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message 1: by Patricia (new)

Patricia Dixon (patriciadixon) | 3 comments Hello everyone,
I'd like to introduce myself to the group and say hello to all of you.
I am an author of contemporary womens fiction/romance and live in Manchester, UK from where I write stories which are set in The Loire, France, a place I love.
I have had a holiday home there for the past twelve years and the scenery, culture and wonderful people are my inspiration for many of the tales I tell.
When I began to write, I knew immediately that I wanted to avoid writing anything that would make my mother and daughter feel uncomfortable whilst reading it, along with many other women out there who don't find it necessary or enjoyable to know what is going on behind closed doors.
I firmly believe that if the characters and story-lines are interesting and well-written, my readers are intelligent enough to fill in the gaps for themselves.
I love to write about families and the relationships within them, combined with a heart-warming romance and a trip to the beautiful countryside of France.
I am looking forward to joining in discussions whenever I can and meeting you all through this group. I am lucky enough to have formed great friendships with some of my readers who get in touch from all of the world. I love to write letters, albeit electronically but am still hopeful that one day we may return to the old fashioned form and use paper and a postage stamp. I think there is something very special about receiving a letter and seeing the handwriting of a friend or family member, it is so much more personal.
Once again,
thank you for allowing me into your group and I look forward to connecting with you all.

Here are the titles of my books -

Trois Mères: Three Mothers
La Petite Maison à Noël: The Christmas Cottage
À Bientôt See You Soon

message 2: by Abigail (new)

Abigail Bok (regency_reader) | 147 comments I love your approach, Patricia—and how could anyone resist stories set in the Loire valley? Welcome!

message 3: by Patricia (new)

Patricia Dixon (patriciadixon) | 3 comments Hi Abigail, thank you for welcoming me.

message 4: by Peggy (new)

Peggy Freeman | 11 comments I so agree. Great writers do not need sensationalism or addictive scenes. Their craft creates a story with intriguing characters who engages the reader in a world painted with wonderful words.

message 5: by Patricia (new)

Patricia Dixon (patriciadixon) | 3 comments Hi Michael and Abigail,
Thanks for your comments. The way I see things is that anyone can access reality television and talk shows where all kinds of issues are up for discussion, most of them too near the mark and lurid. We also see and unsavoury things in the news on a daily basis therefore when someone reads a book, I am sure they are hoping to leave all that behind for a while and immerse themselves in a story, maybe learn new things or just be transported to another world.
If we can make people laugh, feel and understand one another through words, or perhaps the story might make them cry too, or be uplifted and encouraged to feel positive by a character or situation, then the author has done their job well.
I don't set out to teach anyone any lessons, however my books always involve families and friends, who, within their relationships with each other, have to deal with everyday life and emotions. In telling their tale, I do hope to give different perspectives and investigate human nature, all wrapped up in a story about France.
To have a reader send you a message or write a review telling you that the story made them happy, cry, feel anger towards the bad guy or woman, relate to a character, see them through a bad time, encourage them to change their lives or travel to France, best of all, and laugh out loud (always the best medicine) that makes every single letter I type worthwhile.
Michael, I think you should concentrate on spreading whatever wisdom your years on this earth has granted you, and then your children will always hold you in high esteem and as an example. They will come into contact with many things in their lives, good, bad and ugly and the choices they make should be free, with your help they will be good ones.
Peggy, I agree with everything you said in your comment and I am so glad I joined this group to meet people like yourself.
To everyone here,
Have a lovely day,
Trish X

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