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message 1: by Roseanne, RRRM (new) - rated it 5 stars

Roseanne | 674 comments Mod
8 ~ Tyrion II *** Discuss only this chapter and anything prior

Brianna (bebecburt) | 562 comments thoughts while reading:
I love how one of Tyrion's focuses is food. lol
I kind of like that Tyrion doesn't think so lowly of whores as everyone else does. He pretty much sees them as women.
I wonder what Tryrion is getting at.... Ah, I see now. lol It's kind of impressive that thus far Tyrion has not forgotten any of his promises (I don't think so at least) to others.
I think Varys saved Gendry? Why the older bastards but not the younger?
"Power resides where men believe it resides. No more and no less."
Why doesn't he want Ser Horas and Ser Hobber to leave?
Tyrion really did not like the fact that these baby bastards were killed. :(

Terry ~ Huntress of Erudition Tyrion is one of the few characters that really seem to relish sensual pleasures, appreciate people for who they are, yet is able to keep his wits about him in all circumstances.

message 4: by Ria (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ria (ban1chka) | 440 comments Tyrion is one of the most decent characters, if not the most decent one. Unrotunately, I think it's mostly due to his being a dwarf. He has to see the world differently than others, if he is to survive it. I think his appreciation of whores comes from the fact that he doesn't believe he deserves to be/will be loved and the only kind of love he has ever received is from whores. In this, I believe he's one of the most tragic heroes, too.

Brendan | 133 comments Mod
Totally agree with you Ria with the whore comment that you made earlier. Tyrion is one of the most "normal" characters in the book with the exception being the Stark family. Feel bad though that he has to keep Shae cooped up on an outside property like a trophy due to Tywin. Has to be a stressful and scary job being the Hand since he is "second in command" and the last three (could be wrong with that number) have been killed.

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