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Steph~soccer~reading~living life (soccerstef) | 4 comments So I decided to start writing about this topic because I realized how life never gives you a day that is "ordinary". There is always something in a day that makes it unique. For 365 days, I am going to write down something about my day that is unique, or out of the ordinary. Anyone is welcome to join me!

Steph~soccer~reading~living life (soccerstef) | 4 comments Today, the thing that I found unusual about life is how much of a difference it makes when one member of a team is missing. It just throws the rest of the team off if the one person who provides energy and leadership for the team is gone.
"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." --Henry Ford

Steph~soccer~reading~living life (soccerstef) | 4 comments I also learned how to post gifs to goodreads

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