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LeAnn (leannelizabeth)

Let's have a warm welcome for the fabulous K.K. Weil this week! She is the author of At This Stage and Shatterproof, which was recently featured in our RI&RI program! Please leave your questions for her below. :)

message 2: by K.K. (new)

K.K. Weil | 2 comments Thanks so much for having me! I'm very excited to be here and answer any of your questions!

message 3: by Mary-Sarah (new)

Mary-Sarah | 24 comments How would you say you incorporate various forms of diversity (race, physical/mental abilities, sexual orientation, religion, background, education, age etc.) in your novels?

message 4: by K.K. (new)

K.K. Weil | 2 comments Great question! When I write, I love my stories to emerge organically, and when different issues arise, I do a lot of research to make sure I represent them accurately and with sensitivity. For example, in my first book, my hero's character had a brother with special needs. It was extremely important to me that I depicted him the way his brother saw an amazing kid!

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