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message 1: by Shristhi (new)

Shristhi (thebookgodess) Books!!! =D And a house, and charity, and a librabry just for me!!

message 2: by Shristhi (new)

Shristhi (thebookgodess) Lol I spelled library wrong...

message 3: by Shristhi (new)

Shristhi (thebookgodess) If you were had to read 5 books in one sitting would you do it?

message 4: by Shristhi (new)

Shristhi (thebookgodess) On Goodreads:
Aubrey, Tanaya, Sean =D

On other stuff:
Aru, Lauren, other people :D

message 5: by Shristhi (new)

Shristhi (thebookgodess) Pop! Other stuff...

What kind of movies do you like?

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)


Do u prefer nighttime or daytime? Is that an acceptable question??

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