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Porter's Rule Slave to the City by Adam Rabinowitz Adam Rabinowitz

Genre: Crime/Thriller

Porter's Rule: Slave to the City

Book Description:

You serve the city all your life. Then you do one stupid thing and everything falls apart.

It started off as just another day on the job, when Porter saw her sitting there in the diner. Her long, flowing auburn hair, and that look of sadness in her eyes. Alarm bells rang for Detective Matt Porter. The ones that said All women are Trouble. No Exception. Rule 2. But the one thing Porter can’t turn his back on is a woman in trouble. So when the two men in dark suits cornered her, Porter’s rules went out the window. He couldn’t help stepping in to save Grace. He just didn’t know that sometimes, stepping in to be the hero backfires.

His life quickly unravels as Porter’s growing attraction to Grace and his own uncontrollable desire to rescue her from her abusive and jealous ex-boyfriend destroy more than just his personal life. Disobeying his boss’s orders while investigating a powerfully connected suspect threatens his career as a detective, and Porter finds himself on the wrong side of the law.

Somebody is trying to kill him. Is it Grace’s jealous ex-boyfriend, or is it connected to the case which points to some very powerful people in the city? Porter doesn’t have much time to solve the riddle with a target on his back. To save himself he has to become what he’s been fighting to stop all his life.

Porter’s Rule: Slave to the City is a detective thriller that grabs you from the opening, and will have you riveted right to the gripping climax. Porter finds himself in one impossible predicament after another, and will have you on the edge of your seat in this suspense-filled, action-packed fight to stay alive and to prove his innocence.

The Porter’s Rule Detective Series introduces the stubborn, witty, cynical and resourceful Matt Porter and the world of power and crime he fights to clean up. If you love a good detective thriller, detective suspense, or detective romance, then this detective novel will have you riveted from the start.

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