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message 1: by Rick (new)

Rick Langford | 35 comments NEW from Knights of Writ -- Fiction Musings

You Can't Be in Two Heads at Once


message 2: by Arley (new)

Arley Dial (arley1977) | 24 comments That's what the little page breaks are for.
* * *
Said the author to himself as if he knew what he was talking about.

message 3: by Mary (new)

Mary Catelli | 689 comments But the page looks funny if there are more than a dozen asterisks on it.

message 4: by Mary (new)

Mary Catelli | 689 comments I observe that if you want to do omniscient, it would probably be a good idea to read a lot of works in that point of view, to get a feel for it.

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