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Me: I know your a daughter of Aphrodite and all, and I know you could be way more girly and nasty, but could you maybe focus more on fighting and stuff than on what Jason will think? You seem kinda clingy.

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me: exactly! I hated you in the first book!

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Katie (readpanda) Me: Yes! I totally thought that if there was anyone who really didn't deserve to be in the little party, it was Piper. And it's not like I hated her, she just spent way too much time thinking about Jason when there were a whole bunch of problems that were much more serious that other people in the world were facing. If I had to choose between Piper or Annabeth, it was always Annabeth, for me. Everyone bested Piper in my mind!

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Me: so true!

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Katie (readpanda) Me: Why did Rick Riordan add Piper anyway?

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Me: she is somewhat necessary and she could be a good asset if she would stop being so much like a teenage girl. Yeh she is a teenage girl but she needs to man up.

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Katie (readpanda) Me: Teenage girls manning up? I wish

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Me: you'd be surprised. I know a few teenage girls who man up when they need to. It's great

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Katie (readpanda) Me: Yeah, but like ALL of them. That would be something.

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Me: I'd love that! I had to scream t some people during my soccer yesterday for being so girly and squealing

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Katie (readpanda) Me: I am exactly the same! The only reason my team doesn't break down every time something goes wrong is because I get them to look on the bright side, it's there, you just gotta find it. And whenever there's an incoming tackle, I scream at them to past every body. Doesn't always work, but not everything can.

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Me: I just tell everyone to man up and to ignore their injuries until the end of the period

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Katie (readpanda) Me: And I'm guessing that works?

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Me: well it works for me

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Katie (readpanda) Me: hmmmm

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Calypso: why are you disrespecting piper? And where is she?

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Katie (readpanda) Me: We're not disrespecting Piper, Calypso. We just were talking about why she isn't our favorite female demigod in the Heroes of Olympus. Is that really such a bad thing?

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Me: it could be incentive to be less focused on a boyfriend and more on the survival of the planet and it's inhabitants

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