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Has anyone tried the 13 principles in this book?
Louise Louise Feb 22, 2016 02:26AM
I am currently reading Think and Grow Rich, has been quite interesting so far, would like to know if anyone has used these principles and had success?

I'll add my voice to the chorus. I have been thinking about writing a book for years. After reading TAGR, I developed a plan, assembled a board of advisors and, well, wrote a book!!

Did I follow every step in the book to the letter? No, I didn't. But, what I got from the book is simple: (1) there's a process that leads to success in any endeavor, (2) you can't do it alone and (3) it's never to late to start.

Yes, it changed my life too.

John Calia

This book got me one million dollars. This book gets me "everything" I want when I want it on my terms. The key to the book is the chapter on autosuggestions. Read it once a night until you believe it and a whole new universe of power will unfold before your eyes and all your wildest impossible dreams will come true. The book has absolutely no limits. I live in heaven on earth because of this book. It is highly underrated. This book is the only book you need to get everything you want. I am telling you the absolute truth.

I read this book and I am 23. I only started reading a year ago, and I think that's because I started to imagine myself reading a giant stack of books. I often visualize my next day as if I can do nothing but smile and laugh during the inevitable routine. Most of the time, I overthink the concepts of this book and I cant remember what my thought processes were before the book. I have organized my life and imagined a few thousand dollars into my bank account. So here I am trying to get my life going... Should I accept the information of this book?

William Lewis Don't accept the information in this book. Read the chapter on autosuggestion each night until you believe it and do the simple things it suggests. An ...more
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Yes, with varying degrees of success. The mastermind is fantastic, and my favorite takeaway.

Try these principles and see for yourself you will never go wrong

Hi Sarah - I've found that of these principles don't agree with certain personalities (and one or two make some people feel downright uncomfortable) - but for what it's worth, this book changed the direction of my life. Very much like Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, this book has been written to be practical and useful. This isn't a new author trying to make a name for themselves with claims of the impossible, this is a book that almost every successful person I have ever met has already read.

William Lewis Think and Grow rich helped me get with ease ten million dollars for a fantastic dream using the sixth sense. This book cannot be overrated it is absol ...more
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Yes, it's life-changing!
Find Wallace Wattles' 'The Science of Getting Rich' book also!

I read this book last year and it's one of my favorite books that I've read. People do try to trash on Napoleon, claiming that he's just a charlatan, but I like this book quite a lot.

As for the principles, some of them are easy to acquire, especially those who ask us to create plans. Let's be realistic here, we all dream and have majority of plans created in our minds who we like to become.

This book (as well as some other) has helped me to build confidence and stay on track what I've pictured I want to accomplish. It has helped me to quit thinking and spending time on things I can't have impact on - but rather focusing on those that I can take in my own hands.

Willingness to continue learning is one the habits that I've acquired from Napoleon's book. Although I did want to improve my knowledge before I read this book, it's help me to continue on that journey.

I have write about this book on my blog:

You should consider reading his other book as well:

This was my first "business and motovational " book that made it to be followed by 6 others in almost 2 months

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