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message 1: by Pascal (new)

Pascal | 35 comments Dear all,

I wondered what the policy is for translated series, where the serie title is also translated. I am pretty sure we have to add the original series?

But: is the Dutch translation of this French comic book Therefor French serie title on the Dutch book.

BUT when you are on the French edition and you hoover your mouse on the Dutch edition, it shows the series name in Dutch? Is that a system glitch, referring to a former Dutch series before the Dutch book was correctly added to the original French series?

message 2: by Renske (new)

Renske | 10663 comments If a series is translated there shouldn't be a separate series page unless there is a difference such as numbering (editions split into multiple part and such)
But what you see under other editions is the title as added to the title field of that edition. And it is correct to have there the series name in language of the edition. On the book page that part is hidden behind the link to the series page.

message 3: by Pascal (new)

Pascal | 35 comments Okay, I see now, thank you!

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