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We Need to Talk About Kevin
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WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN (discussion thread)

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message 1: by Betty (new)

Betty (bettybiblioteca) | 71 comments Mod
Here is where we put all our thoughts about We Need to Talk about Kevin, the book for February!!

If you haven't finished it, I would advise you not to go into this thread as there are spoilers abound!! If you're abandoning it or have finished it, please share any and all thoughts you have :)

message 2: by Betty (new)

Betty (bettybiblioteca) | 71 comments Mod
I'm currently only 20 pages into this book but I'm finding it quite hard to get into. I'm not sure if it's the story or what - I'm loving Shriver's writing style (I find it really engaging and beautiful almost), but I wasn't expecting it to all (??) be in letter format, and it really threw me! I'm not entirely sure if I'll finish this book - I probably won't finish it before the month is out, that's for sure. I know others have differing opinions to me so feel free to share!!

message 3: by Noah (new)

Noah (terrmehium) | 11 comments I've decided to drop it for now. I was finding myself avoiding it a lot, so I've decided to move on from it for now.

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