he could. He became unbearable to most people, but he always kept being a loving, understanding older brother to his little sister.
By time he was 13, however, things changed even worse. His little sister went missing after they had an argument. She ran out of the house after they had an argument, just like she always did when they fought, but this time, she didn't return. Yu searched high and low for her, but never found her. By age 14, he joined the Listrik. Not only because he loved hacking and was amazing at it, but also because he thought it would be easier to find his sister that way. By age 15, one of the Listrik people came and brought him a bow she often had in her hair, claiming he found the little girl's body nearly burnt to ashes, looking like it happened just two years before finding her. This seemed to change Yu even more. For a whole year, he did nothing but locked himself in his room, ate noodles and watched tv. He didn't hack or contact any of the Listrik people, he didn't go out, he just sat there, too emotionally in pain to do anything. By time he was 16, almost 17, he finally met up with the Listrik's again. Although, he was smiling and acting like his normal self, he always looked upset when they brought up his sister and started going indenial, claiming he believes it wasn't his little sister and that she's still out there somewhere. After saying that enough times, people stopped bringing it up and just let him believe what he wanted to believe, and he has to this day.


[Stability:] 7/10 (10 being worse)
[Interesting Facts:]
*His little sister went missing 5 years ago and was found dead 2 years ago, but Yu refuses to believe it and still thinks she's alive, just missing
*He once was in love with a demon prince, but after finding out he was just using him, he began to hate all royals claiming they were all selfish little idiots that didn't know how to stay out of people's business
*Has a bit of social anxiety
*Very anti-social
*Has trust issues
*He was raised in the bottom plate by a weapon but was forced to move up here to the middle plate after the weapon was bought by a royal
[Friends:] Open
[Enemies:] Open
*Little sister, Ayumi (( (view spoiler) ))
*Cousin, Nagito (Not blood cousins, more like he's close to Nagito's family so he considers them family)
*Uncle (Name is unknown)
*Wind Shards
[Clan:] Listrik
[Theme Song:] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rERG3...


You know that 'Im too sexy for my shirt' song? It was written about me

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) (view spoiler)

❝The person who denies his own profound relationship with evil, denies his own reality.❞╬

↳[first name]: Frey
↳[middle name]: Kelan
↳[last name]: Amaroy

Age➛ Unknown
⤿Birth: Unknown

↳Sexual Orientation: Unknown
↳Relationship Status: Unknown
↳Feelings for: Unknown

Physical Apparition ➤

t e c h n i c a l ● d e t a i l s
✮Hair✮ Frosted White
✮Eyes✮ Bright Turquoise
✮Scent✮ Spring Rain
✮Height✮ 5'7
✮Weight✮ 140
✮Body Type✮ Particularly scrawny, but not malnourished

Dressing Style➛

❝No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.❞╬

History ➤
Frey was born in a world of injustice. In his eyes, he saw people who couldn't fend for themselves being kicked to the side. He was their hope. He would become their beacon of light in a world of overwhelming darkness. He would be the only refuge in a war so large it would change the entire world.

But he was just a kid.

So he did what any kid would, and he played his games. He played his games, until he realized his games were playing him. He was being molded by society. And he hated that. He hated the thought of being molded by something without even knowing it. He wanted to know. He wanted to be aware of the things that would affect him the most. He wanted control over his life. Naturally, he was grateful for where he'd been born. The middle plate. He was a vampire afterall, and he was just appreciative of his heritage. To an extent at least. He was a precocious child. And he realized how terrible the world was before the world had touched him, before he had been swallowed into the unyielding abyss that was today's society. Which meant he could do something about this. He didn't need to get caught in the world's neverending cycle. What, was he just going to get a job, pop out a few kids, pay some bills and die? And then would he stand in the mirror and whisper to himself, "I am free"? No. Repetition wasn't freedom. Living in a vicious systematic pattern was not freedom. Living as a cog in a machine powering a grand scheme was not apart of his intentions. And so he started Listrik. He would take down this government. He would take them down right under their noses, using what they relied on the most. Technology.

Personality ➤
Frey is a very cautious person, he likes to take things one step at a time and he has the patience to do so as well. He spends countless hours plotting out his next moves, and even sacrifices his own health at some points due to his pure and unfathomable devotion to the craft that is hacking. He is very proud of the things he has accomplished, but is particularly good at hiding this, no matter how difficult it may be to remain modest in some situations. One of his biggest flaws is his pride actually. He's got a very strong sense of it, as well as honor and justice. He is very flexible, and so he will have multiple backup plans in store if his first plan doesn't work out. In fact, one of his life mottos just so happens to be, "The strongest man can identify his largest weaknesses". While Frey may seem like this heavily profound and well rounded individual, he still acts like a child, he's just good at hiding behind a calm exterior facade.

[Main Traits]
❖ Sexually Confused
↳One of the things that VERY few people, if any at all know, is that Frey is actually quite confused with himself. He suffers from the constant struggle between wanting to be very girly, but also wanting to be manly at times as well. At heart he generally enjoys things that are a lot girlier than one would expect. And he hates social standards, but he often has to adhere to them to avoid getting embarrassed.

❖ Non Judgmental
↳ While Frey is primarily a stoic and somewhat unsociable figure, he is also extremely caring and loving towards everyone, but has a difficult time showing it. He has always found it difficult to freely display emotions.

❖ Hacker and Inventor
↳ Frey spends hours after hours after hours, sacrificing his appetite and sleep in order to finish projects he works on. He has a strong love for inventing, and an even stronger love for hacking, so he devotes most of his time to it.

❖ Eccentric
↳ From sleeping in rather odd places to constantly mumbling to himself, Frey is a strange person. He crossdresses for one, which isn't as much strange as it is abnormal in their society. He can be a bit of a creeper pervert too, and wont hesitate to stalk others in order to find out information.

✓ Hacking
✓ Tuna Sandwiches
✓ Drinking blood
✓ Inventing
✓ Playing the electric violin
✓ Crossdressing
✓ Making bad puns
✓ Making people feel better about themselves

✗ Being made fun of
✗ Too bright of places
✗ Annoyingly arrogant people
✗ People who are smarter than he is
✗ Injustice against anyone
✗ Injustice in general
✗ When people touch his computers
✗ When people bicker about him

✪ Hacking
✪ The electric violin
✪ Inventing random gadgets
✪ Dodging questions
✪ Making puns

❏ Physical Strength
❏ Admitting his flaws
❏ Talking about his problems

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) Cathrine wrote: "{Identity}

[Full Name:] Suzume
[Alias(es):] Suzu
[Age:] 18
[Gender:] Female
[Date of Birth:] March 20
[Zodiac Sign:] tiger
[Blood type:] AB-
[Sexuality:] straight
[Crush:] open

Bold the template

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments {{Part 1}}

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ███ ♛ ██▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

"I used to think things in life were quite quizzical but in reality their not. The answers are all the same. We are driven by lust,greed,madness and envy. We will persue it till until we're dead or finally sastfied."
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ███ ♛ ██ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
➤Evans Hacke
·{First name meaning}~ Scottish origin, where its meaning is "born of the yew tree, youth" and Hebrew origin, where its meaning is "stone, rock".
·{Second name meaning}~ To cut with rough or heavy blows.
『 〓 』• Alias: "The Sadistic Basterd that goes around hacking of Womens hands."

{Society Rank/Class:} Middle Class.
{Clan:} The Leader of clan Chaos
{Age:} Appears 25 but is about 643 years old.
{Date of Birth:} October 31st, A Halloween Baby.
{Favorite Color:} Red like blood, Black for shadows and shining Silver for the hatchet he uses to dismember you.
{Philosophy:} "Insanity is murdering the same caste of people over and over expecting different results and then fucking up and starting it all over again. "
{Theme Song:} When Your Evil by Voltaire
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▌███ ♛ ███▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

"It is only murder when they find a body; Otherwise its just a missing person. So please shut up and let me smoke my fuckin ciggerate ."

(Hair:) Red, Just like perfectly aged red wine
(Eyes:) Evans has two different colored eyes. One like that of a ghouls with a red Iris and outing black like his pupil.{ this is in the left eye.} The right eye being a silver with a even darker Silver Iris making it appear blind when it really inst.
(Weight:) 145.9 lbs
(Height:) 6 and a 1/2 feet tall
(Scent:) Evan smells thickly of Blood, exaggerate smoke and a dash of mens cologne.
(Complexion:) Very lightly tanned beige
(Distinguished Marking(s): Evans has a tattoo all around his neck to imitate stitching. Why he got it? Who knows?
(Clothing style:)


"I keep trying to tell myself the voice in my head isn't real but to hell with it he has got some pretty good ideas."
➤{Species:} Incubus/Shadow Demon.
↳ A demon none the less but not a purebred just a mixed up mutt of two species of demons. His mother being a female succubus prostitute and his Father a drunken shadow demon looking for a good time. Evans do to this cross breeding of species is linked to mental insanity and sterilization. Sterile and unable to pass on his own genes.
{Gender:} Male
{Blood Type:} Demons Blood
· It varies from demon to demon but his blood is actually liquid shadows like the a form similar to liquid nitrogen as hits the air. And this fog given off is poisonous to ingest or catch whiff off if your a mortal human not enough to kill them but make them very ill if not treated properly within a few moments.
{Sexual Orientation:} Equally Pansexaul
↳ Evans is a lover of both female and male beings and is a very rough dominant lover. Fornicating with another male it ends with him topping. Pure Seme.
{Relationship Status:} Single
⊱ {Zodiacal symbol:}
⊱ Scorpio
⊱Scorpios are extremely ambitious, persistent and determined which is shown through a power hungry, controlling attitude. Not in a stubborn sense however, because a Scorpio will work for what they want and control will justified reasons. This is obvious to any onlooker. A Scorpio never gives up, they are so determined to reach their goal. The key to this success is their flexibility. They are able to re-survey a situation and take a different approach if necessary.
Trait 1: A very bad fetish for Women's hands
Trait 2: Insane
Trait 3: very intelligent
Trait 4: bloodthirsty
Trait 5: Man whoreish

Where do I begin with him. Evans is a indeed as people say a say be warned with this man enters the ring of bloodshed. Evans is a sophisticated man, charming and a hit with everybody until that switch is pulled and his mind his over ridden with rage and pure blood lust and will not stop till everybody in the room is dead. A violent being and a slave to his own mind, stuck in his own paradise of insanity. It makes him lash out at others and himself, his very genetics his own downfall. His insanity and the only way to cope his to kill and keep going and never stop. Born into the darkness of a cruel city and era have made him colder then ice and the slyest basterd around. Evans is a shiftu titan among his clan and by far one of its best killers and able to make reapted kills in succession showing he is indeed intelligent and cunning even with his insanity that rots his mind with each passing day. Influencing the members to kill and bring this world to anarchy to bring the demons and the chaos beings to top power. Driven by the power and the bloodshed with each kill. But even a monster can feel human emotions. Evan can still feel sadness, happiness, joy ency, jealously etc etc. Even as much as he hates it. One notably the most disturbing thing about him is his inability to cope with out his deadly obsession with women's hands. The prettier the are the worse his obsession nags at him so after every kill he always examine them and if they are to his liking he hacks them off and takes them as trophies and own twisted desires. He also gets quite defensive when his fair collection of these dismembered body parts when they are touched by others then him. Though its best to agree if he ever asks you questions about his collection. As well though the blood lust the best thing that goes along with this is pleasure. Evans is indeed part Succubus. His sex drive is heightened and he does get around a lot making him quite skilled in this topic and performing such act. Preying upon lowly beings and not caring for castes and breeding and fornicating with all species alike willing to crawl in his bed if they survive talking to him. Being attractivel also makes him cocky and think highly of himself. He is also a lover of pain and it turns the older male on more then anything when he inst in the heat of battle or the hunt. Evans is also noticeable grim and dark for a demon, sharing beliefs of the darkness that envelops the world and his shadow demon side and enjoys the dark and the shadows and likes to make the power in the darkness known. the final thing is Evans loves to gamble with lives, not his but other's and will not stop his dealing until either he is dead or you are.

{Noticeable Habits and secrets:}
➤ Evans is almost always smoking a cigarette and is a very bad chain smoker. He is hardly ever with out of the house without a pack on him and they are always a personally brand. A demon made brand that his stronger and the smoke burns black like his blood when lit and hits the air.
➤ Every time meeting a new person specifically if that person is a women. He liked to inspect their hands always deciding if he should kill and hack them off for his collection or to let it slip if its not to his liking. Men tend to slip off the hook.
➤ He is one that will tear you the fuck up if you try making a uke out of him in bed. He is a pure Seme.
➤ Like most demons Evan can purr like a cat but it deeper and more smooth. He often expresses through his purr like happiness, delight, pleasure. etc etc. When people compliment on it he will no longer purr around people. Does not like it complimented and referred to like a mere pet.

The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments {{Part 2 Of Evans Hacke}}

~Chain smoker
- His way or no way
- rude
-cant keep it in his pants
-cannot let go of a obsession or grudge

+ Very smary
+ Always tells cold hearted truth but he does lie to get hid his way
+ Skilled in many ways
+ Does not give up easily
+ really good in bed
+ good negotiation skills

{Favorite Things:}
~ Blood
~ Gore
~ Sex
~ Chaos
~ His pride and joys, His chainsaws and hatchets.
° Wielding hatchets and chainsaws
° Hand to hand combat
° The abilities it takes to run a clan
° skilled hunter

° Purified holy items
° Terrified of large bodies of water and cannot swim
° Pure engraved Silver
° Cannot control himself once he enters a state of madness or insanity
{"Shadow manipulation And Shadow Demon abilities."}
↳ Evans like any shadow demon hybrid or shadow demon has the abilities to control, manipulate, speak and become one with the shadows. Evans can bend and control the shadows and darkness to a certain extent or make it take on a form or mass. Say if he wanted a chain saw he could made shadows take form into that object and make shadows form a chainsaw that is completely operational, though his cannot form animals or living beings through this process. He can made shadows grabb onto another person's shadows to injure them or dragg them back to where he is. He can also teen into a foggy mass of shadows this is only in the dark though it it simply to hide are pass through small spaces but if in this form and he hits sunlight he dies instantly on contact with the sunlight.

{"Incubis Attractions abilities."}
↳ These powers were passed down from his mother. Evans is capable of charmspeak bending people to his doing with sweet nothing and words. This does not work on other Incubis or succubis. He is capable of creating pheromones that may bring any woman or man to their basic instincs to breed and become flustered and pleasured a aphrodisiac that may be only used by scent this affects all species equally. Further more another thing is incubis is built differently capable of handling rough night and things more easily and has a higher metabolism to burn fats and such better and are always able to look attractive and sexy to keep attracting prey, so a thirty minute work out can give him abs just like that is if he ever let himself get fat and it is also really really hard to get fat as well. The last thing is a incubis is capable of feeding themselves of the lust, desire of a human in bed gaining energy and power.

{"Shadow Travelling."}
↳ One trickier things to learn being a demon is shadow Travell. Evans can jump into a shadow and imagine where he wants to appear in another shadow in the spot of his designation. Evans has mastered this task and often uses it fighting to make many hit and run attacks on a opponent much more powerful then him or make a quick escape in being chased.

{"Demon Transformation"}
↳ Evans is capable of a whole other form but this is very dangerous for him and others. A loaming mass of solid shadows with a white blaze that form eyes mouth and other things in this form. A large monstrous hound of a tank. Why this form is so dangerous is Evans completely driven my the madness within his head. He could kill uncontrollable eating and destroying many people at a time. How it's and turning back after a longer period of time could leave him permanently damaged and a human form would be stuck between both forms mentally and physically. So this is for desperate defense and fighting.

{Family relations:} Mostly Unknown except the fact his mother was a succubis that was a prostitute and his dad was just a shadow demon that fled finiding out the prostitute he banged got pregnant.
{Friends:} It's open that is if he doesn't take interest in your hands.
{Enemies:} What do you think a murderer and demon he has countless enemies and the list keeps getting bigger and bigger with each day.

{Background/History:} {{Can I add it later?}}

{Stability:} 5/10 Some days he is stable other day it is complete insanity
{Interesting Facts:}
~ loves women's hands
~great at sex
~ Fuckin chainsaw massicure when you piss him off
~ Has a pet cat named, Beetlejuice.
{Other:} N/A

"The hardest prison to escape is your own mind. You'll be snared in your own dark blind insanity and you will never want out till you now your dieing in a pool of your own blood."

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 173 comments {Identity}

[Full Name:]Balthazar Erebus Blood-Bane
[Alias(es):] Blood-Bane the Bold
[Date of Birth:] April 1st
[Zodiac Sign:] Dragon
[Blood type:] unknown.
[Sexuality:] straight
[Crush:] open
[Relationship Status:] single but looking
[Species:] half-demon/ Half-Faer.
[Race:] American


[Hair:] spiky and reddish-orange
[Eyes:] irises are bright green but the whites are solid black.
[Height:] about 6 feet 7 inches.
[Weight:] about average for his height.
[Complexion:] somewhat pale despite the sun he gets.
[Clothing Style:] basically almost anything, so long as it is either comfortable or makes a statement he doesn't care, although he won't wear anything close to pelican-like.
[Scaring or Markings:] sigils burned onto his back when he was born, the sigils means "Blood-Bane"


[Description:] loyal to those who are loyal to him. he'll throw himself in front of anything to protect those he cares about. often thinking about various things, from life to why the species agreed to such a system in the first place. he's always had a rebel soul, often going against what others accepted simply because they were told to. more often than not amused by most people's attempts to get on his bad side.
[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:]although hard to anger, once he gets there he becomes a killing machine and almost nothing can stop him when he does.

Adrian's bad puns.
unnecessary loudness.
people who destroy books

[Fears:] becoming the monster his father was.
[Strengths:] incredible power for a half-blood, indomitable will, knowledgeable.

[Favorite Things:] reading a nice thick book in a nice quiet spot with Adrian tied up and gagged for several hours.
[History:] The result of an affair between the demon assassin Chernobog and a Faer noble lady. Although his mother was more than happy to have a child, his father wasn't, and on his birth tried to kill him with poison. His mother saved him by taking the poison out of him with magic but died herself. He was raised by a nurse who he grew to love of his mother, only to have her killed by his father, although he didn't know it at the time. He was only six years old when he started training for the day when he would kill the demon that had killed the nurse who raised him and proved, even then, to have great skill at it.
As time went on his skill improved and improved, until he surpassed many pure-bloods in skill and power. Once he believed he was ready he tracked down the assassin and challenged him to a all out battle. The battle lasted for many days and nights but he managed to win in the end when the assassin tripped in a pool of blood. It was only later that he learned of the assassin's identity as well as his own.
He later joined a group of mercenaries called the Blood Clan and quickly became one of their best fighters. He made friends with several of their most notorious members, including wizard Adrian and hybrid Alex. He's earn a rep for being a great assassin and often out competes other assassins when it comes to contracts.


[Stability:] 5/10
[Interesting Facts:]
Adrian Longshadow Magus
Alexander Van Helsing
[Family:] some Faer nobility but they don't talk to him and he doesn't talk to them either.
boosting powers-he is not only able to boost his own powers and abilities but others as well, up to five times their natural strength.
Dread- an ability that causes those he uses it on to be almost completely overcome with fear, in a few cases it has actually killed those he had used it on.
[Clan:] Blood Clan

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Spades (thequeenofspades) | 220 comments


[Full Name:] Cressida Circelle
[Alias(es):] Circe, Cress
[Age:] Appears 23, but is 207 years old
[Date of Birth:] February 4th
[Zodiac Sign:] Aquarius
[Blood type:] O
[Sexuality:] Straight
[Crush:] None
[Relationship Status:] Single
[Species:] Half Demon (Succubus), Half Vampire
[Race:] Half Japanese, Half French

[Hair:] Reddish Pink
[Eyes:] Gold
[Height:] 5'5"
[Weight:] 153 lbs
[Complexion:] Pale, Smooth
[Clothing Style:] Leotards with thigh high boots, as pictured. She always wears a bracelet with a chain that has a rose pendant on it and her horns are always decorated.
[Scaring or Markings:] A heart on her right breast and two red dots under her eyes


[Description:] At a glance, Cressida seems harmless enough, but its what she does when others aren't looking that you should be worried about. Cressida is protective of those she loves, but cold-hearted and ruthless to anyone who threatens them. She often feigns ignorance or stupidity while plotting and calculating in secret. Her words are sweet and she draws people in, but often uses them and discards them later, leaving them dazed and unsure of what happened. She is ambitious and ruthless, and won't think twice about disposing of anyone who gets in her way.
[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:]
-She craves blood due to being a half vampire, but she doesn't need it to survive.
-Her mother was a succubus, which is probably why she was able to seduce Cressida's father

-Manipulating people

-Being ignored

-Being forgotten

-Manipulating people

[Favorite Things:]

[History:] Cressida's mother was a demon who was drawn in by the lavish lifestyle of a married noble vampire. The two fell in love, and the noble took her mother as his mistress. Cressida was born soon after. A few years later, her father fell in love with another younger woman and took her as his mistress, displacing Cressida and her mother. The two had enough connections to secure a comfortable life, but Cressida already had a taste of a lavish lifestyle. She grew up always longing for more. Her mother passed away from an unknown illness when she was 15 years old. She was an easy target with a lot of money, so she was kidnapped by the Chaos Clan. The leader admired her abilities and allowed her to join the Chaos Clan instead of taking her life. They allowed her to do as she pleased and she had always been fascinated with death due to her abilities. She was drawn to blood due to her father and she was intrigued by death because of her mother, so it was only a matter of time before she became what she is today, a cold-blooded murderer.


[Stability:] 5/10
[Interesting Facts:]
-Once, she tried to raise her mother from the dead using her powers, but the result was so horrifying that she had to kill her again.
-She has a soft spot for orphans, but she won't coddle them. She likes to take them in a train them to fend for themselves.
[Friends:] open
[Enemies:] open
[Family:] Her deceased mother, her father, and a dozen other half siblings that she doesn't know by name
Using a chain with a rose pendant that she keeps attached to her wrist, Cressida can hypnotize people. She can suppress or resurface memories and make people do her bidding, to some extent. The chain is just a way for her to channel her powers, and she is able to use her powers of hypnosis without it, but it is much more difficult and the person has to be willing to be hypnotized.
Can bring dead animals and plants back to life, but not humans. She tried to raise her mother from the dead once, and she ended up being deformed and a monster. She has a connection to the dead and can tell how something died.
[Weapon/Partner:] A large ax

[Clan:] Chaos Clan
[Theme Song:] Delusion Tax
[Other:] None

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 173 comments {Quotes}
"i don't care if you are a god, take one step closer and i'll smack the godhood right out of ya!"
"say one more word and i'll smack the ugly out of ya! it may take several weeks of smacking but i'd be more than happy to if you say one more word!"


[Full Name:] Adrian Longshadow Magus
[Alias(es):] Wacky Wizard, Crazy Moron(by his friends), Idiot(in several languages), etc. most known as the Necro-Mage.
[Gender:] male
[Date of Birth:]April 2nd.
[Zodiac Sign:] Dragon
[Blood type:] O Neg.
[Sexuality:] straight
[Crush:] open
[Relationship Status:] single
[Species:] Wizard-human
[Race:] American


[Hair:] dark brown and about shoulder length
[Eyes:]bright purple
[Height:] 6ft 8inches
[Weight:] slightly less than average
[Complexion:]somewhat pale
[Clothing Style:] whatever is comfy, although he is rarely seen without his trusty hat and magic leather duster.
[Scaring or Markings:] known.


[Description:] silly, wacky, and annoying in spades, he rarely takes anything seriously. even when faced with life or death situations he often makes jokes, often times really bad ones. despite appearances he is very clever, although he'd rather no one knew about it. he is very loyal to those he cares about, often putting his own life on the line in order to protect them. although hard to anger, once he gets there he becomes a force of nature and won't stop until he eliminates whatever drove him into such a rage. buried beneath it all though lurks a deadly madness, one that threatens to consume him if he can't figure out a way to get rid of it.

[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:] he is, literally, a walking time bomb. should too much magic build inside his body, he'd explode and take about 50 miles with him and contaminate everything within 200 miles for thousands of years. luckily he simply has to use some magic every few days to make sure the tank doesn't fill up too much.

[Likes:]magic, making fun of people, pranks, parties, fun.
[Dislikes:] party-poopers, anything that tries to kill him, pelicans, squirrels.

[Fears:] demonic ninja squirrels, the Chicken Man, Death Squirrel.
[Weaknesses]physically not much stronger than a regular human.
will drop whatever he is doing if a pelican is near and try to kill it.
in order to accomplish many of his most powerful magical feats he must focus entirely on that spell in order to do it, during this time he is unable to perform any other magic and can barely do anything else.
[Strengths:] has a lot of magical power, very crazy, and is exceptionally clever, combined this allows him to take on opponents that he normally couldn't.

[Favorite Things:] FUN!
[History:] the day he was born began what would become one of the craziest lives in living, and unliving, history.
When he was born a demon found him and his mother and killed her and nearly killed him, except Adrian turned him into a kitten (which later got eat by the demon's pet dog). He was then taken away and raised among the middle-class, where his power normally leaked out enough that he didn't explode from lack of use. He quickly developed into an explosive happy young boy, who often got himself and others into all kinds of trouble. This kept up until his 13th birthday, where he left the city due to a dream he had. he eventually revived an ancient, and powerful, entity, but died in the process.
he awoke in Hell and quickly caused a great deal of trouble in a short amount of time. Going on instructions given to him by the ancient entity, which he later learned to be the ancient entity known as the Trickster, he eventually made his way to the gates and found a way to cross them. the last thing he did before leaving was moon the Devil and say, "kiss it Lucy cause i'm out of here!"
he awoke at his own funeral. it was a coin tossing as to who was more surprised, Adrian finding out he was having a funeral, or the guests upon seeing the apparent dead guy getting up and asking for something to drink. from there his reputation only grew, thankfully under many different names, and he was recruited to join the Mages Guild and eventually the Blood Mercenaries.
he is now considered one of the strongest mages in the guild, next about twelve others, and is one of the top five strongest in the Mercenaries.


[Stability:] he is both the most sane and craziest person you will ever meet.
[Interesting Facts:]once turned into a very attractive young woman for a week
Balthzar Erebus Bloodbane
Alexander Van Helsing
the Trickster
a whole lot, and many powerful one's too.
none he knows of.
[Powers:]a wide range of magical powers at his control, mostly due to learning them. however he rarely uses all of them and focuses on using a few (mostly so no one knows everything he can do)
Necromancy-a powerful necromancer, he has summoned many creatures back from the dead and even managed to revive a powerful, and ancient, entity named the Trickster (although it did kill him to do so).
Shape-shifting: a unique power he appears to have mastered, it allows him to change his body, although he can't turn into animals. he's found around this road block by simply shifting tails, animals ears, fur, scales, etc. and appearing to be a different species altogether.
[Clan:] Mage's Guild and Blood Mercenaries.

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May͛a (rhapsodyinblue)

Tʜᴇᴍᴇ Sᴏɴɢ: Cold - Casey Lee Williams

( Fɪʀsᴛ Nᴀᴍᴇ ) Persephone
( Pʀᴏɴᴜɴᴄɪᴀᴛɪᴏɴ ) Per-SEF-o-nee
( Mᴇᴀɴɪɴɢ ) Goddess of spring growth | Queen of the Underworld
( Oʀɪɢɪɴ ) Greek

( Mɪᴅᴅʟᴇ Nᴀᴍᴇ ) Ceres
( Pʀᴏɴᴜɴᴄɪᴀᴛɪᴏɴ ) SEER-eez
( Mᴇᴀɴɪɴɢ ) Goddess of harvest and agriculture
( Oʀɪɢɪɴ ) Roman

( Lᴀsᴛ Nᴀᴍᴇ ) Karahalios
( Pʀᴏɴᴜɴᴄɪᴀᴛɪᴏɴ ) Kah-rah-HA-lee-os
( Mᴇᴀɴɪɴɢ ) A kind of bird of prey
( Oʀɪɢɪɴ ) Greek

Aʟɪᴀs: Spectral Eyes | High Priestess

Aᴘᴘᴀʀᴇɴᴛ Aɢᴇ: 16

Rᴇᴀʟ Aɢᴇ: Unknown

Gᴇɴᴅᴇʀ: Female

Dᴀᴛᴇ Oғ Bɪʀᴛʜ: August 28

Zᴏᴅɪᴀᴄ: Virgo

Bʟᴏᴏᴅ Tʏᴘᴇ : B

Sᴇxᴜᴀʟɪᴛʏ: Heterosexual

Cʀᴜsʜ: None

Rᴇʟᴀᴛɪᴏɴsʜɪᴘ Sᴛᴀᴛᴜs: Single

Sᴘᴇᴄɪᴇs: Half Demon | Half Banshee

Rᴀᴄᴇ: Japanese

♕Hair×××} Indigo
♕Eyes×××} Violet
♕Skin×××} Pale white
♕Weight×××} 40kg
♕Voice×××} Soprano
♕Marks×××} Scratch marks
♕Handedness×××} Right

Fᴜʟʟ Pʜʏsɪᴄᴀʟ Dᴇsᴄʀɪᴘᴛɪᴏɴ: Persephone holds her appearance with pride, poise and elegance, chin up and shoulders back. She does everything so that people think she's beautiful. Her indigo hair is the colour of fresh blueberries, silky and long, reaching her ankles. Some of it are often pinned up with a butterfly-shaped hairpiece, while the rest hangs loose, partly covering the right side of her face. She has haunting violet eyes that are piercing and see-through and seem to have a particular effect on people when she looks people in the eye. She has a weak eyesight, however she can see everything perfectly clear in her mind. Her curved lips, always quirk into a knowing smirk. She has seemingly flawless pale white skin, and her body built is tall, slim and slender. She doesn't wear makeup - her skin is too perfect and pure for that rubbish. It's ironic, really, since she has scratch marks all over her body but they are usually covered by the kimonos she wears. She's a girl who is never out of style and hates to be imperfect.
(view spoiler)

Dʀᴇssɪɴɢ Sᴛʏʟᴇ: Persephone's taste in clothes is very traditional, so she's always seen in a long kimono. She's more into dresses that are breezy and flowing, letting her move around freely.

Pᴇʀsᴏɴᴀʟɪᴛʏ: Persephone is extremely two faced. She can be polite, considerate and friendly, kind to those she thinks deserves to be treated well. However, most of the time she is bitter, angry and emotional. The truth is that she hates 90% of everything and is never satisfied. One of her deepest desires is to change the world into whatever she sees fit. She knows that it is impossible but a girl can dream. She's not exactly spoilt, but she loves getting what she wants. She is quite manipulative and often plays the false role of a damsel in distress in order to gain someone's trust. She is highly, secretly insecure and in order to rid herself of her own pain and tormenting thoughts, she puts pressure and tortures other people to feel satisfied. Instead of trying to fix the situation, she makes other's suffer so that she would feel equal and the situation would seem fair. Persephone is rather impulsive and her emotions can get in the way of her thoughts. This causes her to lash out during her scary tantrums and to absentmindedly commit lots of stuff; she could murder someone without knowing. Her Banshee cries can turn into Death Songs and a grim reaper mimicry. The girl's behavior is both like a sadist and a masochist. She enjoys being cruel, but she secretly loves pain. When she feels sad and insecure, she takes it out on herself by clawing at her seemingly unblemished skin until they bleed. To be honest, she's insane, but not to the point where her stability is out of control. She may be sinister and twisted, but Persephone is kind to those she thinks deserves respect.

( Pᴇᴏᴘʟᴇ )

( Fᴀᴛʜᴇʀ: ) Hakuzo Karahalios | Demon | Deceased
( Mᴏᴛʜᴇʀ: ) Kimiko Mamori | Banshee | Deceased
( Sɪʙʟɪɴɢs: ) None
( Oᴛʜᴇʀ: ) Chie Mamori | Maternal Grandmother| Banshee | Deceased
( Eɴᴇᴍɪᴇs: ) To be determined
( Fʀɪᴇɴᴅs: ) To be determined

Cʟᴀɴ: Volkenmoord

Hɪsᴛᴏʀʏ: Sometimes, Persephone stops and thinks about all the 'what if's' and 'could've been's' in her life. Her past took so many abrupt turns it ended up messing itself. The train had simply got off track. She was born to Hakuzo Karahalios, a demon and Kimiko Mamori, a banshee. Both were members of the Volkenmoord clan. Because they were assassins, her parents were barely home, that was why Persephone treasures her time together with them so much. Their daughter was special one. From an early age, she could predict many people's future. Although they weren't too detailed, they were mostly accurate. Because of this, her family formed a cult-like clan. It wasn't exactly a cult, the purpose was to help the weak and troubled people of the world and to spread love and ideologies in general. It might sound too cheesy for demons to do this (especially for Hakuzo), but it was what Persephone wanted. She could relate, since she had weak eyesight. People often came to their temple just for the little girl's reading of the future. Kimiko had to admit, she was proud that her daughter took after her and her banshee traits. The girl was kind and generous. She was also exceptionally wise and sometimes attended meetings of the clan, making important decisions. All this time, she'd stayed in the the headquarters of the 'cult'. Her family was worried that the half breed might be in danger if she ventured outside. She possessed clairvoyant powers, after all. People could use her to do anything.

As she grew older, Persephone matured and became more and more independent. Her parents decided it was time to remove her from the temple and let her roam freely. She could take care of herself now. That was, several members of the cult didn't think so. They weren't worried about Persephone, they were worried about themselves. If the Karahalios dismantled the religion, what would become of them? Their future wasn't bright. You would think the family was strong enough to silence the crowd, but there were simply too many idiots among cult, so most of them followed the rebels. How Hakuzo Karahalios and Kimiko Mamori went missing and most likely died is a long story, but all you have to know was that Persephone was now an orphan. The second-in-command of the religion came to power, although he still kept his original position. It was from that moment on, things started going downhill. He altered the purpose of the religion; instead of helping troubled people, he imprisoned Persephone in a confinement room along with her scroll where she usually wrote down predictions. He then declared the room would be use for people to cleanse themselves of their sins. How? By committing adultery with the young priestess, of course!

A room was built in the middle of the temple barred by wooden poles. This room is the cell of Persephone who never leaves the cage due to 'her fear of the outside world', which was obviously a lie. Surveillance cameras installed by the second-in-command monitor Persephone 24-hours a day, making sure that she never leaves the room in the beginning. However, realizing she was somewhat powerless, she was allowed afterwards. She lost count of how many years she endured as a sex slave. Her innocence and kindness faded away, along with her sanity. It was unfair, she didn't deserve to be treated this way. The worst thing was that people in the outside world were fed lies. Some thought they were supposed to commit adultery with her as a price for her to read their future. People despised her and some went inside her cage just to make her suffer. Persephone still gains respect from her cult members, but then they're still brainwashed with the cleanse-your-sins-by-rape ideology. As a joke, her cult members bought other sex slaves for her. Dozens of slaves are locked in her basement, but she never uses them. She usually sneaks into their room just to chat with them and occasionally confide. She doesn't expect them to understand, but all she needs is someone who would listen. She treats them as equals, and they look upon her with respect. The slaves also know about her situation, but they can do nothing about it, obviously. Persephone gave up on escaping a long time ago, having accepted this as her fate.


Sᴛᴀʙɪʟɪᴛʏ: 7/10

● Clairvoyance | Precognition | Foresight
● Spirit Physiology (Illusion Manipulation, Possession, Telekinesis, Teleportation, Non-Corporeal Form)

Wᴇᴀᴘᴏɴ: Scroll

Lɪᴋᴇs: Pomegranate ● Seeds ● Gardening ● Agriculture ● Farming ● Fireplaces ● Flowers ● Animals ● Her family ● Rain

Dɪsʟɪᴋᴇs: Being cheated ● Lied to ● Rape ● Being proven wrong ● Surrender

Sᴛʀᴇɴɢᴛʜs: Her powers ● Knife throwing ● Precognition ● Eyesight ● Tactics ● Speed ● A thinker ● Acting ● Stealthy

Wᴇᴀᴋɴᴇssᴇs: Impulsive ● Somewhat frail body

Fᴇᴀʀs: Losing herself ● Nightmares ● Men ● Rape ● Failing

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Aurora (aurora_the_lycan) | 126 comments Trying out making a template xD


[Full Name:] Scarlet Lillith Rose
[Nicknames:] Scar (preferred), Lilly
I think most of the government refer to me as: That bitch who keeps breaking in…
[Age:] ???
Can look between 18 and 21 depending on what attire she wears.
I don't even remember how long I've been kicking it...
[Gender:] Female
[Date of Birth:] 21st of August a very long time ago.
I think it was late August, I remember watching the leaves fall on a lonely cake so very long ago...
[Zodiac Sign:] Leo
[Blood type:] AB+
[Sexuality:] Pansexual
[Crush:] No one
[Relationship Status:] Single
#ForeverAlone am I right guys?

[Species:] Half-Demon
[Race:] Scottish
Whiskey's a vegetable right?


❃ Reasonably short dark red hair.
❃She uses the natural floof (that's a word now) of her hair to help cover up her small horns
❃People claim to see galaxies in her irises.
(view spoiler)
If you look hard enough, you can see the future you most desire, the freedom you've always wished to gaze upon
❃About 5'10
❃She has a very slender build
❃Scarlet has very pale and flawless skin however she has a permanent flush from the demon blood burning in her veins.
I look like embarrassed milk.
[Clothing Style:]
❃A sort of fashionable geek
❃However, she has also been known to wander around in only hot pants and a sports bra
❃She doesn't like shoes

[Scaring or Markings:]
❃Addicted to getting tattoos
Here are just a few:
(view spoiler)


❈Scar has two main personalities, her goofy side and her more professional side
❈Incredibly clever
❈Completely insane
❈Has a few very bad addictions
❈Highly focused on her goals and ideals
❈She's risked her life so many times, and will do over and over again for her own taste of freedom
❈Devoted to her clan.
❈Her clan
❈Video games
❈The dark
❈Slave trade
❈Being told what to do
❈People who refuse to stand up for themselves or others
❈People who’ve just accepted that they’ll never get their own freedom, so go along with the Utopian Society and rules
If you don’t fight for what you want then you may as well to give up and die
➼Her intelligence
➼Hacking skills
➼Very skilled in hand to hand combat
➼Letting those who trust her down
Failure is not an option in my line of work
[Favourite Things:]
✖Anything to do with technology
[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:]
✖If she spends too long around those suffering or anyone with strong emotions, her perception can be slightly altered, however over the years she has improved her ability to block them out

Ever since Scarlet was a little girl she's always been burdened with the emotions of others, it became most prevalent when she went on family 'vacations'. Her families business was primarily the slave trade, it wasn't uncommon for them to go to the lower plates and abduct children with horrendous intent. Scar always went along with her parents and often helped when the kidnapping went a little south, her parents always told her that the sadness she felt in the lower city was due to the fact the parents didn't want to see their children go, but that they knew it was for the best. It wasn't until se was about 14 years old that she uncovered the truth.

Due to her parents wealth she got nearly anything she asked for at the bat of an eyelash, this included computers, she became very good at hacking and managed to break into her parents vaults in her family home's lower basement. Down there she not only found files detailing her parents crimes but also a few young children shackled and ready to be sold. Once she learned the truth she could no longer support her parents actions and often helped to free those who were taken into the depths of that basement.

Her parents very quickly became sick of her rebellious acts and proceeded to often lock her in her room if a particularly 'valuable' shipment was to arrive.
Who did they think they were, deciding the value of a life, a living soul with hopes and dreams...

On her sixteenth birthday her parents gifted Scarlet, her own slave, a Human by the name of Rose. Scar refused to treat her as such and they quickly became very good friends, more like sisters, however Rose was still just a lowly human in her parents eyes. They decided to run away from such a home but before they could escape the grasp of Scar's parents Rose was murdered by "unknown" forces.
I know those bastards took her from me, the entire system will pay for their mistake.
Scarlet was heartbroken, and vengeful.
She ran away from home faking her death along the way and formed the Rogue clan with the desire to destroy the parliament that prejudged so many just because of how they were born or the wealth of their family.
My parents didn't cry for me, so I wont cry when their precious government crumbles beneath my feet. We will be victorious.


►Scar is actually quite stable and only starts to lose it when she starts to fail. At that point things start to go wrong in her head.
►She also becomes unstable if she is surrounded by the suffering of others
[Interesting Facts:]
► She has a secret life goal to try and cover every inch of her skin in tattoos.
❂Anyone in the Rogue Clan
❂Frey Kelan Amaroy
❂The government
I don't know where those monsters are, nor do I particularly care.
►Fire wielder – Hints in the name, she is able to control fire
►Extremely empathic – She very strongly feels the emotions of others around her
[Clan:] Rogue Clan Leader
[Theme Song:]
Cut The Cord – Shinedown (Nightcore)
► Scarlet Lillith Rose is the name she created for herself, this wasn't her birth name, hence why the government is unaware of her existence past her constant break-ins.

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Cathrine Am I approved?

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Ghost~still Luna~ | 72 comments {Identity} 

[Full Name:]   Asuka Nanase
[Alias(es):]   Su or Suka
[Age:]   17
[Gender:]   Male
[Date of Birth:]   April 6
[Zodiac Sign:]   Aries
[Blood type:]   O negative
[Sexuality:]   Bisexual (mainly gay)
[Crush:]  Open
[Relationship Status:] single  
[Species:]   Vampire/Succubus half-breed = incubus half breed



[Hair:]  White
[Eyes:]  blue
[Height:]  5'2
[Weight:]  N/A
[Complexion:] pale but almost feminine 

Asuka is a gentleman for the most part and well he is kindhearted.He also can be quite kinky if the right person gets him in the mood.Asuka is what some would call an Uke when it comes to boys.Asuka is often poetic sometimes and well he plays shy but knows what he is doing. He is sweet and loves romantic things but he also wonders what it is like on the top plate so one would also say he is curious.All Asuka can do at the moment is hope someone on the top plate who comes to the middle plate takes an interest in him.

Asuka grew up alone for the most part except for the times where his mother would remember he actually existed and she would try to make up for her mistakes especially when she would leave him alone as a child so she could sleep with other men.Asuka swore though that if he were to ever love someone he would be loyal unlike his unfaithful mother who loved his father but would cheat on his father.Asuka's father left due to his mother's habits and he made Asuka promise him that he wouldn't treat whoever asuka would fall in love with like that.Asuka promised his father but after that he never heard from nor saw his father again.Asuka would spend most of his time reading or drawing and dreaming of his prince charming.Who exactly is this prince charming you might ask? Well the answer is simple, not even he knows all he knows is that he will find his prince one day.

[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:] 
Asuka loves being restrained so long as his lover is gentle and he also loves it when his lover marks him.
He'd willingly serve his lover as if his lover were his master. He would also let his lover do what his lover wants to do to him.


~ BDSM type stuff
~He likes fruity drinks
~Salty things (view spoiler)

~being betrayed
~Used then tossed aside
~Dogs (view spoiler)
~Bitter things


~the dark
~Zombies (XD)
~Pure blooded incubus's or succubus's

[Favorite Things:] 
~ Sex (view spoiler)
~Fruity alcoholic drinks
~His necklace
~his lover


[Stability:]  (view spoiler) 8/10

~Mother -Marina nanase-alive but not around

~Father- Suzaku Nanase-MIA

[Theme Song:] 
-I just wanna run

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) Luna wrote: "{Identity} 

[Full Name:]  Asuka Nanase
[Alias(es):]  Su or Suka
[Age:]  17
[Gender:]  Male
[Date of Birth:]  April 6
[Zodiac Sign:]  Aries
[Blood type:]  O negative
[Sexuality:]  Bisexu..."

Bold your template

Ghost~still Luna~ | 72 comments Fixed him :)

Ghost~still Luna~ | 72 comments thank you miss cry

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 173 comments {Identity}

[Full Name:] Omegus
[Alias(es):] the Blood Prince.
[Age:] 530 years old
[Gender:] male
[Date of Birth:] unknown
[Blood type:] unknown
[Sexuality:] straight, very straight
[Crush:] his wives
[Relationship Status:] married....to seven women.
[Species:] a mixture of various species including Dragon, demon, kitsune, vampire, wizard, and a few other magical and sound orientaed creatures.
[Rank:] Leader of Blood Mercenaries
[Race:] mixture

also sports three reptilian tails, each tipped with a barb, and large horns.
[Hair:] iridescent silver
[Eyes:] a dark red
[Height:] 7ft
b>[Weight:] slightly below average
[Complexion:] somewhat pale
[Clothing Style:] mostly just where pants or simply something to cover his lower bits, rarely wears a shirt of any kind.
[Scaring or Markings:] none


[Description:] he is both a complex and very simple creature. on the one hand he enjoys the things most people would, his family, his friends, seeing them happy; but on the other hand he also enjoys seeing others suffer, especially when he feels they are a threat to those he cares about. he is extremely loyal, almost manically so, and will always put his loved ones before himself.
[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:]
once a year his power increases to unholy levels and he goes completely berserk, losing all reason and sanity. he also loses his defenses, making this time when he is at his most vulnerable.
he is ,physically, blind although this is known only to a select few.
only those of his closet and most trusted friends have ever heard his true voice, something he guards with everything he has (often changing voices to match a current situation).

[Likes:] his family, blood related and those not.
[Dislikes:] people who mess with his family, especially his daughters.

[Fears:] losing his family.
[Weaknesses:] he must not only eat several thousand calories daily, but must also absorb a lot of life-energy and drink gallons of blood a week in order to maintain his power and his sanity.
loses all magic when he weakens, becomes a mindless beast during this time.
when using his power at full capacity it can do a great deal of damage, how ever it is very draining on him and he can't maintain it for long.
[Strengths:] exceptionally powerful, beyond any half-blood and even beyond most pure-bloods.

[Favorite Things:] keeping his family safe and happy. watching his beloveds dancing(if you saw them you would too!).
[History:] an experiment 530 years ago by several mages of various backgrounds (some good, some not so much) trying to create the perfect killing machine. what they got was a creature that didn't do what it was told, hated being ordered about, and had the power necessary to kill them very quickly. Omegus escaped the hell-hole he was created in and had to learn the hard way how to survive in the cruel world that only saw him as an abomination. he lived alone, driving everyone off, until he found a kitsune/vampire injured and left to die. he took her in and healed her, but expected her to leave or even try to kill him at the first chance. instead she chose to stay with him and loved him a great deal. it was the first time he ever felt a touch of love, expecting the fist of hate.
he eventually was convinced to leave the wild area and come to the city, where he was met with interest of a kind he wasn't used to. people wondered which royal family he was from to have such power, and most were shocked when he said he wasn't. he was quickly picked up by a group that were taking on mercenary qualities but had no power or influence behind them yet. it was Omegus who saw a chance and started leading the group, who eventually became the Blood Mercenaries. during that time he met many women, several of whom became his other wives.
he gained a rep under the alias the Blood Prince, and quickly won the respect and partial fear of the royal families.
Omegus now runs the Hideout/hangout with his wives, daughters, and son. keeping the peace while the customers relax and have fun.


[Stability:] 5/10
[Interesting Facts:]
ALL of his daughters are extremely attractive, which get's them a lot of attention, which actually caused his hair to turn silver from the stress.
he radiates a aura of power, which many find attractive.
his family and the Blood Mercenaries.
a whole lot.
several daughters and one son. he also has three grand-daughters.
manipulation of sound- various effects from simply hearing up over a mile away, "seeing" with sound, shattering objects(glass, bone, stone, etc), up to massive descruction, driving mortal creatures (those that are born and can die) insane, and playing music from memory.
[Clan:] Blood Mercenaries
he has inherited small bits of various creatures, in most cases it's either the amount of magic they can posses, the strength of their magic, or certain sound based magics (mostly from some dragons and from sirens). this all came together in order to give him a unique ability no one else has.

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U-Um.. Im a boy..

⇯". "⇯


║NAME║ Soh Usami
║NICKNAME║ Prince (Mostly women call him this, but some men call him it too)
*Angel with horns
*Manipulating little uke (by people who know him well yet hate him)


║GENDER║ Male (Looks female)
║THEME SONGS║ Angel with a Shotgun by The Cab

ET by Katy Perry


*Half angel, half demon
║RACE║ English
║FAVORITE FOOD║ Anything sweet
*Baby pink


║HAIR║ White
║EYES║ Light blue
║HEIGHT║ 5'2
║WEIGHT║ 98 lbs
║SCENT║ Usually smells really good, hard to explain
║BUILD║ Very feminine with curves and a small body, even being able to wear short shorts

*His cuteness
*His white hair and light blue eyes (Shows he has some angel in him)
*His female looks
*His shortness


Be prepared for a big ass pic gallery, hold onto your socks (view spoiler)


Soh has a cute look to him and due to his feminine like looks, most women, and some men, call him 'Prince'. He's very charming and doesn't argue with anyone. In fact, even if someone's mean to him, he'll still be nice. He gets along well with women though its obvious by the way he looks and dresses that he's into men.

Theres no explaining it, Soh is kind and gentle to anyone he meets, even if the person is mean towards him. Soh does feel emotions like sadness and even jealousy if someone he loves is hanging around another person who likes them, but he tends to hide it well with his smile and wont admit when he's sad. He feels he'll be in peoples way if he shows them when he's sad, so he just constantly smiles and is kind to people, even if theres a chance he might secretly hate them.


Soh seems very cheerful and positive, mostly when it comes to sports activities or being around people he cares about. He doesn't like to bother people or be burdensome to them, so he remains cheerful and positive to keep them from figuring out how he's really feeling inside. In fact, he's acted this way so long that he truly forgot what its like to be himself and often questions his other emotions.


Theres a reason people who hate him call him a manipulative little devil. If he sees something he wants, he'll do anything to get it. He knows how to act cute, nice and anything else just to get people to give him stuff. He can even fake cry to make people feel bad for him. However, if he really is crying, he'll feel ashamed for it. If he really cries, he'll try to hide away from others to do so. Thats how to tell if he means it or not.




Soh has a pretty normal life. Unlike others, not both of his parents are dead. Yeah. Theres a shocker. His father was a powerful demon while his mother was a beautiful angel. She saw the good in him threw all his evil, so despite it being illegal, they decided to bore a child. However, when he was born, the pain ended up killing Soh's mother. For years while raising Soh, Soh's father blamed him for his mother's death, but despite that, Soh remained cheerful. His father hated it because Soh reminded him so much of his lover in every way from looks to personality, so he finally grew to not hate him as the years went on. By age 14, word was getting around that Soh's father had a child and that he fell in love with an angel, so for Soh's safety, he left. From then on Soh raised himself until now, always remaining cheerful. He knows his father is hated, so he doesn't tell others about him.

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▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ███ ♛ ██▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

"Don't turn your back on the people you love. Be smart and take a good look at me because I turned my back on them and they did the same. I live in a shadow but your living in the light keep it that way kid."
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ███ ♛ ██ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
➤Kogami Shinya
·{First name meaning}~ Kogami means Mirror. As in the act of mirroring one's or soul or looking through one's soul like a mirror.
·{Second name meaning}~ Shinya means the truth. In other cultures it can or may mean "The Truthful One."
『 〓 』• Alias: People tend to just call him By his name or simply his last name.

{Society Rank/Class:} Middle Class.
{Clan:} Peace Keeper Corporations
{Age:} 26 years old
{Date of Birth:} May 23rd.
{Favorite Color:} He doesnt mind them but has no particular favoirte.
{Philosophy:} "Fate. They say she can be kind to some people to whom deserve it. Sadly, I'm not one of those people.
{Theme Song:} Mirror by Lil'Wayne and Bruno Mars
Colors by Halsey
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▌███ ♛ ███▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

"You know how I feel? Then tell me what is it like to look a fellow officer in arms in the eyes while you pull the trigger ending his life permanently? How it feels like to tell his family his crime and why his children no longer have a father and tell them why their father is no longer coming home? Why their mother has to resort to selling herself? Then deal with the shame of killing him and letting his family suffer for his wrong doings? Do you know that feeling? Tell me do you truley now that feeling? You do not know me."

(Hair:) Tousled black hair , kinda on the shorter side but suits him
(Eyes:) Kogami has angelic blue eyes that seem to peirce right through you. Do to the fact werewolves have reflective eyes they can appear grey, black and brown at certain angles. In a wolf form his eyes turn to a dark glowing gold with flecks of red signaling his alpha status.
(Weight:) 145lbs
(Height:) 5 feet and 11 inches tall
(Build:) very fit, Tall and Muscular and quite the sight on the eyes.
(Scent:) Like most werewolves he has a rathy musky earthy scent that is quite the attraction. So he covers it with "Axe." body spray but he does not truley notice it makes him more of a sweeter scent.
(Complexion:) Lightly paled
(Distinguished Marking(s): Kogami has his species divisions emblem in the Peace keeper Corporations tattooed on his chest above his heart. (view spoiler)
(Clothing style:)


"My self control is rather high good luck trying. No your flaunting yourself isnt catching my attention. No, purple isnt my favorite color. Try red next time. No, I'm just gonna smoke and you can just keep trying because it isn't going to happen."
➤{Species:} Born Werewolf
↳ A werewolf or lycanthrope is a mythological or folkloric human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf or a human hybrid wolf-like creature, either purposely or after being placed under a curse or affliction (Examples: via a bite, scratch from another werewolf, birth inheritance). Mildly tempered like that of true wolves.
{Gender:} Male
{Blood Type:} AB negative
· The most rarest blood type in the world, AB Plasma is universal and can be used for all patients regardless of their blood type. Plasma is used to treat clotting disorders, burn, and shock victims.
{Sexual Orientation:} Lately it's been Instinctual
↳ Doesn't matter if you male or female. Kagomi has lately in this section of male needs runs on what his wolf side of himself decides. If his wolf likes or draws attractions towards you, he may indeed tap that or welcome you over to his apartment. Otherwise he see's no attraction towards any person and is just fine on his one with out this part of his life until his wolf kicks in and gets the better of him.
{Relationship Status:} Single
⊱ {Zodiacal symbol:}
⊱ Taurus
⊱ Taurus is the one who has immense perseverance, even when others have given up, the Taurus rages on. Solid and persistent, just like the bull, which is Taurus' well suited symbol. Taurus's have a well known reputation for being stubborn, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The stubborn streak can cause Taurus to butt heads and conflict with other strong character types. Taurus are not fond of change. They like the familiar and routine comfort of life. Taurus is easy going and not one to pick a fight but should some poor souls attempt to provoke Taurus, the wrath will be known, for they have a temper underneath the calm surface. Taurus are very responsive to their surroundings. Taurus are down to earth, they do not like gaudy, flashy or over the top things. They prefer comfortable and creative settings and objects. Taurus likes security, in every aspect of their lives from home, to love, to career. Taurus can be secretive, opinionated and stingy. They do however have a strong, persistent drive that comes to life when they chose, and no one would ever consider that they are lazy.
Trait 1: Skilled and Efficient Peace Keeper
Trait 2: Stoic
Trait 3: Intelligent
Trait 4: High self control level
Trait 5: silently suffering on the inside

Kogami is a highly skilled respected member of the Peace Keeper Corporations, his ability to solve cases quickly and efficiently making him a valuable asset within his ranks. Kogami is an Enforcer and subordinate of the law but tends not to see fit in ones put up by society such as social status influenced by wealth. Kogami is cool-headed and detached from distractions. Working with sharp instincts and insight into the criminal mind Kogami alwaya seems to be a few steps ahead of criminals and people who see fit in disturbing allied peace. The way he deals with investigations leaves even the best Enforcers of Peace Keeper code impressed and appalled, as he usually uses risky methods to solve them. However, despite his mostly serious personality, Kogami has a sense of humor and finds it amusing to tease rookie Inspectors before getting all serious and straight to the point scaring the daylights out of them. Kogami is also shown to have some wild tendencies that may have been encouraged by his werewolf nature and stature. He see's things differently and always fights for what is right and treats all beings in the light of good with respect and equality. Most criminals undeserving of a second chance meet the swift justive of the death penalty and the humiliation they deserve. This werewolf had trained himself to have self control so the phases of the moon have no pull on his natural instincs. Defending his title as alpha is another story, mess with that the law cannot save you from that you will leave in utter humiliation, beaten,bloody and bruised and maybe in a few inches of your life. Though Kagomi may seem like a perfect individual on the outside but when he look deeper you may see a broken man. Deeply Lonely after losing so many he had cared for. Kogami has had to watch so many people die he almost aleways and instantly pushes away people that get close in fear of losing them. It's made him securely lock up his heart up. Kagomi is cold if advances become more then mutaul feelings or one night affairs. Kogami is lonely and broken but wont show it to nobody and takes it on himself to just bite his tounge and deal with it himself. Training himself and pushing himself to his breaking points and trying harder with each time till he's exhausted and broken. Only to heal up and repaet the process all over till it's just a numb feeling in the back of his mind. Sometimes he just wishes he'd die or finally meet his demise. Though little things keep him from ending it himself and he will still look for the good things that may bring him hope it will get better......even if he is lieing to himself.

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{Noticeable Habits and secrets:}
➤ Kogami smokes out of habit and to keep himself calm. He doesnt share because the brand he buys is really expensive cus of it flavor and type of Tabacco. Though if your having a really really bad day he might just share a ciggerate with you. Or if Kogami really really really likes you he may blow a heart shaped smoke cloud your way before going all stoic agian.
➤ DO NOT EVER TRY SCRATCHING HIS BELLY IN A HUMAN FORM! I REPEAT NEVER DO SO! HE WILL TEAR YOU TO SHREDS! But do please try as when he is a wolf cus his wolf fuckin loves it despite his hatred for it as a human.
➤ When he can't take it and his just suffering. Kogami will hide and won't show his face to anybody. He can go missing for day's then show up randomly like he hasn't been missing.
➤ Enjoys the Colors red and blue HINT HINT (view spoiler)

- Does not ask others help
- will not get attached to people
- has trust issues
- Pushes people away quickly if they get to close
- pushes himself to word
- Does not tell when he is in pain

+ He is Loyal to the Peace Keepers
+ Brave
+ Isnt afraid to do things to make things right
+ Doesn't give way to greed
+ Secretly cares with all his heart for his loved ones even if it hurts not to tell them
+ Down to earth person

{Favorite Things:}
~ Rain and thunder
~ Being left alone
~ Violin music
~ Being a member of the Peace Keepers
~ Making the right choice
~ When no body bothers him when he's hurting
~ people that mind their own business
° Intelligence
° The abilty to think like his enemy to be ahead
° Bravery
° Werewolf Abilties
° Tracking
° Hand to hand combat and fighting in general

° Silver
° Loved ones {hurting them in his ptesciness would just kill him.}
° Thinking of what he has lost
° Stubbornness
° pushes people away
° never asks for help
{"Advanced Hearing,Eyesight and sense of Smell."}
↳ Kogami like all werewolves have exceptionally good senses for more advanced then any humans. Their eyes are ment especially for keeping aware and working in the dark. They can see figures clearly at long distances and when hunting seem to work in slow motion making it easier to react. Their hearing is very very senstive, Kogami is always worried about the things he wish he hadn't of heard do to his sensitive hearing. A werewolf can hear the slightest things like a feather falling to the floor. Smell is like that of wolves and are capable of picking up the faintest of scents it's like his hearing. Can pick up scents from far distance like actaul wolves.

{"Advanced physical abilities and Strength."}
↳ Werewolves in both wolf and human form are exceptionally graceful like wolves or completely ferocious like a angry predators. When using his inner werewolf strength Kogami has the abilty to crush steel and snap phone poles if he put all his might into it. He can heal farily quickly but cannot regenerate limbs like a vampire. Once silver enters the blood stream it slows everything down until it kills him. With a very fast metabolism he is always built and ment for a life of endurance and strength so he always looks like Magic mike and steroids in the best way possible. Werewolves also are very very fast comparing at running speeds with that of some vampires and possibly out running them. It comes in handy when your a Peace Keeper.

{"Werewolf transformation."}
↳ Most werewolves have the abilty to change their form into a wolf or hybrid like wolf being. Kogami has the rare ability to take the form of a massive anthropomorphic wolf creature. Being a born alpha he is much bigger and stronger then most werewolves and will fight to defend this alpha status. Though he runs mainly in a mix of human conscious and wolf like instics. With his wolf being a annoying nagging voice in his head. His wolf is the complete oppisite of his personality. It's far more protective and loving of people he treasures dearly despite him pushing them away. His wolf will draw them near and be the most loving and affectionate being ever as much to Kogami's distaste.

{Family relations:} Jacobs Shinya {Biological Father, Deceased} , Marion Alla/Shinya {Biological mother, Deceased} , Terrigon Solarion {Adopted Father, living} , Mia Hopkins/Solarion {Adopted Mother, Deceased} , Jeremiah Solarion {Deceased older brother.} , Marilyn Solarion {Deceased Younger sister}
{Friends:} He pushed Many of them away in fear of losing them to.
{Enemies:} Evans Hacke! Fuckin hates that basterd

{Weapon Partner:} Uriena Armandt

{Background/History:} {{Can I add it later?}}

{Stability:} 9/10 completely and mentally stable
{Interesting Facts:}
· His wolf species heritage is Timber Wolf and Gray Wolf
· In wolf form he will love you forever if you scratch his stomach and back. REPEAT ONLY IN WOLF FORM!
· Favorite thing to drink is just black coffee
· Kogami must always have the right side of bed to sleep on
· Secretly likes pillow talk and cuddling after a eventful night.

" I waited for you in the rain for six hours then I came home and realized your never coming home agian. I lost you the same way I lose everyone I ever cared for."

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If you like, you can stay over here tonight. If you're lucky, you may get to see some cannibalism, and thats always fun.

⇯". "⇯


║NAME║ Itami Harikēn
║NAME MEANINGS║ Itami - Pain. Harikēn - Hurricane.
║NICKNAME║ Ita or Hari
*Mask Creator
*Cause of all pain or destruction


║SEXUAL ORIENTATION║ Bi (Mostly leans towards men)


║SPECIES║ Part Vampire, Part Demon
║RACE║ Japanese
║FAVORITE FOOD║ Anything bloody and meaty


║HAIR║ Black, emo styled
║EYES║ Red with black around it, though wears shades out in public
║HEIGHT║ 6'4
║WEIGHT║ 134 lbs
║SCENT║ Usually smells rather good, even when covered in blood
║BUILD║ Muscular, well fit

*His strange eyes and emo hair
*All his tattoos
*His blank yet brutally honest personality
*His lip piercing


Be prepared for a big ass pic gallery, hold onto your socks (view spoiler)


Itami is very dominant, proving he'd need a submissive female or uke to be in a relationship with, at least in bed. Itami knows what he wants and goes for it, no matter the cause. He grew up used to pain, so even if getting what he wanted ended up wounding him, he wouldn't care. He doesn't work well in groups and when he is in one, he expects to be put as the leader. Sure, being dominant, domineering and intelligent, he's a great leader, he just needs to learn to let others be in charge every once in awhile.

Uta is very blank and emotionless. He isn't one to admit so easily in front of others if he loves someone or even cares about someone. He doesn't understand the concept of emotions, he just thinks they're something that others can use against you to find your weakness, so he sees no point in them. However, he's brutally honest. So even if he doesn't show he cares, if you ask him and he says yes, he's telling the truth.

Due to his quiet, emotionless and anti-social behavior, Itami is known to be mysterious. He keeps a lot of secrets from people and will say the weirdest things at the most inappropriate moments. So even if you got him to speak, you most likely wouldn't want him to speak afterwords. Itami is very distant from people, though the reason why is unknown. He usually is in his store making masks for people or sometimes other types of clothes but wont talk unless he literally has a reason to. Oh, and he isn't the first to approach people, they have to approach him first and start the conversation first. However, his quietness makes him a great listener. And if you just want to sit near him and not talk at all, he's completely fine with that too.





Itami grew up being raised by his aunt. His mother and father died when he was 5 so his aunt took him in. She couldn't bare any children so no guy wanted her, so Itami was all she had. And she was all he had as well. While raising him, she got him into making masks and clothes. He seemed to enjoy it and soon surpassed her at making them by the age of 10. He'd even make most of her clothes. He wouldn't make other people masks though. He liked making masks for himself to hide his eyes. His eyes were proof he was part demon and part vampire, so people feared him. He had a craving for blood at a young age so the masks also helped him kill people without being recognized. But his aunt knew. Every time someone described the mask the kid wore, she knew it was his style, but she knew she couldn't stop him since both his parents were natural murderers. However, one day, people were beginning to catch on. The police came and tried to take him away, but his aunt took the blame and told them it was her. So they claimed she was a witch, tied her to a stake, and murdered her in front of the whole town, including Itami. That night, Itami lost it and killed the police. He didn't kill the rest of the town though. He knew better then that. After that he opened up his own mask and clothes store and has worked there since.

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"Someone once told me, Izuna, you are the perfect epitome of the word Cute! Do you think so too?."


[First Name:] Miyuki
[Last Name:] Faerio

[Apparent Age:] Eight
[Real Age:] Unknown
[Gender:] Female
[Date of Birth:] June 30th
[Zodiac Sign:] Cancer
[Blood Type:] B

[Sexuality:] Heterosexual
[Relationship Status:] Single
[Crush:] TBA

[Species:] Werewolf/Human
[Race:] Japanese
[Rank;] TBA

"If you're going out to buy food, don't fotget my sweets."


(view spoiler)

[Hair:] Dark purple/ Orange
[Eyes:] Amber
[Height:] 149 cm (4' 8')
[Weight:] 42 kg (93 lbs)
[Skin:] Pale olive
[Complexion:] Smooth

[Marks:] Small heart-shaped birthmark on the right side of her waist
[Handedness:] Ambidextrous

[Full Physical description:]

Miyuki is a petite girl of small stature, standing only at 4' 9" with an appearance of a prepubescent child. The girl is rather cute and adorable, with a fragile air about her. Much like any werewolf, Miyuki has a combination of animal and human traits, with her having large ears and a long tail, with it being close to half her size. She has dark purple hair cut to about an inch above her shoulders, where the tips ombre to a pale orange. Her ears are rather large, being the same dark hue as the top part of her hair with the inside being a light pink and the fur white. Her tail is the same color as her hair with the tip being a slightly darker shade of purple. She has large angular amber colored eyes, though they often change to match her fur. She is shown to have pretty amber eyes with slit pupils surrounded by a brown golden iris rimmed by dark thick eyelashes and thin eyebrows. The girl wears a golden headband with her bangs sticking out from under it. She is often seen wearing various types of kimonos with simple or intricate designs embroidered into them with a spring theme. Miyuki often smells like peony flowers and spring, or sweets.

[Scarrings or Tattoos:]

"The soft warm feel of bread and honey glaze on the tongue is enough to make my tail wag!


[Full Personality Description:]

[ Hard-working | Friendly | Naive | Inquisitive | Carefree | Shy ]

Miyuki is an intelligent young with a considerably high IQ. She’s able to learn and grasp things quickly, might it be from reading or after seeing anyone showing her how to once. She’s nice and sweet to most people, and even though bearing quite a load of knowledge she speaks in a hint of innocence and naivety. She’s curious about almost everything, but will seldom ask for an answer. Instead she’ll try to find out what stuff is by herself. When it comes to work, She tends to force herself to stay awake overnight as she wants to find faster way to help experiment with herbs, causing her to often doze off to sleep at random places at random times. And when it’s not because of work, it’s her time playing video games. Apparently working night time makes it easier for her to focus since there’s less distraction around, with sweets being the only exception.

Though a genius at work, and is to be considered as a nice person, the girl's undeniably shy when it comes to socializing. She finds it hard to connect to other people unless they have a considerate amount of compatible interest to her own (especially sweet related things and desserts) . Knowing that, the girl really does hold her family dear and will do the best she could to assist them since they are the ones that have been supporting her after her grandfather's death. Miyuki tends to stay somewhat neutral when she finds herself stuck in some argument she’s not supposed to get involved in. Knowing well that she’s weak and most probably will get shouted at if she attempts to help fight back, she tries her best to avoid as many suspicious angry and scary looking people as possible. She's also a bit panicky, over-reacting to things most of the times. She gets frightened easily, and dislikes thunderstorms because they hurt her sensitive ears. It's hard to get her mad or angry, it's almost impossible even as she's really easy to cheer back up whenever she's not being her usual air-headed carefree self. All in all, she's a very nice and hard working girl who cares for others and wants to help, but won't accept help from others.

[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:]
● Uses her cute appearance as an advantage
● Picky when it comes down to choosing sweets
● Sleeps with a plush doll shaped like her grandfather
● Hates losing in video games
● Randomly falls asleep in places

● Sweets
● Tea
● Donuts
● Books
● Games
● Being petted
● Helping others
● The night sky

● Losing
● Darkness
● Thunder
● Fish and the smell
● Her mother
● Being teased

● Losing her adoptive family
● Being alone
● Losing her friends
● Being Abandoned

[Favorite things:]
● Sweet food (Cake, Donuts, Candy, etc..)
● Taking long naps
● Watching the rain race down the window
● Warm places
● Helping people
● Making others smile

""If only he hadn't left, maybe we could still be together."


Miyuki never knew her parents, and grew up solely under the guidance of her grandfather, Ino, She was fairly raised even if her grandfather knew nothing about how to raise a girl having only had a son. But he did well in providing her with food and clothes and anything she asked for. She was born to a family of werewolves, both of whom died shortly after her birth. As for school education, she was mostly home schooled and taught by one of the caretakers hired by her grandfather. She was a sheltered child, never leaving the safe closure of her home, never learning the harsh reality that surrounded the world. That is, until her grandfather had a heart attack during one of his excursions. You see, their family ran a small pharmaceutical clinic and earlier in the day her grandfather had been called for a home visit to one of his patients was currently gravely ill. If only he hadn't gone, perhaps he'd still be alive and wouldn't have been attacked by bandits. She was left alone, with no other living blood relatives, she was forced to close the clinic with help of one of her maids since she was still young and couldn't understand things dealing with businesses. One was even kind enough to take her under her care after she was evicted from her house. And so, the girl now lives with her former maid, now her legal guardian, in a average sized home. It was later revealed by her guardian that she had been given a letter to give to Miyuki on her tenth birthday. The letter's contents revealed the history of her parents and who they were, also as to why they were gone from her life. Her mother Umeko never wanted her and therefore abandoned her once she was born, leaving her in the care of her father for the first two years. However, it seemed she recalled no memory of him and it was later explained that he had been forced to erase her memory in order to keep her from being sad. He had left in order to look for a better land that they could live in, as the world she had been born in wasn't one befitting for a child since half breeds were looked down upon and were called impurities. He never reappeared though, though it's later said that he remarried and had another child, but she has no knowledge of this information. Now knowing the truth, she realized there was nothing she could do so she continued with her life, reopening her grandfather's clinic once she had enough money.

[Grandfather:] Ino (view spoiler)
[Grandmother:]Uroko (Human)
[Father:] Nagi (Half breed) (view spoiler)
[Mother:] Umeko (Half)(view spoiler)
[Siblings:] Kureha (view spoiler)

[Spouse/Lover:] None
[Children:] None

[Loved Ones:] Adoptive Family/Grandfather
[Friends:] Open
[Enemies:] Open
[Other:] Open

[Clan:] None

"I'll defeat you even if its the last thing i do, even if it means i'll die. I'll do it if it means protecting my family!">"


[Weapon:] None

[Partner] None

● None that i can think of

● Enhanced Hearing
● Sense of smell
● Speed

[Stability:] 8/10


[Interesting Facts:]
● Despite being considered "mature" among the Werewolves at the age of eight, she is still naive in adult-related subjects.
● She prefers to not ask for money from her adoptive family, and instead do jobs in order to keep the clinic running.
● Is considered to be a full blooded wolf, but due to her father's blood being one quarter seiren and her mother being half fox, it is unknown if she actually is.
● Has a younger sister who is half human, although she has no knowledge of her existence.
● She has the ability to learn at an amazing rate if what she is learning is game-related.
● Her body has physically stopped aging for some reason.

[Theme song:] TBA
[Pets:] None

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) Happy {Write what makes you happy} wrote: " "Why would I apologize for being a monster when nobody ever apologized for turning me into one?"


[Full Name:] Tazmin Celanena Finn
[Alias(es):] Taz,
[Age:] 19
[Gender:] Female


message 25: by Eoraptor (new)

Eoraptor  (Mortus) | 107 comments [Full Name:] Nakoto Wolfsong
[Alias(es):] the white wolf (middle and lower castes) The Crow (royals) Nako (friends)
[Age:] reality 100 physically 12
[Gender:] male
[Date of Birth:] June 20th
[Zodiac Sign:] dog
[Blood type:] AB
[Sexuality:] Pansexual
[Crush:] none
[Relationship Status:] single
[Species:] fairy
[Race:] pixie

[Hair:] white unkept hair
[Eyes:] one purple and one red glass eye
[Height:] 4,6 ft
[Weight:] 90 lbs
[Complexion:] pale
[Clothing Style:] massager boy uniform
[Scaring or Markings:] He has many scars all over his body the two most noticeable one being his glass eye and the two stomps that were once his wings


Nako can be ether one of two people depending on weather he thinks of you as ether friend or foe. If your his friend then you've got yourself a loyal trickster, who's always good for a laugh and will fight by your side till the bitter. Overall he's a pretty good leader if a tad reckless from time to time, who always tries to live honorably and help those in need.

However, if you somehow find yourself in a position where he's your enemy, one best keep their guards up. For while one might not expect a fairy that looks like twelve year old massager boy to be that much threat. He has learned over the years to use that tools he has to his a advantage. Lulling his rivals into a sense of ease with his childlike exterior and clever words. Then when the time is right he'll strike with dagger in hand, get what he wants then kill you slowly and painfully. And don't bother running, because he has eyes and ears everywhere so he will find you and he will end you.

[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:]
With his ability to communicate with birds and canines he manage to create a fairly large spy network. In other words he's got eyes in the sky and ears on the ground.
One his favorite ways to get close to enemy royals is to impersonate a messaged slave boy, hence why he's often seen dressed like one
In his crow and wolf form, he can be easily recognize by his white coloring and glass eye, which are present all his forms.
Inclosed spaces
Being call short
The higher ups
The slave trade

Inclosed spaces
His loved ones getting hurt

quick wit
Both fast and agile
Extremely street smart

like all fairies he burns at the touch of iron.
He small body can't take a lot of damage
He has the tendency to make overly brash decisions
His cockiness doesn't help ether.

[Favorite Things:]
His baby brother
Good hats
flying as a crow
Howling as a wolf

Nako and his little brother were born into an average fairy family with his parents working as assassins for the higher ups while he and his brother spent their days playing in the gardens with the local wildlife. However like all perfect things, this too was crushed by the gods that ruled this world. A demon that his parents had made enemies with in the past managed to discover their location and in a flash his parent were dead and he lost his wings and eye to an iron spike and chains before he was able to escape with his brother in tow.

By some sort of luck, he managed to run into werewolf priest preaching in the lower rings, who took pity on the injured boy and his infant brother, offering them lodging in his church and even replacing Nako's injured eye with a glass one. Things seemed to be looking up for the pair until some slave traders took the brother for humans and sold them off as massager boys for the higher ups. During his time as slave he learned about the true horrors of the city called Utopia and even though he did eventually escape, vowed to return and take down the monsters everyone called gods.

And now after years of preparation and planing, the Crow is finally ready to take Utopia by storm. So gods sitting your mighty thrones beware.for the wolf hungers for vengeance, the crow calls for death, and Nako will fight for the freedom of the so called loser races even if it kills him, or as he puts it, "you took my eye, my wings, and my freedom. Now I'm here to take your life."

[Stability:] 9/10 with ten being the most stable
[Interesting Facts:]
[Friends:] he has many though for the sake of their safety I won't name them.
[Enemies:] plenty of those as well.
[Family:] his only living relative is his baby brother Mako.

Beast Speaking (limited to canines and birds.)

Shape Shifting (can change into ether a white wolf or crow at will.)

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) Stephen wrote: "[Full Name:] Nakoto Wolfsong
[Alias(es):] the white wolf (middle and lower castes) The Crow (royals) Nako (friends)
[Age:] reality 100 physically 12
[Gender:] male
[Date of Birth:] June 20th

Just bold the template and then you're accepted bro

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Eoraptor  (Mortus) | 107 comments Tried to, but for some reason it doesn't work. Sorry :)

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) nah bro it's coo

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 4 comments description

“Y—you said y-you would stay here…forever…and ever! You promised…!”


[Full Name:] Yoichi Murasaki
[Alias(es):] Ichi, Murasaki, or Saki
[Age:] 17
[Gender:] Male
[Date of Birth:] March 3rd
[Zodiac Sign:] Pisces
[Blood type:] AB
[Sexuality:] Bisexual
[Crush:] Open
[Relationship Status:] Single
[Species:] Light Faer Folk/Vampire
[Race:] American/Japanese



(view spoiler)

(view spoiler)

(view spoiler)

(view spoiler)

(view spoiler)

[Hair:] Blonde
[Eyes:] Yellow/Blue
[Height:] 5'4"
[Weight:] 106 lbs
[Complexion:] Pale
[Clothing Style:] Casual
[Scaring or Markings:] None


"I'm the one who should apologize.. I just keep taking advantage of his kindness...! On top of that, I dropped into the depths of despair and hurt him. I'm such an idiot!"


[Description:] Yoichi is a very soft spoken and shy person. He doesn't normally start conversations when approached but he does listen well. He gets flustered easily and tends to be embarrassed when one compliments his appearance. Most people, when they first see him, believe he is actually a girl which causes him to get hit on a lot by males. Even though they walk off slightly embarrassed about asking a guy they thought was a girl out, Yoichi doesn't mind because he actually prefers males over females. Yoichi tends to isolate himself away from any social activities or gatherings because he doesn't feel comfortable around others. Being a vampire takes a toll on his body especially when he's hungry. When he gets hungry it's almost like he becomes drunk. His cheeks turn red and his breathing slows. He can't make proper decisions mentally and tends to do random things without knowing, most being sexual. After feeding he gains his sanity back and feels refreshed, almost as if he became a new person. If Yoichi becomes attached to a person he would never leave their side and he would literally do anything they say no matter the difficulty of the task. If that person decides to leave Yoichi he would physically and mentally break down. He cries a lot when he's lonely, disappointed, sad, upset, angry, embarrassed, or even happy.
[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:] Yoichi has an older brother who has a younger brother complex. Yoichi has only been with one girl in his past and she broke up with him because she said he was prettier than herself.

Food-Spicy Foods
Activity-Anything Physical


- Never finding someone who loves him
- Losing control and killing someone
- Dying
- Adaptable to his environments
- His physical appearance
- His patience

[Favorite Things:] His room which has all his favorite books and video games that he plays when he's tired of reading. His bed because he loves the softness of it and how comfy it is, plus he likes to sleep and lazy around.
[History:] When Yoichi grew up he never got to meet his parents because his mother died from giving birth and his father was murdered. The people who murdered his father took him and did test on him seeing as he was a half breed. They wanted to know about his abilities and his genetic make up. After a couple of years of the torment and aggressive nature of his caretakers he decided to run away which was a success seeing as he found his older brother. His older brother let him move in with him and he then became Yoichi's permanent guardian. Yoichi has been attached to his brother ever since and he never leaves his side. Growing up through his teen years, Yoichi realized he started liking men as he accidentally witnessed his brother and his brothers lover making up. The action made him excited so he left the house and went to the park to calm himself down. As he sat down on a bench a guy walked over to him and asked him out. He agreed and the two hit it off until the guy became more forceful and forced Yoichi into doing things that he wasn't ready for. Yoichi ran back home to his brother with a tear stained face as he cried into his brothers chest, that was the first time Yoichi was ever in so much pain. Even after the traumatic experience Yoichi still prefers men over woman but he has problem trusting people.


"I'm not your property! I'll associate with whoever I like, whether you want me to or not!"


[Stability:] 8/10
[Interesting Facts:] Has famous/well known parents
[Friends:] None currently due to his shyness and antisocial personality
[Enemies:] None that he knows of
- Mother (https://rei.animecharactersdatabase.c...)
- Father (https://41.media.tumblr.com/7b7a7e612...)
- Older Brother (http://static.zerochan.net/Sena.Shoug...)
[Powers:] Light Magic and Enhanced Senses
[Theme Song:]
[Other:] N/A

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Sakura | 15 comments [Full Name:] Hayley Ambrosia Long
[Aliases:] The Silencer(whenever she was an assassin for Volkenmoord or when she does a few assassin jobs), Hal(by close friends), Ambrosia(when she doesn't want anyone to know her real name)
[Age:] 15
[Gender:] female
[Date of Birth:] January 26th
[Zodiac Sign:] Aquarius
[Blood type:] A
[Crush:] none yet
[Relationship status:] single
[Species:] half vampire/Faer folk/human
[Race:] American

[Hair:]Hayley has dark brown hair and wears them in two long ponytails that reach her waist.
[Eyes:] Has sea blue eyes
[Height:] five foot two
[Weight:] 110
[Complexion:] smooth creamy
[Clothing Style:] A white blouse with a red coat and a black skirt. Or she'll wear a blue blouse with black jacket with black pants or shorts. Always wears black boots with her outfits or no shoes at all with black socks.
[Scaring or Markings:] A tattoo of a serpent of her right arm and a scar on her neck.

[Description:] Hayley is a sneaky, trickster, who enjoys messing with others. She can be manipulative at times and is always thinking of ways to use someone for her own personal gain. She is intellectual and won't be taken for anyone's fool. Is disciplined and works hard to control her anger. When she lets out her anger she can be a bitch. Prefers order and structure and freaks out over the littlest details if something is odd. Observant and self-reliant. Rational thinker. Ambitious and is always looking towards tomorrow. Challenging and enjoys being right. Is energetic and progressive. Self conscious and uptight. Paranoid and is suspicious of others. Trust someone as far as she can throw them.

[Deadly Secret and things to know:] Hayley used to be apart of the Volkenmoord Clan until she got caught and they planned to execute her. She escaped with barely her life. She has since kept a low profile and has stayed clear of the Volkenmoord clan. She assassinated a total of 27 people while working for the Volkenmoord.

• Chocolate
• killing
• organizing
• Animals
• daggers and swords, basically any type of weapon
• music
• books and any other type of learning material
• Magic
• watching people fight
• Strategic games
• her brothers
• fighting

• Higher ups
• Loud noises
• Surprises
• people who mistake her age for younger than 15
• people who call her kid or little girl
• people who doubt her skills

• Her mother
• The Volkenmoord finding her
• Her father
• Is afraid of losing her older brother and younger brother

• hand to hand combat
• spying and collecting information
• acrobatics
• her brain and intelligence
• sword fighting

[Favorite Things:]
• Her blue sapphire pendant that her grandmother gave her.
• Her weapon, which two swords and several daggers

Growing up Hayley was raised with her father who was half vampire and her mother who was a light Faer Folk. Her father was abusive towards her mother and so her mother took it out on Hayley and her brother. Hayley received the scar on her neck when she was eleven and her mother had tried and failed to kill her.

When Hayley was nine she started working for the Volkenmoord Clan. She became one of their best assassins. When she was fourteen she was caught and the Volkenmoord ordered her execution. Hayley escaped with the help of her older brother and younger brother. Three months later they joined the Mage guild.

[Stability:] a little unstable
[Interesting facts:] She had assassinated a total of 27 people
[Friends:] anyone who doesn't want to kill her
[Enemies:] Too many to count
• Jake Long(older brother)
• Harry Long(younger brother)
• Holly Long(Mother)
• Joseph Long(father)
• grandmother(deceased)
• Speed and agility
• Can control light
[Clan:] Volkenmoord(formerly), The Mage Guild(currently)
[Theme Song:] Smoke and Fire by Sabrina Carpenter
[Other:] N/A

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Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 14 comments Acess to bio granted, welcome Karen Valkyrie.
[Full Name:] Karen Valkyrie

[Alias(es):] Valk

[Age:] 249

[Gender:] Hermaphrodite

[Date of Birth:] December, 18, *unknown*

[Zodiac Sign:] Sagittarius

[Blood type:] O-

[Sexuality:] Straight(females)

[Crush:] Open

[Relationship Status:] Single

[Species:] Valkyrie

[Race:] Irish

[Hair:] Brownish black

[Eyes:] Red

[Height:] 6'3"

[Weight:] 199lb

[Complexion:] white....... just white

[Clothing Style:] She has her armor and then her normal clothes. Her normal clothes would look like this.

[Scaring or Markings:] She has neither as she has never been wounded in battle. Neither she have any markings of such.

[Description:] Karen personality is that of a ruthless warrior. She takes no prisoners, and believes the ends justify the means. She relishes battle and destruction, and to that end, she enjoys making her opponents squirm. She is highly intelligent, ambitious and strives to please others. She is a perfectionist, and is highly driven to please anyone who she fancies.

[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:] In the bed room, she is actually the submissive one. Though it has to be someone that she fancies, if you force yourself upon her, she will impale you on her sword.

~Whoever she fancies
~Fighting and watching the opponent squirm.
~She likes to sharpen her weapons and practice in her house.
~Absorbing things to learn about how they are made and used.
~Just absorbing stuff in general.

~ People who think she has a one track mind.
~ Things that keep her from the one she fancies.
~ Things that she can't absorb or teleport to.
~ She hates to lose or be embarrassed in front of friends and family.
~ Lying
~ She fears that the one that she thinks is the one that will bring her peace will hate and not notice her.
~ She fears death, though she is familiar with it, she does fear death.
~ She fears that she will be considered a freak if everyone knows of her gender.

~ Sword play, both in bed and out of it.
~ empowering her sword with things she absorbs. She can even alter her swords state of being with the things she absorbs.
~ She can do the same with her shield, say she absorbs fire, she can make her shield fire resistant.

[Favorite Things:]
~ Her sword
~ Her armor
~ Her shield
~ Her one and only

Being the oldest out of twelve valkyries is pretty hard, being the oldest and not even being fully female is harder. Karen was born to other valkyries as are every valkyrie. She had problems while growing up, she was very distinguished with her sword and shield. When she found out about her ability she was able to rise higher in power as she could alter her being to what she absorbed. She didn't absorb anything dangerous until she thought she could handle it. She found out that it was easier to absorb dangerous things as they were much more calm inside her body. Well more like apart of her body. She Was placed in the middle plate with the rest of her family, they are more of law bringers as karen desired affection and pain after her first wife left her at the age of 150. She had left her because of karen's secret. Karen is now both a hired hand, and law bringer.
She can absorb anything except humans, or other types of beings.
[Interesting Facts:]
She loves black roses, if you need to apologize or stop her from attacking you, get black roses.
Her family are her main friends, though she has a few friends.
She has a couple enemies though that's what you get for being a lawbringer.

[Powers:] Absorption, The ability to make distribute the power he absorbed to his physical appearance for a bit to enhance his power.

[Clan:] Rouge (member)

[Theme Song:] Ride of the valkyries...... i know how ironic it is


Delete bio selected........

Are you sure you would like to delete your bio from every system?

Bio deleted........ no information on Karen Valkyrie exists, Acess denied, who are you?

"I'm sorry mother, sisters...... this is for the best." She said running out of the server room.

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Spades (thequeenofspades) | 220 comments {Identity}

[Full Name:] Meirong Qiao
[Alias(es):] Mei
[Age:] Appears 23, but is old enough to have witnessed the creation of the Utopian World
[Gender:] Female
[Date of Birth:] April 14
[Zodiac Sign:] Aquarius
[Blood type:] AB
[Sexuality:] Straight
[Crush:] None
[Relationship Status:] Single
[Species:] Faer Folk (Light)
[Race:] Chinese


[Hair:] Black
[Eyes:] Golden
[Height:] 5'5"
[Weight:] 126 lbs
[Complexion:] Pale
[Clothing Style:] Chinese style dresses with lots of jewelry and ornaments
[Scaring or Markings:] None


[Description:] Meirong is playful and mischievous, often getting involved in the lives of others by advising people. She has been known to lead people astray for her own amusement, especially those who she sees as unworthy of her help. If she deems someone's cause worthy, she will back them wholeheartedly and make sure that they succeed. She is extremely wise, whether she chooses to act like it or not.
[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:]
-Meirong is protective of her jewelry because its the only thing that she has left of her people
-Even though its most likely that the rest of her tribe was wiped out, Meirong will never admit that they are gone
-Even though she tries to avoid fighting, she's quite good at it

-Telling fortunes
-Being told what to do
-Hot, dry places

-Her tribe being gone forever

[Favorite Things:]
-Pastry buns
[History:] Meirong comes from a tribe of Faer Folk who resided in caves near a lake. The land was pristine, and almost untouched by the other species. One day, a group of people came, seeking refuge among them for a few days. The people were welcomed, and the Faer were curious about them. Having been isolated from most of the other species, the Faer were surprised to hear about what the rest of the world was like. Some of the elders disapproved of the way that they were living, saying that they were too lavish and were disrespecting nature. The younger Faer Folk, including Meirong, were intrigued by this new and unexplored world. Convinced that their way of life was better than her own, Meirong decided to go with them, along with a few other Faer Folk. Once they left, she was swept up in her new life, and she watched as the 'Utopian World' was built. She thought that it was grand at the time, but eventually she learned of a cruel fate that befell her people. The land that was once their home had been absorbed into the bottom plate, and the Faer Folk that lived there had disappeared. Without their magic, the lake eventually turned into the swamp that can be found on the bottom plate.


[Stability:] 9/10 (10 being best)
[Interesting Facts:]
-She loves to garden and uses herbs that she grows to make medicines
-She runs an apothecary
-Is deathly afraid of rats
[Friends:] None
[Enemies:] None
[Family:] Several brothers and sisters that she hasn't seen in hundreds of years
Rejuvination- The ability to make something or someone feel more energized and make them younger and healthier
Water manipulation- The ability to control water, including the ability to pull moisture from the air in order to create small amounts of water

[Clan:] None
[Theme Song:] Lost in Thoughts All Alone

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 173 comments {Identity}

[Full Name:] Barogon
[Alias(es):] Barogon the Bartender
[Age:] 315
[Gender:] male
[Date of Birth:] Jan. 21st
[Blood type:] unknown
[Sexuality:] straight
[Relationship Status:] married.
[Species:] Multi-Armed Demon
[Race:] none human.

{Appearance:} description
[Hair:] long, shaggy, and white.
[Eyes:] he has four eyes, each of which are reptilian yellow in color.
[Height:] 7ft
[Weight:] less than you would think.
[Complexion:] average complexion.
[Clothing Style:] whatever is comfy
[Scaring or Markings:] strange runes marked across is body.


[Description:] cheerful and very jovial most of the time (despite his appearance). he rarely gets angered but when he does it's swift and brutal, often leaving smears where the offending idiot used to be. wise and calm (most of the time) he often uses alcohol when he lectures or gives advice. very determined and never gives up, even when all sense says so. loves to laugh.
[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:] he is actually a descendant of the only known warrior of his race, Asura, this is evident in is appearance as well as his fighting prowess.

[Dislikes:]spilling or wasting good alcohol.

[Fears:] losing his mind like his ancestor.
incredibly strong and flexible even for his kind. wise in the ways of bartending and alcohol making he is.

[Favorite Things:] alcohol(not to drink though), helping people.
[History:] he was born to a large regular family for his kind. the only difference showed up only when he got older. instead of joining the family in building he wanted to be a bartender and make the best alcohol ever. so he went on a long journey around the world, learning the ways of bartending and alcohol making from the best of the best. he eventually learned all there was to know and went back home, where he set up shop and made it a rule to allow anyone in. eventually his bar became the entrance to the Blood Mercenaries Hideout and he became an honorary member. he now is trying to teach his sons and cousins what he knows.


[Stability:] 10/10
[Interesting Facts:]
there have been many songs written about his adventures, all are often sung in bars or by drunken idiots (sometimes sung to royalty though).
[Friends:] everyone is his friend.
[Enemies:] none actually.
[Family:] a really big family.
Stretching- he, like the rest of his kind, can stretch his whole body, or simply individual parts, to over ten times their size. this also makes him extremely flexible.
[Clan:] Blood Mercenaries.

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) Demon Dragon wrote: "{Identity}

[Full Name:] Barogon
[Alias(es):] Barogon the Bartender
[Age:] 315
[Gender:] male
[Date of Birth:] Jan. 21st
[Blood type:] unknown
[Sexuality:] straight
[Relationship Status:] married..."


The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) Everyone is accepted

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✡ Nebiros ✡ (ammamomaoolvmalpirgvrelp) .

[image error]

「♣ Full Name ♣」: Resil
「♣ Alias(es) ♣」: N/A
「♣ Gender ♣」: Male
「♣ Age ♣」: 16
「♣ Date of Birth ♣」: December 3rd
「♣ Bloodtype ♣」: Undefined. Appears normal though has many unnatural properties and a rapid regeneration rate.
「♣ Sexuality ♣」: Unknown
「♣ Social Status ♣」: Debatably middle class
「♣ Species ♣」: Fallen Hybrid
「♣ Abilities ♣」:
◊ Arrow Release

* Functions in a similar manner to his predecessors. The ability feeds off the negative emotion given off by the user to form versatile spear like objects and become more in abundance depending on that level of negativity. Though his own variant is pathetically weak compared to most users.

◊ Possession
* Functions exactly how it sounds. This power is more active then he is aware of though since he fails to contain it properly.

「♣ Alternate Forms ♣」:
◊ Not so much a form as it is a condition, his skin will often appear a charred gray at times, sometimes completely so.

「♣ Physical Weaknesses ♣」:
◊ Just about anything really o.o

[image error]

「♣ Nationality ♣」: Presumed Latin Origins
「♣ Height ♣」: 5'7"
「♣ Weight ♣」: 170 lbs
「♣ Complexion ♣」: Pale but rough and scarred.
「♣ Body Type ♣」: Extremely weak and fragile
「♣ Hair Description ♣」:
◊ His hair is of a mid tone to lighter grey and is rather unkempt and messy. Often times it will hang directly in front of his face, although it doesn't reach past his neck in length.

「♣ Eye Description ♣」:
◊ His eyes are of a bright cyan, a peculiar trait he didn't seem to inherit from his parents directly. Occasionally they will brighten to a vivid silvery sky blue tone, but do not transition all too much.

「♣ Clothing Style ♣」:
◊ Resil doesn't care too much about the clothing he wears, since most of it normally gets tarnished and ripped up easily as it is. Most of his clothes are generally ripped up and stained modern day attire, not being quite too outstanding from the general population.

「♣ Scars and Markings ♣」:
◊ Resil is constantly getting wounds and it isn't much out of the ordinary to have extreme wounds. Most of the time, some of his deep burns are present as well as many scrapes and scratches as well as a couple bruises or violently bleeding wounds. The only thing that stays in tact is a white marking identical to what his father has between his right shoulder and neck.

◊ Resil can really be described with two opposing mindsets, one of cowardice and one of arrogance, the latter of the two being the more dominant. The young man seems to strive constantly for challenges and tries to push himself to the edge although he is dangerously close to falling off the edge already as it is. He has a tendency to commit crimes or start arguments, just so he has an excuse to try and fight those who oppose his actions. Though 99% of the time, he ends up losing these brawls, and still seems completely surprised and confused each time it happens as if he was expecting to win without any effort. Why he acts as such is still a bit of a mystery, though it is believed to correlate with a few of his mental problems or possibly even his curse mark.

「♣ Tendencies ♣」:
◊ Extremely egocentric and confident, although he can never back his words up.
◊ Tends to whine and cry when things don't go as he'd like.
◊ Although cocky, he is never purposefully rude, even as it may always come off that way.
◊ Tends to talk excessively, even if it's to himself.
◊ Resil is overly oblivious to numerous factors, even those that directly affect him.
◊ He has the maturity of a 6 year old

「♣ Mental Illnesses ♣」:
◊ Severe Schizophrenia

「♣ Psychological Triggers/Fears ♣」:
◊ The sight of his own blood and/or wounds.
◊ Being contained in an area.
◊ Sleeping (He will never willingly rest)
◊ Certain members of his order
◊ Several variety of herbs and plants that he is 'allergic' to

「♣ Mental Stability Rating ♣」: 3/10

「♣ Strengths and Virtues ♣」:
◊ Resilient (Haha name puns x3)
◊ Stubborn
◊ Prideful
◊ 'Brave'
◊ Durable (In some ways)
◊ Optimistic

「♣ Flaws and Downfalls ♣」:
◊ Ignorant
◊ Oblivious
◊ Reckless
◊ Physically Weak
◊ Childish
◊ Selfish
◊ Immature

「♣ Passions and Obsessions ♣」:
◊ Being praised/Respected
◊ Holding power
◊ Daydreaming and fantasizing (Does so way too much)
◊ Canine, particularly wolves
◊ Darkness
◊ Ninjas and Assassins (Probably has played way too much assassin's creed x'D)
◊ Weapons
◊ Monsters (Preferably more destructive and larger ones)
◊ Getting attentioned

「♣ Abhorrences and Distastes ♣」:
◊ Hot liquids such as coffee, tea, etc
◊ Being hurt/Blood
◊ His own inability to sense things at times
◊ Being ignored
◊ Isolation
◊ Studying
◊ Being 'weak'
◊ Being called a crybaby (o.o ya just dont)
◊ Having someone call him a good guy (Even though he really isnt particularly evil in the first place.)

[image error]


「♣ Reputation ♣」: N/A
「♣ Intentions ♣」: Unknown
「♣ Blood Relations ♣」:
◊ Countless Deceased Siblings (Is an only child as of current)
◊ Mother is currently unknown
◊ Caelus: Father
◊ Poe*: Uncle
◊ Phino*: Uncle
◊ Puera*: Aunt
◊ Morjien: Aunt
◊ (He got so many older relatives i can't be bothered to list them all xD)

* Indicates that they are not my characters.

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「♣ Full Name ♣」: Resil
「♣ Alias(es) ♣」: N/A
「♣ Gender ♣」: Male
「♣ Age ♣」: 16
「♣ Date of Birth ♣」: December 3rd
「♣ Bloodtype ♣」: Undefined. Appears normal though has many unnatural properties an..."

If the history is a work in progress he'd go in the unfinished character thread.

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[Name:] Gwenivere Mackenzie
[Nicknames:] Gwen (friends),
[Alias(es):] Blur
[Age:] About 983 years old
Appearance is late teens to early twenties
[Gender:] Female
[Date of Birth:] 8th of April
[Sexuality:] Pansexual
[Crush:] None at the moment
[Relationship Status:] Single, but very flirty
[Species:] Half Light, Half Dark Faer Folk (Middle Class)


[Hair:] Silver Hair tied into two high pony tails, the right tied with a red rose the left with a black bow
[Eyes:] Grey eyes
[Height:] 5’10 without her heels
[Weight:] Very light, nearly impossibly light
[Clothing Style:]
Royal purple gothic and Victorian style dresses
Her trusty black heels
(view spoiler)
[Scaring or Markings:]
She has one tattoo
(view spoiler)
Whatever scars Gwen has, have either faded over time or are barely visible due to her amazingly white complexion


An unorthodox individual with some very bad habits but a highly relatable and likeable personality
Her friends
Her wings
People telling her what to do
Very good at sword fighting
Knowledge of history
She cares too much for people
Losing her wings
[Favourite Things:]
[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:]
She is too protective over Kotone (her best friend)

Gwen's mother was a light faer folk and her father was a dark faer folk this caused her to be born with one white and one black wing, this also caused her to live most of her life prejudged.
She met Kotone soon after her escape and has stayed by her side ever since often helping with cleanups or dealing with Angel.


[Sanity:] About a 5, some days are better than others
[Interesting Facts:]
- She met Kotone centuries ago and has been friends with her and Angel ever since. Gwen has more often than not been the one to save Kotone from her fits of rage
Many friends gained through the years
Her best friend is Kotone Sora Shizuka
Even more enemies gained throughout the years
[Family:] Unknown, most likely dead
Gwen has the ability to fly because of the wings on her back
She has an innate healing ability in her hands

[Clan:] None
[Theme Song:]
Don't Trust Me - 3OH!3 (Nightcore)

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First Name: Yuuzan
Last Name:Kirisaki
Nick Name:Yuu, Cunning Normal
Species:Half Breed (Demon/Werewolf)
Gender: Male


Birthday: November 5
Zodiac Sign:Scorpio
Blood type:B+
Age:Unknown, looks to be about in his late twenties

Relationship Status:Single
Crush:Rei Kuroba


(view spoiler)

Weight:63 kg
Build:Muscular, decent height

Dressing Style:

Born to a family of respectable standing, Yuuzan lived a pretty comfortable life, although he didn't necessarily like it. He attended school like most kids, but didn't really have any friends, as most people hated him because to them, he was your typical perfect rich kid. And they weren't exactly wrong, he was pretty deceitful and arrogant. As he grew older, he became more distant from people, and people didn't really talk to him anymore either. However, one day as he was visiting the higher plate, he happened to bump into a higher up there, who to his surprise, actually conversed with him, and went as far as to help him out with the financial issue that had lead him to visit the higher plate. Yuuzan wanted to be able to be closer to this higher up, who he later discovered was named Rei Kuroba, but he didn't really have any ways to do so. That is, until Rei bought a slave Yuuzan happened to be somewhat familiar with. He quickly befriended this slave, Nitori, in hopes that this would lead him to Rei later on.


Yuuzan generally has an optimistic and friendly personality towards people. He's cheerful, kind, enjoyable to be with, and has a sweet smile. Only thing is, most of the time this is usually fake. Towards strangers or people he's unfamiliar with, he will act this way, however he won't really actually feel a thing towards them. Towards people he may actually care about, or have interest in however, how he acts with them will most likely be genuine. Although he'll normally have some kind of dark ideals behind it. For example, he has feelings for Rei, however, he acts like he really has for Nitori, to see Rei's response and in some way, compete against him. Yuuzan is very competitive and likes to irritate others, so flirting with Nitori is his way of teasing Rei or getting closer to him. Surprisingly, Yuuzan is also considerably easy to hate, mostly because you can't necessarily entirely trust him. He's intelligent and cunning, and can understand others quite well, though despite this can't really empathize with people. He has a strange fear of women, mostly because his mother was strong minded, violent, kind, and very oblivious to anything posing danger to her. He got his cheerful personality from her, as his mother was very loving, but while he was able to understand his own, he never really got her personality. He never could understand any female for that matter, and mostly fears them because he can never tell what they're thinking, which irritates him because he normally can understand people well, which helps him in his own way. Oh and he likes seeing people in pain and suffering. Eventually he'll cheerfully save them.


~Rei Kuroba
~Sweets and Spices
~Romance/Horror movies

~Being ignored
~Those smarter than him

-People better than him in any aspect


- Can't express his feelings
- A bit sadistic
- Not empathetic
- Looks down on people
- A coward


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He's amazing, as always :D

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 754 comments Mod

⇯". "⇯


║NAME║ Maalik Amasis
║OFFICIAL TITLE║ N/A (Doesn't have one)




║SPECIES║ Half Neko, half human
║RACE║ Egyptian
║FAVORITE FOOD║ Anything spicy


║HAIR║ Dark Brown
║EYES║ Emerald Green
║HEIGHT║ 5'10
║WEIGHT║ 128 lbs
║SCENT║ Usually smells like a well groomed outdoor cat
║BUILD║ Muscular

*His lightly tanned skin
*His emerald green eyes
*His personality
*His black cat he often carries around on his shoulders


Be prepared for a big ass pic gallery, hold onto your socks (view spoiler)


Miles just has that way about him that makes every women, and some men, instantly fall for him. Due to learning the ways of a royal when he lived with one when he was younger, Miles has learnt to be a gentlemen. He refuses to hit girls, has proper manors, and even when greeting women he softly kisses there hands like a prince would. Some find it weird, but its those few people who like it that he tends to like more.

Theres no way around it, Miles absolutely cant lie. When he tries to, he avoids eye contact and stutters alot, sometimes even raises his voice when trying to defend his lie. He doesn't like lying either. He feels sweaty, his heart beat quickens, and his head begins to hurt, so he tries to avoid it at all costs. However, being honest can even sometimes be bad, if he has to be honest to someone who isn't looking for his honesty but a beautiful lie.

Miles is sort of protective of his friends, to where he'll willingly hurt anyone who hurts them. However, to his girlfriends, he's even worse. He'll get in fights with other men who flirt with her, touch her or even look at her in any way thats lustful or harmful. Miles doesn't mean to be mean, he just doesn't want anyone laying hands on what he believes to be his.






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