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Here you shall find my mongrels of terror and fear
( ♛ ) B R A I N S T O R M S

nola gerard myens
. professor ( history )
. mummy ; so old he forgot when his actual birthday is
. "talk when you don't have permission in my class and i'll shove sand down your throat"
. #rude
. lowkey highkey doesn't like any of these kids
. like what fresh hell did he stumble into
. lowkey highkey history nerd
. and a car fanatic
. but he's actually hella lonely???
. might be open to friends

yesri anja phrynie
. berserker
. she's too smart for you
. no really she's a genius
. check mensa
. but everyone thinks she's a dumb blonde bimbo
. she's also not that scary?
. just wants to be happy and stay happy
. buckles under stress easily
. killed her mama ; has had issues ever since
. would be totally rad if there were people that tried to get her angry
. open to collabs of any kind

dia orion wilkes
. poltergeist
. still has a seed of anger from his death
. angsty angster who angsts
. misses being alive
. cynical ; everyone is guilty until proven otherwise
. did I mention he loves scaring people?
. he does it to pass the time
. when he freaks out he replays his death
. it was pretty bad
. like really bad
. open to collabs of all kinds but they'll probably get super angsty

argentina leopold barnes
. incubus
. slutiest man slut to ever slut
. and he has no qualms with that
. totally damaged from years of abuse at the hands of his siblings
. bad touch bad touch
. sometimes sassy ; mostly high as a kite
. user and abuser ( drugs, not people because he has some morals guys )
. not too many morals but some
. perfectionist that wants his act to be perfect
. hobbies include: watching people go insane inside his illusions
. open to collabs of any kind
. will love anyone who makes one of his siblings

bottled storms
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( ♛ ) C L A I M S

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 79 comments Mod

( ♛ ) C O L L A B O R A T I O N S

( ♛ ) O P E N

( ♛ ) I N - P L A Y

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