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Student gather here for classes.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 62 comments ((i'm going to go ahead and start!))

Adrian was quietly trying to snooze, having been up all night hunting a particularly nasty Grimm in secret, only the sound of his brother's rustling wings was keeping him awake.

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Fenella walked into the hall with a few minutes to spare before class started. There weren't many seats still open, so she sat a seat away from someone who was sleeping near the back of the room. She had really wanted to sit in the front in order to make a good first impression, but she supposed that this would have to do.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 62 comments Adrian awoke with a loud snort when Falco smacked the back of his head. he immediately went into fight mode and before he knew it had taken a fighting stance. he sleepily blinked as several people turned and gawked at him, before realizing who it was and quickly turned away. the rep of Adrian Magus was widely known, as was his love for explosions.

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Fenella shot Adrian a dirty look. Sleeping in class and causing a scene? This was supposed to be a prestigious academy, not some sort of place for people to fool around in. She tossed her long white hair over her shoulder with the flick of her hand and crossed her legs, trying to ignore the people around her and appear composed.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 62 comments "what's with the dirty look? he smacked me! speaking of which." Adrian whirled and smacked his twin brother upside the head. the two probably would have started fighting if the giant hadn't stood up. Adrian and Falco looked up and up, hurting their necks in the process. "i think you two should calm down and sit down." the massive Faunus said with a clear deep voice.

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Fenella sighed. "Honestly, why do they even let people like you attend this academy?" She muttered. She had been in such a good mood earlier, but now she had to deal with some sort of class act sitting next to hear. She was grateful when the other Faunus tried to get them to quiet down.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 62 comments anyone else with a lick of sense, or sanity for that matter, would have calmly sat down. but Adrian had neither sense nor sanity and said, "my friend you should really cut back on the grub there, you might lose a few pounds!" and lightly tapped the giant Faunus's belly. the whole room fell silent as Leogris stared dumbstruck.

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Fenella watched, barely containing her rage. The nerve of him! How dare he disturb her from her learning. Even though he wasn't insulting her, Fenella couldn't help herself. "Just who do you think you are?" She asked the Faunus, her voice as icy as her stare.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 62 comments ((Adrian is, for all intents and purposes, human. although he does have a Faunus father, he shows none of it in appearance or behavior))

"i am Adrian Magus, the Grimm Slayer extraordinaire!" he gave her a mock bow as he finished. "also happened to be one of the few people crazy enough to taunt Leogris here." he smacked the giant Faunus's stomach, although only Adrian end up hurt in the process.

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((Sorry! I'll change that part of my post.))

Fenella sighed, unamused by his antics. "Well then, Adrian Magus, would you please sit down and quit making a fool of yourself? You're causing a scene." She tried her best to remain collected, although she wanted nothing more than to smack some sense into him with her parasol which she had leaning under her desk.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 62 comments "whose the bigger fool? me for acting as such or you for confronting me about it?" he obviously had several people confused as they tried to figure it out. "look i was taking a nap after a....." he stopped, moments from revealing the secret. he'd been told he couldn't hunt Grimms, he hadn't recovered from his last fight enough they said, but he had too much energy to sit around and do nothing. his little hunts kept him from going crazier but he didn't want to tell that to some pompous twit like this one. "a really rough night." he finished, although he now had the smarter students attention, obviously picking up on his pause.

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"Clearly you are still the fool, but I'll let you entertain the idea that I'm the fool if that helps you sleep at night," Fenella said, turning her attention away from him, deeming him not worthy of her time. She had better things to worry about than some simpleton who hadn't gotten enough sleep.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 62 comments "why the pompous attitude? afraid to let that stick out of your-" he was silenced by his brother's hand over his mouth. although everyone there had probably figured out what he meant as several students were quietly making there way out of the hall.

Leogris was finally getting over his shock, only yo be shocked once more by Adrian's words. Adrian never did anything without reason, even his silly antics had a specific purpose. what he couldn't figure out was why he was hell-bent on picking a fight with the faunus. at the moment he understood and stepped forward just as Adrian broke his brothers hold. "if you want a fight sight someone whose more than happy to beat you to a pulp." Leogris said in his deep voice.

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Fenella's eyes narrowed as the words left the boy's mouth. She grabbed her parasol and gripped in tightly, restraining herself from aiming it at his neck. "I never said that I wasn't happy to beat him to a pulp," She said to Leogris, her voice sounding sickly sweet, "In fact, I'd even be willing to let you hit him a few times, too." Her voice was far too casual for the current situation, and her words were chilling, as though she had experience with beating people.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 62 comments "Leogris i was hoping you'd say that." Adrian said with a vulpine grin. Leogris realized he'd just played right into Adrian's plan but knew he couldn't back down. "unfortunately for you, i'm going to knock you out with one punch." as Adrian spoke his spiky hair became even spikier as it slowly stood up, his pupils grew to their maximum size, and finally blood flooded the whites as he activated his semblance.
Leogris had just enough to to register the change before a blur came right at him. he felt a brief moment of pain before he blacked out.

Falco watch as he twin brother casually knocked Leogris, one of the toughest students around, out with one punch. oh this isn't going to end well.

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Fenella gasped, unable to comprehend what had just happened. "What on earth were you thinking? You're some sort of freak!" She said, rushing over to the injured student. She stood protectively over him, ready to pulverize Adrian, not willing to back down, even though he had just knocked another student out.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 62 comments "it's called making a point." Adrian had calmed down and his hair and pupils were back to normal but the whites of his eyes were still blood filled, giving him a eerie appearance.
"you mean that you're perfectly healthy enough to go back to Grimm hunting? despite the fact you've been doing so anyway?" Falco said, quietly reading a book. Adrian gawked as his twin brother, trying to figure out when he'd figure it out.

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Adrian seemed to have calmed down, and Fenella was much less concerned with his issues than she was with the student who was unconscious on the floor. He already had a lot of scars, so maybe he was used to things like this, but Fenella worried about him anyways.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 62 comments "don't worry Leogris is fine, he's had a lot worse." Falco told her. "also, to make up for my brothers rudeness, i'll introduce myself. i am Falco Magus, the calmer and far more sane twin brother." Adrian agreed and nodded along, not caring it looked a lot crazier with his hair going everywhere.

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"My name is Fenella Albain. I would say that its a pleasure to meet you, but I'm not sure that applies in this situation," Fenella said coldly. Falco seemed okay, but at this point she disliked anything associated with Adrian.

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"Adrian isn't always this confrontational. about a month ago a student accused him of well let's say it wasn't pretty and Adrian attacked him. the guy's team didn't like that and Adrian tussled with, nearly destroyed the room they were in to. Adrian nearly killed the guys with his semblance but the time it took to beat them did some damage to his body, doc said he couldn't hunt Grimms in his condition. his energy just builds up until he just about explodes, and hunting Grimms is one of the acceptable outlets, and having that taken away nearly drove him crazy." Falco told her as Adrian promptly fell asleep.

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"That doesn't make this excusable," Fenella said, "He's dangerous if he can't learn to control his semblance. Is your's anything like his?" She asked, wondering if Falco was able to control his semblance. Her semblance was the opposite of her twin sister's, so she was curious to see if other twins had similar semblances.

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"mine isn't nearly as dangerous. i inherited our father's semblance, whereas he inherited something else. his mother had no semblance at all, so we figure it comes with the blood. turns out we were right. apparently his ancestor was named Andrax the Bloody, a human with who went berserk when he fought." Falco looked at her as he said, "but just like Andrax, Adrian has full control over his ability, if only for a certain amount of time. if anything he has more control than those twice his age. you saw how he turned it on then off."

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"Then its his emotions that he needs to control," Fenella said icily, "It's not safe for a person with that much power to act like a child." Her eyes scanned his sleeping face, seeing if there was any sign of him waking, but he was out cold, similar to the Faunus who was still unconscious on the floor. What am I supposed to do about this? She wondered. She wasn't strong enough to take him to the infirmary like this, so she hoped that he woke up soon.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 62 comments "well you could wake Adrian up. you're the one thing he won't hit." Falco paused before saying, "he'll never hit a girl, never has and i doubt he ever will. got him a lot of grieve when we were younger because of it but it also got him a lot of friends. anyway he has something that will wake Leogris."

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"What is it?" Fenella asked, curious about whatever he had. She wanted to make sure that it was actually worth waking Adrian up for. He was a lot less irritating when he was sleeping.

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shinra | 21 comments Harlequin stumbled into the lecture hall, her limbs falling. The bespeckled girl tried to regain her balance, but ungracefully fell to the floor, having tripped on her own feet. Before she could hit the floor, she did a tuck and roll. She ended up kneeling, red glasses crooked and bubblegum pink hair disheveled.

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Fenella's attention shifted to the girl who had just walked, make that fallen, into the classroom. Not only was she late, she looked quite ridiculous after falling. Fenella sighed, wondering where on earth the teacher was. Things were turning into a circus around here. There were no more seats available in the class except for a few near Fenella, Adrian, Leogris, and Falco. All of the students that had been sitting there earlier left after Adrian started picking fights. The girl seemed to be searching for a seat, so Fenella cleared her throat in order to call attention to the ones near her. She figured that falling was enough embarrassment for the girl for one day and didn't want not being able to find a seat to embarrass her further.

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shinra | 21 comments Harlequin stood up from the ground, her cheeks dusted with pink due to embarassment. She would expect she wouldn't feel like this after falling unexpectedly so many times. One of hand found its way to her skirt, brushing off the pleated material. The other straightened her glasses and smoothed down her messy hair. After making herself look somewhat decent, her golden eyes searched for a seat. When she heard someone clear their throat, she whipped her head around and smiled gratefully in the direction of the noise, having spotted an available seat. As the petite girl made her way up the stairs, she watched her feet, making sure she didn't crash and burn like earlier. She finally made her way into the aisle, squeezing past some people and sat timidly into a seat, twisting the black metal band around her finger absentmindedly.

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"That was quite an entrance," Fenella said, her voice somewhere between amused and disapproving, as though she were scolding a younger child. The girl was absentminded, and her eyes seemed somewhat enlarged by the glasses that she wore. They were a darker shade of gold than her own eyes, but having one thing in common with her made her feel a little bit of trust. "My name is Fenella Albain. An you might be?"

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shinra | 21 comments Harlequin perked up at the sound of the girls. She twisted the black band again, mentally cursing herself for making such a big scene earlier. She then looked at the girl beside her. She noticed her white hair and the colour similarity of their eyes, a sheepish smile finding its way on her lips, feeling slightly shy around a new person. "Don't worry. You'll get used to it, I suppose," Harlequin explained, sneakily bring herself down in just two sentences. As the girl, who had now offered her name spoke, Harlequin stretched out her small hand in greeting, "Um... Harlequin Tremaine," she announced in her quiet yet steady voice. "Or Harley for short," she added quickly.

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"It's a pleasure to meet you, Harley," Fenella said, while the name was a bit outlandish, it still had a nice flow to it, similar to hers. She shook Harlequin's hand, taking note of the band that she kept toying with. "Surprisingly, you haven't caused the largest scene of the day. You just missed Adrian knock Leogris out cold," She said, motioning to the student who was sleeping and the other who was still lying on the floor.

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shinra | 21 comments "Same to you, Fenella," Harlequin said, testing how the name sounded coming from her. Her eyes widened in surprise upon hearing what Fenella had said, her gaze landing on the aforementioned boys. She clapped her hands together suddenly, her facial expression showing that she was thinking, "I think an appropriate word to describe what happened earlier is tomfoolery." she suggested, suddenly sounding like a dictionary out of nowhere.

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Fenella was surprised by her reaction. For a second, she didn't say anything, but she couldn't hold back laughter. "That's exactly the word that I would use," She said, smiling. Harlequin was odd and endearing at the same time. She felt like Harlequin was more than qualified to be the second friend that she had made since arriving the Vale.

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shinra | 21 comments Harlequin joined in on her laughter, a smile on her lips. She held up a finger as an idea came to her mind. She took out a notebook, holding it up so Fenella couldn't see it. "Maybe I have a sixth sense or something," she said in mock wonder. She began jotting this down, her tongue sticking out slightly, feigning concentration. "Another talent to add to the list," she announced. She huffed, "And here I thought my only talent was tripping on air." she said jokingly.

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((I'm getting off for the night. Bye!))

Fenella laughed. "Was tripping on air the talent that got you into Beacon?" She asked. She had been completely distracted from what had happened before with Adrian, and her personality had completely shifted from being cold to bubbly.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 62 comments Adrian, now awake, sighed at Falco's look and took out a vial of strange yellow liquid. "everyone hold your nose." he said as he unplugged it under Leogris's nose. the smell hit the giant Faunus like a ton of bricks, jerking up right while gagging at the horrific smell. several students who also hadn't heeded his advice were also gagging on the smell.
"what is that?" Legoris asked, still looking a bit green.
"let's hope you never find out. i'll simply say it's extract from someplace truly revolting and leave it at that." Adrian said with amusement.

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shinra | 21 comments Harlequin shrugged, still in a joking mood. "You never know," she began, holding up her ringer as she explained, her pink hair bouncing slightly, "If you pinpoint where you fall enough, you can crash and burn right into the enemy." Her slender fingers then pushed up her bright red glasses, about to give a serious answer. "But in all seriousness-" Harlequin was cut off by a horrific stench hitting her unprepared nostrils, surprising her enough that she fell back in her chair.

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Fenella covered her nose quickly, only catching some of the horrid smell. Harlequin, on the other hand, was not as quick as she was in protecting her nose. Sh only dared to uncover it a few seconds after Adrian put the cap back on the liquid. "My word, you never cease causing scenes, do you?" She said, somewhat frustrated. Her eyes fell to the Faunus named Leogris. "I'm glad to see that your awake, although that wasn't exactly a pleasant way of awaking you," She said.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 62 comments "guaranteed to wake even the dead, scares Grimms to if you shove it up their nostrils....if they have any." Adrian said as he put the vial away.
Leogris slowly stood up until he once again towered over everyone. "man i almost forgot how tall you were. hey mind telling me what they weather is like up there?" Leogris ignored Adrian's joking question as he sat down near Harlequin.
"so let's get introductions out of the way. i'm Adrian Magus, yes i blew up that building but the White Fang had it coming, and no i did not kill anyone in the explosion. this is my twin brother Falco, Falco say hi." Falco, rolling his eyes at his brother's dramatic and somewhat comical manner, sat up, causing his massive brown wings to rustle as he did. he gave Harlequin a bow and grinned before sitting back down. "this is Leogris Panthera, a rare Liger Faunus and one of the toughest guys around. and you already know Her Snobness, Fenella."

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"Oh, please," Fenella said, her voice somewhat of a snarl, "Like you're one to talk, Mr. High-and-Mighty." She wasn't the only one around here who thought she was better than others. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Harley," She said, returning to her composed self. "I'm glad that someone around here knows how to be civil." She shot Adrian a glare so sharp that it could cut through stone before smiling at Harlequin.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 62 comments "i can be civil, i'm just not civil with hags." Adrian said cheerfully. Falco, knowing he had gotten the fight out of his system, was wondering why he was still messing with her. Leogris was wondering why these two seem to rub each other the wrong way.

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shinra | 21 comments Harlequin's pale fingers slowly massaged her temple, a pink blush finding its way to her cheeks. That had shocked her so much, she fell over. The petite girl fought the urge to snap at the boy, but she feigned a calm mood, "A pleasure," she forced out, a small dainty smile on her lips. "I am Harlequin Tremaine." Harlequin's attention shifted from Adrian to Fenella. Upon hearing her words, she gave her a warm smile. "Same to you," she said, nodding her head, her pink hair bouncing slightly, "I feel that we will get along just fine."

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Fenella was surprised when Harlequin fell over, but when she resumed introductions, she figured that she must be alright. The poor thing, Fenella thought, She must have gotten too stressed. She smiled and nodded whenever Harlequin spoke. "Well, the teacher should be arriving soon. I'm not sure why it took them so long in the first place," Fenella said. No sooner than the words had left her mouth, a stout man with white hair and a plump mustache walked into the room. He made his way to the front of the class and began teaching as though nothing was wrong. Fenella sighed, slightly irritated by his tardiness, but not willing to question authority.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 62 comments Adrian, who often questioned everything, shouted out, "you forget where you teach or did all that waddling to get over here tire you out?" Falco smacked his forehead as he groaned and Leogris wondered why the young man had to annoy everyone he met.

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Fenella gasped, her hand moving to her mouth in shock. "Excuse me, young man?" The teacher said, making his way up to where they were sitting. "Pardon my friend here," Fenella said, standing up before the teacher reached them. "He's had a rough night. I wouldn't want him to disrupt your class any longer, so I'll take him back to his dorm and make sure that he's in the proper mindset to learn for your next lecture." Fenella's speech was convincing enough to confuse the teacher for a moment, in which she grabbed Adrian by the wrist and led him out of the lecture hall, motioning for the others to follow if they desired. She normally wouldn't do something this bold during a class, but Adrian did have a point to be upset with the teacher and his lecture was going nowhere, anyways. She didn't come here to get bored to death by an old man, she wanted to fight.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 62 comments Adrian had an idea and, as he passed the man, slipped the nasty vial into his pocket and left grinning as Leogris and Falco both followed him. once they were out Adrian quickly shut the door, just as the students began complaining and pointing at the now very angry teacher, and smelly, teacher. Adrian cackled as he looked at Fenella, "thanks for that one Fenny, been wanting to do that to that fat lard bucket for a while now. never had the chance though until today!"

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No sooner than the words left Adrian's mouth, Fenella drew her hand back and slapped him across the face. "What on Earth do you think you're doing?" She said, her voice only a few notches away from a yell. A red mark was beginning to dorm on Adrian's face in the shape of Fenella's slender fingers. Her tail was bristled, and her fists were clenched. His rudeness was getting on her nerves and she was prepared to beat him into a pulp to get him to come to his senses. "And that's Miss Albain to the likes of you," She said, only more enraged by him calling her Fenny.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 62 comments "i am being myself." he said enigmatically , causing both Leogris and Falco to look at him in confusion. "and i'll call you whatever i want, Fenny!" he said with a smirk. although she had hit him pretty hard, he'd been hit a lot harder by much stronger people and he barely felt the sting of her slap. "oh and watch who you slap next time, the other guy won't have the same morals i do." Adrian said as he turned and walked away, leaving Falco and Leogris with Fenella.

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