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message 1: by Monique (new)

Monique (moniqueurbanisedgeek) Hey all!

I see there is not much activity going on this side and a chat on Twitter has resulted in a lot of us wanting to be more active this side as Twitter is flooded with a lot of negativity of late.

Can we perhaps streamline the forum a bit and bin all the topics and challenges no one is active in as it looks a hell of a cluttered right now?

Maybe a lot of the stuff can be reassigned to general chat?

I think this would encourage users to participate more as it is really very overwhelming right now. :)

Thoughts and suggestions?

message 2: by Jax (new)

Jax | 899 comments Mod

This was sort of discussed last year Feb in the suggestions thread
( Suggestions)
Perhaps we could move this there, to limit the number of topics that become inactive?

I'll post my reply there. :)

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