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Put you character here, using only:


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Name:Cole Trey Watson
Personality: happy go lucky type of guy. Very optimistic. Loves kids.

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Name:Tye Marie Rain
Personality: Shy and kind. Loves animals and nature. Not known to be the first to speak up.

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) | 22 comments
[Name] Quinn Samuel Wexler
[Age] 17
[Sexuality] Homosexual
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Quinn isn't the most outgoing person in the world, but he also isn't shy. He's not good at starting conversations, but once he gets into one, he tends to get a bit excited. Quinn can act childish at times, but will be serious when he has to. He is a generally kind person and likes to help other people. He can be a bit reckless and impulsive sometimes but mostly has that under control.Quinn has a hard time coming to terms with his sexuality. He will refuse to talk about it and doesn't want to fall in love; mostly because that's how his parents raised him to think. Quinn is fairly intelligent, but doesn't push himself to his full potential. He can be overprotective to the people he considers close to him. Quinn can become extremely closed off and secretive when it comes to what his father is like or anything within his personal life. When he doesn't want to do something, he'll be very stubborn about it.

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Connor Franta!!!

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) | 22 comments ď€ȼ€ʍβ€я wrote: "Connor Franta!!!"

Yep! I love him! ^_^

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Yea, I like him too

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Name: Emillia (Emily-a) Jade Thai
Age: 17

She isn't a girly girl, she loves sports and is really bad at all art. But she loves to try anything and sticks by someones side if they mean a lot to her.

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яєуηα™, how about Quinn and Emillia?

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) | 22 comments ď€ȼ€ʍβ€я wrote: "яєуηα™, how about Quinn and Emillia?"

Lol, he's gay XP

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Name: Emilie King
Age: 17
Personality: Emilie is very go with the flow. As long as that flow is her flow or not too far away from it. She is very kind and sweet. She hates conflict and likes peace. She is very fair and good at resolving conflicts. The reason, she doesn’t care about you enough to hate you. Any attempt to tease her fails. She is sharp as a whip. She has a giant passion for animals.

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Morgan I was wondering if two people would like to do a sort of three person relationship. Like two people are dating then one starts dreaming about someone else but the other person does as well and it goes from there ^^;

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Kylie Ooo sounds fun

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I can do that, also post in the garden please.

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Morgan Kylie would you want to? I'd kind of want to use my guy Henri who's gay but I could make another guy/girl

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Name:Ben Miles
Age: 18
Personality: it’s very hard to push him down. He is optimistic and full of energy. He is very brave and smart. He can be dead serious but usually just likes to joke around and have a good time.

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First Name: Rachel
Middle Name: Bailey
Last Name: Sumpter
Age: 17
Birthday: June, 7

Rachel was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 5. The doctors locally did everything they could to help her, but most were too scared to do any surgery. So Rachel's father decided to pack up their things and move here when she was 7. But the change from quiet country life to the loud city was too much for Rachel's mother to take. She began to get throbbing headaches and stomach pains. Not wanting to leave her child though, she remained and didn't complain. Then one day she became sick with pneumonia and closed her eyes for the last time. Rachel, being 8 and 1/2 at the time, was staying at the hospital getting treated while this went on. She began to notice however, that her mother had stopped visiting she asked her father where she was. Not wanting to trouble his child any further he lied and just said that she had to visit a friend. The following months Rachel's condition worsened, pushing the doctors to operate. Age 9 she laid down on the operating table and fell into a deep sleep. She woke up days later with a huge headache, but the tumor was gone. Finally she was able to come home and live a normal life. Once her condition was stable her father told her the truth about her mother, she cried for weeks on end, but after that she never did. She was stronger than she had been when she was younger. To this day Rachel lives a normal life, aside from headaches she gets time to time.

Rachel is very head strong and brave. She was never shy, even though most of her life consisted of hospitals. She's always the first one to break the silence with a witty comment, and she loves to spend time with her dad. You can always find her in a group of friends, or reading alone in a quiet nook. She values time alone as equally as she loves to be around other people. She tries her best to be kind and non-judgmental of others- unless you give her a reason to be otherwise. In dealing with all the drama of her condition Rachel got into art and music. She constantly doodled an pieces of paper and always asked the nurses to turn on her mini radio before they left. According to her father, music and art (and himself of course) were the two things that helped her through her cancer treatments.

☼ Painting, Sketching, Sculpting, Dancing
☼ Indie, Pop, Some Alternitive, Music
☼ Reading
☼ Puns
☼ Telling Jokes
☼ Holding Hands
☼ Cold Weather
☼ Closed Spaces

☂ Swearing
☂ Being Told What To Do/ Bossy People
☂ Wide Open Spaces
☂ People Without A Sense Of Humor
☂ Running
☂ Essays
☂ Causing Her Father To Worry

Relationship status: Single
Sexuality: Straight
Other info:

☞During the surgery the doctors had done to remove her cancer, they accidentally hit a nerve, which caused one of Rachel's eyes to turn light green. (view spoiler)

*taken by kelly* :D

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яєуηα™ wrote: " ď€ȼ€ʍβ€я wrote: "яєуηα™, how about Quinn and Emillia?"

Lol, he's gay XP"

ohh, I didn't see that

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I have a guy and girl. Both are straight.

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age 17

Personality Arabella is very quiet and kind. She is extremely flexible and good at sports but would much rather curl up with a good book in a tree or on a large rock by a river then playing sports. She does like some sports though. She loves quiet solitary activates like drawing, painting, reading, and drawing. She is very smart

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Name Scott
Age 21

Personality he is a play boy with a very laid back chill attitude. He is smart. He can be loyal and protective. Kind and caring. But not even he knows he has that side. Now he is the classic bad boy and jock

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Phoenix lover♥ wrote: "Name:Tye Marie Rain
Personality: Shy and kind. Loves animals and nature. Not known to be the first to speak up."

how about her and Ben?

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Sure. let's get a dream for them!

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Sophie wrote: "Name Scott
Age 21

Personality he is a play boy with a very laid back chill attitude. He is smart. He can be loyal and protective. Kind and caring. But not even he knows he has that side. Now he is..."

Scoot and Emillia?

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ď€ȼ€ʍβ€я wrote: "Sophie wrote: "Name Scott
Age 21

Personality he is a play boy with a very laid back chill attitude. He is smart. He can be loyal and protective. Kind and caring. But not even he knows he has that ..."


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Okay, sorry I didn't see this sooner

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thats okay, i'll get a dream for them

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Kylie{First Name}☽ Miles
{Middle Name}☽Blake
{Last Name}☽Denton


-Community Service

-Doing the wrong thing

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Allie Pinto | 31 comments Name: Posy Redwood
Age: 17

 photo 587B24BC-0585-4D56-A725-650D0936D32A_zps4ev6vhm7.jpg

Personality: Posy has always been the wild child but when you grow up with four boys who can blame you for being a bit on the crazy side. Having to spend her hole life fighting for attention Posy knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. Manipulative, crazy and only a bitch on the weekends. She was raised with the life lessons "fighting makes us stronger". But she's grown out of scrapping side and developed into more of a laid back partying tomboy.

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[Name} Marie Ann Krane
[Age] 17

If there’s one thing to know about Marie it’s that she’s a fighter. She won’t take anyone’s crap, and she hates being disrespected in any way. She’s a rather distant human being and never allows herself to form relationships with anyone due to her history of betrayal. Strongly opinionated she doesn’t allow for anything to go by without providing her own view on things. When she does allow people in Marie can be fiercely loyal, and she’s not one to walk away on people that are broken; especially when she feels like it’s her mission to mend them. Relationships are something she doesn’t take her time with. They often start quickly with a flash, and end just as soon as they begin. This is simply due to her tendency to find herself with boys/ or girls that bring her down, emotionally and physically. If she feels like something can work she remains her usual silent self; but as of yet no relationship has worked out for her; whether romantic or a friend(ly).

[Name] William Tanner Quinn
[Age] 18

[Positive Traits]
⇧Work Ethic
[Negative Traits]
⇩ Slut
⇩Full of Himself
[Fatal Flaw]
[Biggest Secret]
His Past

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(view spoiler)

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Haley | 8 comments First name: Kira
Age: 17

Personality: Kira is kind and go-with-the-flow when she considers you a friend, but is very shy. She puts up a hard shell around her when she's around people, and often comes off as rude and mean.

Hair color: Dirty blonde
Hair length: Elbow
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5'3
Markings/tatoos: Small scar crossing left eyebrow from childhood accident

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Renegade | 2 comments Name: Ember Nina Jones
Age: 16

Personality: Likes to have control in the situation, very organized, and tends to be very neat. She things that are free but no offensive, and hates discrimination.

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Ashlynn Rivers.
Age 16.
Personality: She's quirky, fierce, mischievous and playful. She loves to move around a lot.

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