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Theme of Overcoming Adversity

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message 1: by Danielle (last edited Feb 25, 2016 10:44AM) (new)

Danielle Hill | 30 comments Mod
This is a place for you to discuss how the theme of overcoming adversity appears in the books you are reading. How do your characters experience adversity? What type of adversity (peer pressure, financial problems, abuse, oppression by government, etc)? How does your character handle the adversity and what are their thoughts? What are your personal thoughts? Don't forget to tell us what book you are reading.

message 2: by James (new)

James Troxler | 5 comments The Hobbit has a very large theme based around over coming adversity. I mean the whole story is about a Hobbit (creatures mind you that live very comfortable and easy going lives, caring nothing for adventures and discomfort) that goes on an adventure that is the exact opposite of his lifestyle. He overcomes his fears, weaknesses, and overall discomfort for adventures throughout the novel.

message 3: by Nique (new)

Nique | 2 comments "deadpool"
Deadpool is a special character everyone thinks that he's crazy because he realize that he is a comic book character. So what he decides to do is kill off the whole marvel.

message 4: by Aaron (new)

Aaron Pegg | 4 comments in my book "the help" they over come adversity seeing as how all the black maids have to deal with racism and finding opportunity in the world. The white wives that wanted everything to be different and for things to be fair for all people have to go through the white people who don't want that.

message 5: by Joy (new)

Joy McCravy | 4 comments "Wicked"
Elphaba is obviously very different from the people in her life. Not only is she green but she was never given much love so she's learned to keep to herself. She's to overcome what people think of her in order to succeed in her life.

message 6: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly Crooks | 3 comments The Fault in Our Stars
In this book, Hazel fights through cancer as her adversity and she struggles with it in the beginning of the book. Hazel really doesn't enjoy the thought of doing the group therapy and every thing else and she has this kind of hopelessness when it comes to the cancer. I feel that cancer is one of those difficult things to deal with because it is relentless and if it doesn't kill you physically it can break you emotionally and you just have to remain hopeful and find something to live for no matter how big or small it is.

message 7: by Alison (new)

Alison Clous | 3 comments The Good, the Bad, and the Grace of God
How my book fits the theme of overcoming adversity because Jep and Jessica have been through a lot and they overcome and came out stronger.

message 8: by Rileylafratta (new)

Rileylafratta | 1 comments The Probability of Miracles

This book fits this theme because Cam Cooper is a 16 year old girl who has cancer and has spent most of her life in hopsitals. Her doctors say there is nothing left to do and everyone is telling her all hope is gone, but now she decides to have faith and move to Promise, Maine. A place where miracles happen.

message 9: by Jason (new)

Jason Edgette | 1 comments The Help

This book talks about how African American maids are treated in the 1960. It show how the white home owners treat them and how everyone mistreat them. One women decide to write a book to show how the maids are really treated

message 10: by Isabel (new)

Isabel Zimmermann | 4 comments I am reading The Nightingale. The characters in my book have to deal with WWII coming to France. Germans have bombed Paris and people are frantically evacuating. Isabelle, one of the main characters is sent away to her sister's house in the countryside. She is shoved into a car full of strangers that will drive her part of the way. The street becomes too crowded to drive so they stop to spend the night. Isabelle is separated from the family she is riding with in the crowd. Now, somehow, has to get to her sister's house without food or money.

message 11: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Noe | 4 comments Nastia Liukin, in Finding My Shine, the autobiography of her life, describes the hardships she had faced when moving from Russia to the United States when she was only two years old. In school, Nastia was known as "that girl from Russia" and "Nasty" instead of "Nastia". She always found it very difficult to fit in, but came to embrace the face that she is bilingual, in both English and Russian, and celebrate aspects of both cultures simultaneously. She says this part of her life is what makes her unique. Additionally, Nastia describes a time when she hit a growth spurt, and had a longer and skinnier body than the typical short, stocky gymnast. She over came this adversity by having to work twice as hard to master a skill than others did and in the end, won the Olympic All-Around competition in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

message 12: by Will (new)

Will Henshaw | 3 comments Firestarter
This book is about a couple that takes part in a top-secret government experiment. After obtaining extraordinary psychic powers the couple has a kid and the government closes in on them. The couple has to work together to beat the system.

message 13: by Jaden (new)

Jaden Trego | 2 comments Sayoran has finally found Sakura's feather, but she said to him, "Who are you?" Sayoran's heart breaks, leading him to go oiut into the rain in complete sorrow. Sayoran's friend and device get stolen by a singing girl, who wants to fight Sayoran. Sayoran goes to her, but Fai ends up fighting her. Sayoran then hgets met with hostility from a gang leader who wants to fight him. After a long, drawn out battle, a third party jumps in and starts destroying everything. Sayoran fights him,. getting heavily burned to stop him. Event though he has faced much pain, Sayoran has faced and overcame all of his hardships, succeding in bringing Sakura from the death and protecting her, even when in great pain.

message 14: by Carly (new)

Carly Wilson | 3 comments In my book Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban, the theme of overcoming adversity is a main idea. Harry Potter has to accept that he is a wizard even though his "family", the Dursley's are muggles. Harry has to overcome the fact that he isn't like the rest of them and has to deal with keeping himself a secret from other muggles. He will eventually overcome the adversity in front of another muggle and ends up leaving the Durlsey family.

message 15: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Cummings | 4 comments In the book Cake: A Love Story, the them of overcoming adversity is shown little but very powerfully. The man in the story was kidnapped at age 13 and had to live with a serial killer for over a month. He was able to escape and kill the man but has had to live his life without letting in emotion because he is afraid. The book goes on to show how Jake rediscovers love and overcomes his troubled past.

message 16: by Luke (new)

Luke R | 3 comments The hunger games fits this theme because the main characters are constantly being faced with adversity they need to overcoming. The games themselves are the main thing the characters are challenged with. Before the games they believe their is no chance for them to win and come out alive. However as the story goes on they gain some hope.

message 17: by David (new)

David H. | 3 comments My book is Ripper, my character Carver was an orphan then got adopted by a detective to help him find his father. Carver then connects a man he believes to be his father could be the same man killing people. His mentor/ adopted father has Carver do a lot of the work for himself so that he can become a great detective one day.

message 18: by Devin (new)

Devin Tash | 3 comments In the book: Halo: Broken Circle, the covenant is formed, and those who oppose its Writ of Union face death. the leader of the resistance, Ussa Xellus, faces advirsity in the fact that if the Covenant find him and his rebels, they will kill him. He is attempting to overcome this by gathering enough followers to make a real stand against the Covenant.

message 19: by Whitney (new)

Whitney Lowery | 3 comments In the book, Deenie, by Judy Blume, it had a lot to do with overcoming adversity. Deenie was a young girl in middle school and her mother's dream was for her to be a model, but it wasn't Deenie's. After a while of getting booked and not making the cheer team, they found out Deenie had scoliosis and she had to wear a brace. It was difficult for her because no one in school or her family expected this to happen. She liked a boy and it frightened her he wouldn't like her and she had to wear the brace for years. Time passed and she got used to it. She understood what was wrong with her body and she soon accepted herself being a little different. Although she started off on a rough road of being new to this, she did well and continued to be happy.

message 20: by Imani (new)

Imani Campbell | 3 comments In the lightening thief Percy Jackson has to overcome adversity with not knowing who his father is and having "powers". All these obstacles he has to overcome with his family and school... its very confusing and he's just trying to stay alive.

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