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this is just where you can write poems, short stories or just anything really:)

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Ravanna Dee (ravannadee) Cool! I've been working on one, maybe I'll post it soon! XD

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This is my original work. It was inspired by Marvel movies. My writings goes beyond in my own fictional world.

(view spoiler)

Do you always wonder where the secret heroes come from? Were they once the Run-A-Way Gang(my own Gang name for the story)? Nobody knows for sure, but villains were always attempting to know where the heroes come from. The villains always try to spy on the heroes, but ending up failing.

(It's all clean. No over PG13 contents.)

Where did the Heroes come from and where did the Villains come from?
There's a few worlds. One is for the Heroes and the other one is for the Villains.
Legends say that the Villains once tortured the world of Heroes.
But the history has forgotten about it.

(Inspired by: movies, songs, stories, and places. My mind works differently.)

(view spoiler)

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Ravanna Dee (ravannadee) Yay! Looking forward to reading it!

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I'm working on that and another story. (Under the same title name.)

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sounds cool, interesting, awesome........
p.s cant wait to read it :D

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik)
The waves rocked the ship back and forth in way that gave Alexander Hamilton a great deal of trouble sleeping. The ship was supposed to (view spoiler) leave about four weeks ago, but a number of things had delayed it. Winter, Alexander ventured, would come soon, and with it winter storms. That wouldn’t be good. He glanced across the room at the rest of the people on board, all asleep. The ship jerked forward. Alexander was restless. He might as well see what was going on.
Silently, he tiptoed out onto the deck and peered over the edge. A huge whirlpool had formed in front of him. He reached forward.
It pulled him in.

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i cant wait till read the rest!!!
i really want to know what happens

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Eragon10316 | 220 comments Pittbull lover forever

The white blur runs up and takes what is left of my heart,
When the past I see all the time of loss and misery is finally gone forever.
When I see him all the bad things are forever forgotten,
Nothing can ever take this feeling away or so I thought.
But next thing I know my hatred for hats has grown,
Because of one person I lost the one light I had left.
He was my soul, heart, and energy, and more,
I have never felt so empty, and alone.
The bright green gems that shine like diamonds,
Even the brightest star doesn’t compare,
To my best friend I will ever have.
You finally have that special thing,
That will never let you down or let you be sad.
You think you finally found something that you will never loose,
But you hear a *snap* in the distance,
and turn back to see that my diamond is gone… Forever.

by Eragon10316
description- It is about my beloved pitbull mix that I would do anything for and for his safety I had to give him up to another family and I miss him with all my heart.

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♥ Emily ♥   (emily_turtle) | 44 comments I was bored, so I wrote a short story:

Have you ever wondered how the cracks in the pavement got there? Each time a heart breaks, so does a piece of our world; this creates fissures, valleys and and those cracks in the pavement. The world is a journal of pain, suffering, and sorrow, full of entries big and small, but none are as big as the Grand Canyon.
Rosemary was an innocent, gentle, and caring girl. Oliver was a quick-witted, funny, and likable boy. They never could have guessed how many pieces their hearts could shatter into.
Rosemary woke up that morning as any teenage girl does, sitting in bed for “one more minute,” and finally getting up an hour later to begin their extensive preparations for the day. That day she wore her long red hair in a messy bun that may be “messy,” but had taken her at least a billion tries to get it that way. She pulled on a pair of leggings and a flowy blue blouse, along with her Converse high-tops.
She plopped two Poptarts into the toaster as she finished her science project that was due that day. She jumped when the Poptarts sprang up in the toaster. Snatching them and shoving one into her mouth, she shouted to her mom while chewing, “I’m heading to school mom!” She shrugged when she didn’t receive a response, pulling her designer backpack over her right shoulder.
She walked her usual path to school, but today she saw what could only be a new guy to the school on the other side of the road. She quickly glanced from side to side before awkwardly sprinting across the road. His head turned to the side, and a puzzled look crossed his face.
Rosemary just ignored it and held out her hand, “Hi, I’m Rosemary.”
“I’m Oliver, I’m the new guy, I think,” he said, grinning and shaking her hand. She returned his smile and quickly pulled her hand back, startled by the tingling feeling she got when she touched him.
“So, where ya from?” she asked, regretting having walked into an awkward situation.
“I just moved from Ohio. It’s colder there than here, especially since I left,” he flashed his winning grin again, and Rosemary released a little laugh. She was regretting this less and less. She stared into his deep blue eyes. They reminded her of the ocean, and she lost herself in them, imagining the waves sweeping her away.
She realized she was just blankly staring when he pulled her out of the way of a biker. She ended up held against him, and she got lost again in the warmth of him near her, and his smell, he smelled like a lake, and like autumn leaves.
“Well this is… strange,” Oliver offered a weak smile. He looked as clueless as I felt. I pulled away from him, blushing fiercely. He ran a hand through his curly brown hair.
They walked all the way to school together.
A month later, and they still took the same path, still together, every day. But today they held hands, swinging them back and forth as they walked. They had been dating for a little less than a month, and it was apparent to everyone that they were in love. Their relationship consisted of stolen kisses under the bleachers at the football games, and the silent messages they sent each other just by making eye contact. They texted constantly, but not as much as they talked. Their dates weren’t the usual movie and fast food, they’d have picnics in the park, walks along the beach at sunset.
But nothing lasts forever, certainly they were the same. No one believed that could be true, least of all Oliver and Rosemary.
“Rose, what is your favorite color?” Oliver would ask.
“Blue,” she responded without hesitation.
“Why?” he asked.
“Because blue is the color of your eyes. Blue like the ocean. You never wondered why I like walks on the beach so much?” she admitted, smiling.
Oliver smiled, a beautiful, happy, genuine smile, and he pulled her face to his and kissed her.
“What’s yours?” she asked when their kiss ended.
“I don’t have one, you take up all my thoughts, I never have the chance to decide,” he said, smiling at her, his eyes alight.
She returned his smile, “You think that’s worthy of a kiss?”
“Yes,” he said breathlessly, and they came together, two halves of a whole.

“Ollie, what’s your favorite memory?” Rosemary asked.
“All the time I’ve spent with you.”

“Do you love me?” Oliver asked.
“To the moon and back a million times, you knew that,” she told him like it was obvious.
“I love you to the moon and back a billion times,” he challenged.
“I love you past the end of the universe, try to beat that,” she said. They both smiled like idiots as they stared into each other’s eyes.

But, again, nothing lasts forever. Oliver and Rosemary couldn’t last forever.
On a sunny summer afternoon, Rosemary and Oliver sat high in a tree, talking, like always.
“Ollie, guess what,” Rosemary said playfully.
“I’m never going to guess. Will you tell me?” Oliver replied.
“I have something to show you,” she hopped down from the tree, pulling him by the hand. She took off running shouting, “This way, this way.”
She took him into her garage and pulled a tarp off her surprise. It was a shiny new motorcycle to replace Oliver’s beloved, old rusty one.
“Rose, for me? Thank you so much!” he exclaimed, pulling her into a tight hug, grinning from ear to ear.
“Will you take me for a ride?” she asked, and he went to grab his helmet from his old motorcycle.
Oliver sat in front to drive, and commanded Rosemary to put her arms around his waist, and please, please hold on tight.
He took off full speed. The wind blew through Rosemary’s hair and she laughed with joy.
Partway down the street, Oliver said, “Hey Rose, my helmet’s bothering me, could you take it off and put it on yourself?”
Rosemary did, and once it was fastened on her head, she said, “Slow down, I’m scared.”
“Give me a hug first.” She did.
“Now tell me you love me,” he said.
“I love you, please slow down now,” she said.
“I’m sorry,” he whispered.
The next day, the newspaper headline said “Motorcycle Crashes Because of Brake Failure, One Dead.”
Rosemary understood with sudden, sharp clarity why Oliver did what he did. He knew only one of them could survive, so he’d chosen her. He’d given his life for her. She’d rather be dead. But she would honor his sacrifice.
Her heart was shattered. She had loved him so much, and she had no way to prove it. To make things worse, the faulty motorcycle was all her fault.
The tears would never stop, and an identical crack to the rift in her heart was formed. They called it the Grand Canyon.

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ash ✈ (starlessnights) | 596 comments ~ Emily ~ wrote: "I was bored, so I wrote a short story:

Have you ever wondered how the cracks in the pavement got there? Each time a heart breaks, so does a piece of our world; this creates fissures, valleys and a..."

OH Goodness this is a cry worthy story

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Eragon10316 | 220 comments Yeah no kidding

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♥ Emily ♥   (emily_turtle) | 44 comments Thx!! That was my goal since it was supposed to be about heartbreak

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Lilia | 16 comments Okay, I want to write a book, and I have two ideas, one is literally about a girl who likes books (I thought it would be fun to write about something that a lot of people can relate to including me) and two is a girl living in the past and time travels to the future which is our year 2016. The thing is that 1) It would kind of be hard to write the historical part especially with the history and the slang of the people depending on the time period, and I don't know if I really want to do a lot of research just yet also really important, 2) I really don't want to stereotype people and as someone who is an inexperienced writer I probably will (I've only ever written for school assignments), and I also want my other book to try to be as historically accurate as possible

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♥ Emily ♥   (emily_turtle) | 44 comments Lilia, you could do some minor research and have your character be isolated in her own little thought bubble. It would make her socially awkward in her time, just imagine how socially awkward she would be in ours :D

I love both of your ideas and I bet they'll be great

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Eragon10316 | 220 comments Yeah
I really like the Girl who likes books Idea if that helps

Do you guys like mine at all?
The pitbull lover forever one...

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♥ Emily ♥   (emily_turtle) | 44 comments Yeah, I loved your pit bull poem, you did a great job of showing how much you miss him

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Lilia | 16 comments @Eragon10316 @Emily Thank you! I think making her socially awkward wouldn't be too hard as I'm a socially awkward person

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♥ Emily ♥   (emily_turtle) | 44 comments This is very random, I just started this story, and I have no idea where it is going yet.

Kind hearts are the gardens,
Kind thoughts are the roots,
Kind words are the blossoms,
Kind deeds are the fruits;
Love is the sweet sunshine
That warms into life,
For only in darkness
Grow hatred and strife.

Mother’s poetic warning played back in my head. Over and over, so I’d never forget. Each time I imagined Mother’s mouth speaking the words, voice saying them clearly, her eyes saying goodbye and that she was sorry, my will to live dissolved. But Lalia’s words kept me going.
Whenever you think you can’t keep going,
Because you aren’t worth it, or you aren’t loved,
Remember whose daughter you are,
And straighten your crown.

But remembering Lalia choked me up too. My sister had been the one to teach me everything I knew.
There is beauty in the dark, sister, but there is also dark in the beauty.
She had taught me to see everything, to never forget the good, and never ever the bad.
You can never destroy a monster without becoming one, but sometimes you have to make the hard choice. Don’t ever forget that.
Lalia had never deserved to die the way she died. Now, if I had any reason to live, it was for her. I loved my sister most, and I think she loved me just as much. Her last words proved it to me.
If they kill you, I will get my revenge, no matter how cold my corpse is.
A single tear slipped out of my eye, and it broke the dam I’d worked to build against my emotions. Each of them came tumbling out, and I struggled to put them away, I needed to go. Just go. The where didn’t matter yet.
You can’t run from your fears.
Oh, but Lalia, I can try. I will run until my feet can’t. I’m not strong. Lalia was. Why couldn’t it have been her who lived?
“Sis, do you know what the only thing stronger than fear is?”
“What is it Wawia?”
“Little one, it’s hope.”

I slouched against a nearby tree. I put my head in my hands. And I let the tears flow, and I let my screams go. Someone had to live to remember Lalia and Mother, and all my siblings who were lost before that, so I silenced myself and forced my feet to drag along.
Little one, You are NOT what happens to you.
You are what YOU choose to become.

After several more days of walking, I decided to turn back. The kingdom was mine, and Mother and Lalia should be buried with the rest of my family. No murderer is that kind.
Someday, little sister, they will give me the crown. And I’ll make them regret it.
I smiled wryly. Maybe I would listen to my sister's words for a while.

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Eragon10316 | 220 comments That is really good you should continue with this

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Eragon10316 | 220 comments ~ Emily ~ wrote: "Yeah, I loved your pit bull poem, you did a great job of showing how much you miss him"

Thanks I am a freshman in high school and that is not even my best work, I found out I can summarize a book like a author I hope to one day right a book that will change how some people treat animals.

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Eragon10316 | 220 comments Lilia wrote: "@Eragon10316 @Emily Thank you! I think making her socially awkward wouldn't be too hard as I'm a socially awkward person"


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ash ✈ (starlessnights) | 596 comments Great story!

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Eragon10316 | 220 comments who's?

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Hey!! Awesome stories poems etc Eragon, Emily and Cool story ideas Lillia!!!

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Eragon10316 | 220 comments Thanks Isabella.

Do you have a story Isabella?

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ash ✈ (starlessnights) | 596 comments Hi Eragon!

message 29: by Eragon10316 (new)

Eragon10316 | 220 comments Hi Ashrey!!
How are you?

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KeepCalmAndRead | 16 comments Wonderful!!!@emily

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ash ✈ (starlessnights) | 596 comments Eragon10316 wrote: "Hi Ashrey!!
How are you?"

Great! Sorta, i'm doing school work so you no it sorta sucks...

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Hey EVERYONE how's your writing going?

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Eragon10316 | 220 comments Ashrey wrote: "Eragon10316 wrote: "Hi Ashrey!!
How are you?"

Great! Sorta, i'm doing school work so you no it sorta sucks..."

I get you mean I am freshman in high school have Sophomore boyfriend, and while I try to do my homework I have to work with a 2 year old and a 5 year old brothers and then a 9 year old sister who has a attitude problem and doesn't listen for the life of her and it drives me nuts when I do nice helpful things for her and she doesn't do crap for me without being told that she has to. Then when I try to correct her on something she cries because she has to redo it when I have scrubbed my whole house spotless without being asked to.

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Eragon10316 | 220 comments PinkLoki(Shine) RULER OF: CrimsonPeak, Asgard, Jotunheim, Midgard, AvengersTower wrote: "Hey EVERYONE how's your writing going?"

Good have you read the 3 that we put up yet?

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Yes, I always come here to see new writings.

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Eragon10316 | 220 comments That is a good Idea

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