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Roseanne | 674 comments Mod
11 ~ Theon I *** Discuss only this chapter and anything prior

message 2: by Not_Your_Typical_Lannister (Leslie), Not_Your_Typical_Lannister (last edited Feb 29, 2016 04:28AM) (new)

Not_Your_Typical_Lannister (Leslie)   | 1283 comments Mod
Well this was not exactly the family reunion it should have been!

I am really not a big Theon fan but this chapter made me feel a little bad for the guy.

Well at first when he uhm...Hmm how to word this. "Enjoyed the company of" the captain's daughter I was mad at him for treating her like a piece of meat. That made me angry.

But when his Dad was a real jerk to him and even slapped him I felt a bit bad for Theon. I am sure Theon will grown on me.

message 3: by LENA (new)

LENA TRAK | 221 comments God awful Balon Greyjoy....Poor Theon, after all these years feeling inferior, feeling a stranger, longing for some praise and waht does he get??? His sweet father's accusations... As if it were his fault.

Terry ~ Huntress of Erudition Theon is an insecure, womanizing bully. I think he was treated fairly at Winterfell, but he acts like everyone owes him something. His Dad is a jerk but I would like to learn more about his sister. She seems to have it together more than the other two.

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Ria (ban1chka) | 440 comments I love him, but I gotta say - Theon is misogynistic, vain and arrogant. Bad Theon! -slaps Theon on the forehead- Plus, Balon sucks (that would make a cool tattoo). Just wait till the other Greyjoys show up, they're such bad-asses! Though my memories of Aeron Damphair were much fonder? Either I don't remember him properly or he just hasn't had the chance to blossom yet. I'll look for him in the other Pyke chapters.

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Brianna (bebecburt) | 562 comments thoughts while reading:
I find it to be very true to Theon to put the other people on the boat at risk just because he wants to see his home "rise from the sea before him."
"... hard places breed hard men, and hard men rule the world."
I feel like Theon is kind of upset no one remembers/recognizes him (which is fairly understandable). He's been gone for 10 years! A lot can happen and people can look quite different in that time...
"Even the bastard Jon Snow had been acforded more honor than he had." I kind of disagree with this. He was more welcome (I think) when the King went to Winterfell whereas Jon was basically ignored.
Not quite sure I like Theon's dad...

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Not_Your_Typical_Lannister (Leslie)   | 1283 comments Mod
Yeah Theon seems unimpressed nobody knows who he is.

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