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message 1: by Rob (new)

Rob F F. | 16 comments Hey Everyone,

I'm new to Inkshares and this group. Looking forward to joining the discussion.

I launched my campaign mid-February. Until now, I have only sold 14 pre-orders. I'm a terrible promoter.

I'm amazed by the success I have seen from some of you, so I am asking for some feedback on both my page and the material presented:

What should I add/remove? What kind of feel is presented?

Are the chapters/excerpts engaging? Too much? Too little?

I have been deliberate in trying to make my reader updates interesting by providing supplemental material that fits in with the overall narrative.

Thanks for any feedback you provide!


message 2: by Jamie (new)

Jamie Eddy | 9 comments Similar to the above post, is there anyway to communicate to the people that are following you as a person on Inkshares and not the book. As the update reader section will only update the book followers? Not sure if I'm being a blind newbie?

message 3: by Kirsty (new)

Kirsty Jennings (kirstyj78) | 33 comments Hi Jamie,

I posted my book Soulblade on the 11th February and only have 11 pre-orders, so I am completely in the same boat as you.

My book's here if you wanted to check it out:

I have posted through FB, Twitter and G+ and also managed to find someone who would interview me (the interview will be posted on 11th March) through a fantasy genre discussion through Goodreads. I must admit, that while doing all of this, they visit the site but don't actually buy the book.

I have a total of 81 followers to me and 48 for my book but not all will buy it no matter how many updates or reminders you will give them.

They isn't much more you can do unless you pitch to the media, drop by your local bookstores, create a video, do interviews and write on blogs too.

Best of luck to you!

message 4: by Thomas (new)

Thomas Arnold Kirsty wrote: "They isn't much more you can do unless you pitch to the media, drop by your local bookstores, create a video, do interviews and write on blogs too.."

Those are all good ideas. As far as how to get someone to convert from following to ordering all I can say is I dunno. When my campaign ended my book had something like 290 followers but only around 85-90 of them had ordered 1 or more copies.

What I would say is don't take it personally or as a statement about the quality of your book. I know that I have found so many projects that I want to back, but ultimately I have very finite credits and money which means I can't back most of the projects I want to. I imagine most of the people following various funding books are in the same boat.

My advice is to continually try to bring in new readers from outside of those already on Inkshares, have the patience of a saint, and do what you can to engage with your followers as a person not just a bookseller. You of course want to drop those reminders that you still need more orders and the time left for you to get them, but try to do so in a personable way and perhaps have more conversation points than that.

Also, no matter how much you may want to scream at people for not ordering your book (I know I certainly wanted to at times), don't. None of us are entitled to someone's order, and when someone does order you should recognize that they are really going out on a limb for you and treat it as the generous gift it is. If you're not already doing so, then use the dashboard to send a personalized thank you message to every single person who orders, and if they order again thank them again while acknowledging that you remember their previous order. That willingness to engage directly with a supporter will show them that you truly value what they have done, and it makes them more likely to further support you through recommendations and such which may in turn bring more readers to you.

message 5: by Michael (new)

Michael Haase (rodentwriter) | 10 comments Rob wrote: "Hey Everyone,

I'm new to Inkshares and this group. Looking forward to joining the discussion.

I launched my campaign mid-February. Until now, I have only sold 14 pre-orders. I'm a terrible promot..."


In my following response, I am in no way trying to convey the best way to run a campaign, so don't hear me that way. What I heard in your question was a call for an honest critique of how you have presented your page.

Although I am an author on inkshares, I scour the site as a reader. It is in the spirit of being a potential reader of your novel that I am answering your question.

First of all, your novel's premise in quick form sounds intriguing. The novel upon quick analysis sounds fascinating. I've been following the novel myself, but I have not yet bought a copy. I might. But in honesty (and don't shoot me; I'm honestly trying to help, which is the nature of all of this), your page itself tends to push me away.

The novel's title sounds intriguing, and the tag line is enough to get me to click to learn more, but then...we know next to nothing about you, the author. You start out by saying you're starving and then tell us you are a fan of the band Rush. These are fine details, but there is little more you let anyone visiting the page know about you.

Don't confine who you are as an author. People buy books because they trust the author. Your page does not tell us anything about you, and it should! I like your title, I like your premise, I clicked...and then I get nothing about the author.

Giving you the benefit of the doubt, I watched what should be an extremely important part of your page: the video.

If you ignore the rest of my advice, as you are more than free to do, do not ignore this: change your video. It is titled "Pixilated Obsidian Roses Trailer" and it tells no one anything about your book. It has maybe three lines from your book, but the video as it stands right now only demonstrates some imagery paired with some droning music...neither of which will, in the end, have anything to do with your book at all. I don't say this to be mean; I want you to succeed! I've looked beyond the video, and you have some great concepts going on! Keep the book and the author at the forefront!

As a reader, I want to know more about the author, the concept, and the style of prose. Your concept is fantastic, your prose is eloquent and interesting...but the random, not-well-thought-out blip you put up about yourself paired the strange video leave the greatest impressions upon all of your visitors, in my opinion.

Put up a confident blurb about who you are as an author!

Put up a video that tells us how you, your book, or anything at all makes you feel that your book is worth purchasing.

Introduce yourself to your potential readers.

I hope I didn't come off as harsh; I simply want to impart the same honest advice I hope I receive when I ask for help.

Your book sounds amazing, and I wish it the best. In fact, I am going to order a copy right now.

But every book is written by someone, and your audience wants to know who that is. It is the plight of being an author. Our craft is performed mostly alone, but only by exposure will we be read.

Good luck to you. I wish you the best. Let me know if you need any more advice or help, and I will do the same. You can email me:

All the best,


Oh, and if you want to critique my page/book, feel free. I can take it.

message 6: by Rob (new)

Rob F F. | 16 comments Hey everyone,

Thanks so much for all the feedback, especially Michael. It's blunt, but kind, criticism that makes all of us better.

I have performed an overhaul on my page. Please take a moment to check it out. It provides some more, much needed, information about the origin of the project.


message 7: by Michael (new)

Michael Haase (rodentwriter) | 10 comments Rob,

Definitely improved. I thoroughly enjoy being able to picture the concept of playing chess against yourself, and I'll remember that while reading your novel. Great improvements!


message 8: by Craig (new)

Craig Munro | 42 comments Honestly one of the most important elements I found to get pre-orders was contacting people directly. Facebook updates? They get shared a bunch of times but very few people are going to go to the link and buy a copy unless you ask them to. Working on your page is an important element but I've seen some fantastic pages gather dust...

Take a look at this blog post Inkshares did with all of the past contest winners - a lot of the advice repeats again and again.

message 9: by Bekki (last edited Mar 04, 2016 09:34PM) (new)

Bekki Leber (primaimperatrix) Making new friends here helps too: be active in the forums, comment on other people's works, help out when you have free time with the various Inkshares related events that happen sporadically. Reaching out to people you find interesting on Twitter and Facebook helped me make connections here on Inkshares, and now I have a whole crew!

If you can find a band of similar writers, you can all help each other to get pre-order through things like social media and recommendations. As a reader, I check out the people that my friends/people I follow check out. I find it is easier to discover similar genres of books that way, so you need to find a way to make connections with people who have ideas/genres similar to yours.

I'm still drafting, so I'm not selling yet, but the best way I have found to get followers was recommending other people's books. When I recommended them, the tended to check out my stuff. It might work for pre-orders too?

But, please, be genuine in your interest, and don't just start trolling and recommending hoping it will get you orders- get out there and recommend to find some great new books and people!

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