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Top 5 most read authors -the sequel !

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J Oliveira | 38 comments So around a year ago someone asked about the top 5 most read authors , Tom's list had P K Dick , William Shakespeare ,and S. King on it and Veronica had 5 female authors if I remember correctly , I'm curious to see if that changed and the fellow members most read authors . My most read are Paulo Coelho and S. King , Coelho is a Brazilian writer that wrote one of my all time favorite books , the Alchemist , it is the reason that I started to read books , before him I used to read only the sports section of the paper , yeah I was that kind of guy , so who are your most read authors guys ??

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Louie (rmutt1914) | 878 comments Yeah, I started that thread. And I actually made an updated post last month.

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We don't need two threads on this..

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