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message 1: by Toi (new)

Toi Powell (toistori) | 1 comments Hello everyone! My name is Toi Powell. I am getting ready to (self) publish my first novel. I am looking to connect with other indie authors that have free ebooks that I can give away to my mailing list. If you have any available - please email me @ Thank you!

message 2: by Vipin (new)

Vipin Goyal (vipingoyal) | 1 comments Hi friends I think a good author can not be good salesman. Selling is different kind of art. I prefer to express views on my literary blog.

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message 3: by Thurston (new)

Thurston Bassett | 6 comments Hi!
It has been a little while since I posted about my book on here, but I'm due to do it again.
Please check out my first novel The League on amazon. It is a contemporary fantasy with set in Melbourne, Australia. This story follows Athan Harper, who is a Post-Human, who has given up on chasing heroic aspirations. The League was disbanded a few years ago, but rising dangers and a mysterious evil plot may force Athan to reconsider his retirement from the hero business.

This book is the first of a trilogy and one of about six books I have written. I love writing and I have plans for many more stories that tie in with Athan's universe.
So please check it out if you can and leave me a review if possible.

message 4: by Anonymous (new)

Anonymous | 1 comments I'm writing a piece of advice here for indie (self-published) authors from the perspective of the decision-maker and coordinator of events at a high-volume bookstore. I cannot stress to you enough how many calls we receive weekly from self-published authors, so please pitch us briefly and professionally. If we tell you we don't deal with Print-on-Demand books or with your publisher, this isn't an invitation for a debate. For those who have not yet published your book, we do not suggest editing services, writing groups, publishing houses, etc. We also do not make decisions on non-book related offerings in the store.

What we do is simple: We serve authors by creating events that put the author in front of buyers... Some of whom will already be fans of yours. This is a relatively small portion of our day, though.

I'm writing because it has become frustrating to deal with regularly. One woman contacted me about 1-1/2 months ago with no ISBN, and stumbled through the description when I asked what the book is about. On the same day she asked about getting an event set up, she became combative, telling me she wasn't asking to be scheduled, she was asking about the process. (She called about two weeks later with an ISBN and wanted to set up an event, but the topic was sensitive and I explained I might need to see the book to make the decision. She refused. Her prerogative, of course, but don't be surprised/upset when the request is declined). It was.

Another would-be author continually interrupted me when setting up for an event because she's self-publishing and unhappy with the editing services her company provides. After putting 2-3 relevant books in her hand and explaining some things about thorough editing, she could take those reference materials and begin researching. Instead, she continued to waste my time and interrupt the event prep work I was clearly doing (i.e., moving tables, setting up chairs, etc.). We don't mind answering a few questions, but when it's clear you've done absolutely no research and want us to direct/support your efforts, well... no, thanks.

Another quick example: One lady's "publicist" came in wanting to sell her ow personal bags to us, and wanted information on who to contact for those decisions. She then presented me with four (4) other authors' print on demand titles... While the one author we'd invited for an event was standing nearby. She rearranged the event space set up (specifically the signing area) without informing me, and seemed to be attempting to control the event (and me) in process. The author she represented secured the event without her help, by the way. Just met her on event day, but met with author 2x before event.

Bottom line: These are three quick examples, but I have many more. I've almost come to expect foolishness from the self-published arena as a whole, and that's never good. Put a good, professional team together, if we tell you we will call you back, wait for the call. If it's been a couple weeks, a courteous follow-up is okay. Know, though, that if we want to do an event with you we are keen on following up and getting a date solidified. If you have no sales ability, take a course or get a professional to handle that for you. This is your book, you ought to be able to pitch it in 60 seconds or less in your sleep. Leave the best possible impression (we know our counterparts at other venues, and will sometimes be asked our opinion).

I apologize if this doesn't seem positive, but if we're nice and don't blow off the self-published author, we are often worn out with annoying antics labeled as persistence. Educate yourself so you can have productive conversations when opportunities arise. This is happening far too often and I felt that someone might need to get an idea of the kind of stuff we deal with repeatedly each week.

Finally, we love authors, but we work exclusively with professionals.

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