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message 1: by Brantford (new)

Brantford Public Library | 453 comments Mod
The cat is an interesting character in this book. Ove often refers to him as "the broken cat".

What role do you think the cat played in the story? How important was he?
What was the significance of the cat being "broken"?

message 2: by Karen (new)

Karen (karen1278) | 428 comments Ove and the cat are both broken in some way. The cat is unkempt, needing love and a home. Ove is fastidious , needing love. Cats push themselves on you, as this one does. They are very stubborn creatures, just as Ove is. They are both set in their ways --they mirror each in some ways but not all.
I was so happy Ove took the cat in, although reluctantly just as he accepts love, friendship and support from his neighbours--all reluctantly.
They both become a little bit more whole in their existence because of each other's company.
This part of the storyline made me smile, made me happy I read this book.

message 3: by Colleen (new)

Colleen | 101 comments I loved the cat in this novel! I'm undecided if the cat is truly meant to be an extension of Ove, or perhaps a feline equivalent of Sonja, or simply a fantastic and comedic supporting character. Regardless, I love everything that has to do with the cat. And I greatly dislike cats, so that's saying something!

message 4: by Anna (new)

Anna (iudita) | 450 comments I agree that the broken cat mirrored the broken man in many ways. I also think he did right by the cat out of love and respect for Sonja. Didn't she have a cat that she loved? (Am I remembering that correctly?) I also loved that Ove called him the "broken cat", There are so many ways the author could have described that cat but broken was such an Ove-ish thing to say.

message 5: by Karen (new)

Karen (karen1278) | 428 comments Sonja did have a cat and again we have Ove accepting it into his life in memory of Sonja, he did everything because of and for her. What an intense love he had for her. I would never describe this as a romance novel but there is that intensity in it. Sonja was lovely, Ove is flawed; together they were "perfect".

Ove can be an ass, rude, many things. But, oh the love he had for Sonja breaks my heart. That they didn't have longer breaks my heart.
There are parts of this novel I don't think I'll ever forgive or forget--sonja's death, the death of their child. But, so many perfect moments captured. I will say it again, this book for me was a Masterpiece.

message 6: by Karen (last edited Mar 07, 2016 05:07PM) (new)

Karen (karen1278) | 428 comments And yes , I agree with Colleen, the cat serves as comedic relief . We do have some very serious issues in this novel; the death of a main character, a vehicular accident, the death of a child, extreme grief, anger, meanness, suicidal thoughts. But, The Cat makes you laugh!
QUESTION--- I wonder if Ove ever thinks he, himself, is broken.

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