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Can you go first?

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Could you please post the plot again?

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Thanks! Do you want to start off? Also, would you want to do somethings in PM? Get a little in depth romance?

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I'm 29. Thx.

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Karana made her way through the bar, taking orders and delivering food and drinks, but mostly drinks. Every once in a while a drink or horny guy would grab at her but she could keep them off well enough, it was an unusually busy night

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Karana had just set down a beer and started walking back to the bar when someone ran into her and she hit the ground, felling the other person land on top of her. She looked at her and saw that it was her neighbor, oh she was in trouble now. Her father could never learn about this job. She but her lip so she wouldn't say anything she would regret.

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Karana was honestly too scared to take in anything she said. "You can't tell my dad, promise me you won't tell him! He can't know I'm here!" She pleaded with her, hopefully she wouldn't tell, their families didn't talk much. Karana looked down at her own outfit, blushing slightly, she normally didn't wear stuff this short and showing.

((Do you want to do a thing where a guy comes into my girl in a horny way in the bathroom or someplace private and your girl saves the day?))

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Karana looked at her intensely back. "But...." She sighed. "Thanks for not telling him but I have to wear this, trust me, it's not my first option." She almost smiled at that, she wasn't scared anymore.

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Karana went back to her job, taking orders and delivering. She went over to the bar to get some drinks. She wasn't as tall as she'd like to she had to stand on her tip-toes to talk to the bartender before taking the drinks to the table.

((Will you be the boy?))

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Karana finished delivering this round and went over to the kitchen door, hanging up her apron then making her way into the bathroom in the back of the bar.

((U first on pm?))

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"Oh ok." She nodded, still shaking slightly. She walked with her. "I'm just going to grab my things real quick." She was back with Della in less then a minute with all her things. She stayed close to Della as they walked out, kinda scared.

((I have 2 things, first, are you ok with lesbian sex, in pm and later in the RP?))

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Karana hesitated just a moment but jumped on the back, wrapping her arms around Dells, "just please don't kill us." She joked softly. She put her bag on her bag so it wouldn't hit either of them.

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Karana buried her face in Della's coat at first, really scared but she lightened up a little bit after a while, smiling and having fun, Della's words brushin off her shoulder.

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Karana nodded. "Yea, ok." She believed her, she didn't have an reason to not believe her. She followed her carefully and closely

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"Wow," Karana said, after getting up behind Della. "It's amazing here...." She was almost speechless, it was beautiful.

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Yea sure, NP. Can you delete this the ?

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