Before They Are Hanged (The First Law, #2) Before They Are Hanged question

Ending of before they are hanged thoughts
Rashad Rashad Apr 30, 2014 01:00AM
So finishing the book, it seems that the whole trip with bayaz and company was all for nothing. They were tricked. For me it kinda ruined the book. I loved gloktas and west stories with the dogman and his crew but it bothers me that they hyped up that whole trip with bayaz and it didnt advance the story. Maybe i missed something but im just wondering what everyone elses reaction to it was.

I thought it was a brilliant ending. It completely turned the "sacred quest for the maguffin of ultimate power" and turned it on its head. It also showed that even Bayaz was quite fallible and capable of making serious mistakes. Abercrombie slaughtered one sacred cow after another in this series, and breathed a lot of life into a genre I thought was getting very tired looking.

Gene I agree with you he took old tied plot's and just turned them up side down and kept you guessing ...more
Mar 19, 2015 07:05AM

The book is all about taking the best from failure.
Bayaz quest is a washout, The army gets whopped in Angland and Glokta fails to hold back the Gurkish.
Yet everyone pretty much grows as characters and in the case of Glokta and West get promoted for pretty much failing in the one task they were set.
Its all a massive subversion of fantasy tropes.....unless your count "the princess is in another castle"

It didn't bother me, honestly. The book was mostly about character development and we get plenty of that. The ending actually helps in that regard.

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