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Spadez (or Kadyn) | 754 comments Mod
Please read these rules and post down bellow that you agree to them before roleplaying. Thank you :)


By manners, I mean be polite to people. You dont have to in an rp if thats how your character is, but out of the roleplay, try to be nice to people and help them if they need it. For example, dont expect people to change there characters to better fit yours, or to change there characters at all. Dont put peoples characters in your person's history without the other person's permission, and please if someone is getting on your nerves, either talk to them privately about the matter or pm one of us mods and we'll take care of it. We want people to be happy, so please dont argue on threads with others, it will most definitely make other people uncomfortable and we dont want that. Also, please note that for every higher up you create, you must also create 2 lower classes or middle classes to even out the odds and help keep things a little even.

Be active/Invite people

Its as simple as that. Please be active and invite people. It really gets on my nerves when someone joins and doesn't make a character or post in like any of the topics. Its like, well why did you join? Just to snoop on people who DO want to roleplay here? Its creepy, and I find thats a waste of space in your 'More Groups' page :/ I mean, thats your decision. But I dont like the feeling of someone joining and just leaving the group to be forgotten. Its like Autographs. They're only good for being placed on a book shelf and collecting dust. So please, be active and invite people, it will mean a lot to all of us :)

God Modding

As i've mentioned in all my groups, please dont god mod. It sort of gets on just about everyones nerves. The strongest characters are the higher ups. And even then, dont try to over power people or control there characters. And please, dont kill off another person's character without there permission first.


I never know what to call this one.. But Sex, drugs and stuff like that are aloud in this group like it is in my other groups, please dont get upset about it. You dont like it, either dont join or tell the one you're rping with that you dont like it so they'll know not to do it near you. Though, for the sex, please go to another private group or to pms, some people find it disturbing to read that stuff.

Posting Stuff

This might be smaller description then the other one's, but please dont post anything in the group unless you've gotten permission by a mod.

Be patient

Please be patient with us mods. We've worked very hard on this group to try to make it suitable for other roleplayers, their may be some stuff we decide to change later, which also might involve the templates if we happen to forget to include something in them. Please be prepared if we do to add that extra thing in your template and/or roleplay if the time comes for it. Other then that, have fun, im pretty sure we have everything included :)

Before Roleplaying

Please dont post in another roleplay thats active without the other people's permission, they might have things planned out for the roleplay that could get ruined if someone else got involved.


When you create a character, you must create two lower classes or middle classes in order to make one middle class. This rule is set in order to balance out the caste system, with the lower levels having significantly more population than the higher ups.

Dont rp without being approved

If you try to rp a character of yours that hasn't been approved by a mod, we might give you 3 warnings, or we'll delete you. And we dont want to do that. So please wait until approved to rp.


Please post things in the correct topics. We've been ok with it lately, but we want to try to keep things more organized. I've noticed when asking for a species, they post it in the 'Keeping Tracks of the Higher Ups'. I dont mean to be mean or anything, I really dont like upsetting people, but that topic was made to keep track of the higher ups and for people to post if they finished there higher up yet its not listed on the list. Some people even post there unfinished characters on the finished topics (Like in Middle Class or Lower Class) instead of in the unfinished character's topic. Please do not do that, we wont accept them that way.

message 2: by Alina (last edited Mar 10, 2016 04:39AM) (new)

Alina (Safeara) | 1 comments I agree To All Of The Rules

message 3: by Tim (new)

Tim | 7 comments I agree to all these rules.

message 4: by Demon Dragon (new)

Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 173 comments i agree to these rules!

Jane Isles-Rizzoli I agree

message 6: by Spades (new)

Spades (thequeenofspades) | 220 comments I agree to the rules

message 7: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) I agree to all these rules

The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments I agree to all Rules.

message 9: by Astraris (new)

Astraris | 2 comments I agree to all the rules

message 10: by Aurora (new)

Aurora (aurora_the_lycan) | 126 comments I agree to all the rules.

ᒥAᴍᴀᴛᴇʀᴀsᴜᒧ  (lordofdarkness) | 30 comments I agree to all the rules.

message 12: by May͛a (new)

May͛a (rhapsodyinblue) I agree to all the rules.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 72 comments I Luna have read and agree to the rules above

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 13 comments I agree to the rules

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) I agree to all these ruuuules! Whooooo! I'm excited!

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Eoraptor  (Mortus) | 107 comments I agree with the rules of this roleplay

message 17: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 14 comments I Matthew have agreed to the rules

Captain Cheesecake (cheesecakeisawesome) | 3 comments I agree.

message 19: by Sakura (new)

Sakura | 15 comments I agree

message 20: by Sakura (new)

Sakura | 15 comments I agree

message 21: by Shadow (new)

Shadow Assassin (potato_muncher) | 5 comments I agree

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i agree

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