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What Do You Think Of Barr?
Michael Michael Apr 29, 2014 09:25PM
I've been a Nevada Barr fan since Track Of The Cat, her first Anna Pigeon novel. I love that each book is in a different local and deals with a different facet of her job as a law enforcement ranger with the National Park Service.

My biggest complain about Ms. Pigeon is her angst. Far too many of the novels have far too much of that. It seems to be a common theme with so many mystery novelists today, but I'm glad to say that Destroyer Angel has much less of that.

What do you think of Barr and what is your favorite Anna Pigeon book? Mine is Flashback.

I put Nevada Barr in my top three (living) favorite writers. It's hard to pick a favorite, but I think I'd go with Winter Study with Flashback and Blind Descent tied for a close second. I haven't read The Rope or Destroyer Angel yet, though, so that might change. I love learning about each park. It doesn't slow the story for me, I guess, because it's something I look forward to in her books. I enjoy books with tough (sometimes unrealistically so but, hey, it's fiction!) heroines, and Anna is one of the toughest!

Michael The Rope is a very good prequel, though I'm not sure that that's the proper term for it. It precedes Track Of The Cat and I enjoyed it. Destroyer Ange ...more
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That angst that you mention is the reason I finally gave up on Barr. I too had been following her career faithfully for years.
Track of the cat is my favorite, followed by Falling Liberty.

I have read all the Pigeon novels and look forward to each new one. Blind Descent probably affected me the most. It definitely was a feast of fears: falling, the dark, claustrophobia. Flashback and Winter Study are probably next on my list of favorites. The only non-Pigeon novel of Barr's I have read is 13 1/2. Very disturbing.

I really love most of these books. I like that Anna is a bit different, not of the standard get married have kids, collect material things. She doesn't seem to care about money or looks but experiences and being herself without being a huge pleaser.

I also love that her character tend to get focused and never quits. She is really very bulldog like in a good way. No superpowers either, just smarts and common sense.

I love the National Park theme. As a outdoor and wildlife lover who is too poor to travel and rather fat and lazy:) I can vicariously visit all the parks which is great.

I read them all a long time ago so my memories of favorites is fuzzy but things I remember are the diving in Lake Superior, being down in the caves which was a new world for me, and the one with the Grizzly bear because I learned a lot about them.

I've read 4 of her books and, I enjoyed them. But because she set each one in a different national park, she had to spend pages 'setting the scene' in each one, which slowed them down too much for me to really get into them.

I love Nevada Barr! I am so glad to find this discussion. While she has written many fine novels, my favorite is Blind Descent. Firestorm and Deep South close seconds.

In my opinion, Destroyer Angel is one of her best. Great dog subplot.
Not as good as the dog sub plot in Deep South: Anna is rescued from an alligator attack by her dog Taco. What a great scene! In an earlier novel, Anna - not a dog person - adopts Taco when Taco's owner is killed by a cave in. After this great hearted dog saves her from an alligator (Deep South) and is almost mauled to death in the process, she wins Anna's heart.

Nevada Barr makes every one of her books come alive. Being an avid camper, I could so relate to everything in Destroyer Angel. Blind Descent was just scary, I also loved the one set in the Anastazi(?)ruins. The angst being discussed just makes Anna Pigeon so much more real to me. Her stand alone novels are just as good.

Michael wrote: "I've been a Nevada Barr fan since Track Of The Cat, her first Anna Pigeon novel. I love that each book is in a different local and deals with a different facet of her job as a law enforcement rang..."

I started the first book and didn't finish because I had to send it back to the library I got it from. I want to read her books

I like her books immensely. She has a couple that have haunted me since I read them. Though the names escape me at the moment. She opens up worlds that one seldom sees. I want to visit all the national parks after reading her books.

The one about caving in the southwest was amazing as well as the stories of Lake Superior and northern Minnesota. I really enjoyed the one about Ellis Island. Lots of historical information. Great Author!

Hey everyone I have a quick question. The Anna Pigeon series is something that was recommended to me but my library has one of the newer books but not the start of the series. Would you recommend reading them in order or starting on one of the newer ones to see if I actually like them and then going back? Thanks for your help!

Michael Drew, while there is references in some books to things that happened in previous books I don't think that it's all that necessary to read them in ord ...more
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