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message 1: by Laura (new) - added it

Laura OMG,I just read an excerpt of this book and it is freaking hot!!! I definitely can't wait to read it

message 2: by Victoria (new) - added it

Victoria Ashley Thank you! Glad you enjoyed that ;)

message 3: by Laura (new) - added it

Laura Your welcome:) And I definitely loved it...

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

I read this book a few days ago and cant get it out of my head! I LOVED it! I want to read the other 2 books ASAP! I have also recommended it to some fellow steamy book readers:)

Jennifer McNeill WOW. Just Wow. Can I give more than five stars? As an avid Romance reader from all types of venues in that category, This book has completely blown me away. HOT, HOT, HOT. Three words to describe this book. SLADE is the best example of down and dirty as well as his friends. The writer did an excellent job with the main characters and the characters for future books. It was my first Victoria Ashley novel and I cannot wait for more "Walk of Shame". A MUST READ.

Rachel I loved this book and really look forward to the rest of the series. HOT HOT HOT!!!

Sandy it was awesome went in my tbr again pile:)

Tracey Love,love,love Slade! I want more and I want it ASAP! This was so hot can't wait for more Walk of Shame! ;-)

Jessica Loved this book so much! I have already added the next to my TBR list and can't wait until it comes out. I just loved Slade, his hotness was on another level!

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