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Xuri Foxx | 4 comments * Title: Friends, Foes & Fam
* Author(s) name(s): Xuri Foxx
* ISBN (or ASIN): B017TV6SP8
* Publisher: Chic Lioness Publishing
* Publication date: November 10, 2015
* Format: eBook/Paperback
* Description: Murder...
Monique Harris and Stanley Calhoun had what everybody knew as the perfect love. Stanley was a kingpin who had the love and respect of many. And he not only took care of business, he took care of home as well. But Stanley’s life comes to a tragic end when he is ambushed and murdered on a Bay Area street on his way home to Monique and their daughter Nissa. Frantic calls to Stanley’s cell reveal the worst possible scenario when his killer answers his phone. Shaken and hysterical, Monique is forced to face the realization that the man she has loved since she was a teenager will never again return home.

Once Stanley is laid to rest and the dust settles, Larry and Abe, Stanley’s comrades, set out on a desperate quest to find out who murdered their boy so that they can avenge his death. But the streets aren’t talking fast or loud enough, and a lack of answers and mounting frustration threatens to turn friend against friend.

Life moves on, the years pass by, and now, Nissa Calhoun, Monique and Stanley’s daughter has grown into a teenager. She’s fiery, beautiful, plays by her own rules and likes to live life fast. However, when she suffers the loss of her best friend Cameron, Nissa becomes entangled in a situation that's way over her head, and it becomes a fight for survival. Will Monique’s past collide with her present and seal her daughter’s fate in the same way that it sealed her man’s?

And just when you thought all the questions had been answered, skeletons from Stanley’s closet come falling down around the key players of this story bringing devastating lies and long-held secrets. “Friends, Foes & Fam: A Bay Area Hood Affair,” is drama-filled and will take you on a journey page after page, introducing you to supporting cast members who all play vital roles in the unfolding of it all.
* Page count: 249
* Link:

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