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Roseanne | 674 comments Mod
15 ~ Tyrion III *** Discuss only this chapter and anything prior

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Not_Your_Typical_Lannister (Leslie)   | 1283 comments Mod
I have a lot to say here so I will use point forms:

-Tyrion knows his siblings are sleeping together. But do we know how he is so sure? Did he catch them or something?

-They decide to start the rumour of Shireen being Patchface's child. Can you spell JUVENILE?! What is this, grade 6 gossip spreading? This part actually made me roll my eyes at their behavior. lol It caught me off guard.

-I am curious about this chain Tyrion is having made. I know he has something up his sleeve with it.

-When Tyrion was on his way into the brothel I was pretty sure he was not about to do a whore. It is not his style any more. That secret closet entrance: sneaky, sneaky!

-I really don't mind Varys that much anymore but Littlefinger is still (to me) a weasel. I don't like him at all!

Brianna (bebecburt) | 562 comments thoughts while reading:
I love how Cersei thinks her dad hasn't seen the letter yet when almost every other lord has. Blissful ignorance methinks?
I wonder how Tyrion definitely found out about Cersei and Jamie.
It's like high school with all this gossiping going on. lol
It's good that Tyrion is growing more weary of Littlefinger. He's a sneaky guy!
"You will make chains, or you will wear them. The choice is yours."
I wonder which King's Hand the tunnel was built for originally.
I think Varys and Tyrion make an awesome pair.

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