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Forgetting How to Breathe
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Romance > R4R: Forgetting How to Breathe. A new fusion gritty YA meets mature NA.

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Michelle Watson (millyella) | 4 comments Synopsis:

Edgy. Unpredictable. Weird goodness.

Things never go as planned when we fall in love. Sometimes we fall in love with people we're not supposed to. Fire meets ice and they burn so beautifully.

Nathan Walker is the face of a wholesome American boy. He’s a popular jock. He’s polite. He’s selflessly giving. He’s honest. He’s a virgin. He has every characteristic of a great hero. But Nathan’s good boy image begins to fade and utterly vanishes after a devastating milestone in his life.

Rain Holmes is the definition of a mean girl. She is impossibly shallow. She uses her power to manipulate and degrade others. She starts rumors and steals boyfriends. She destroys lives. But she’s forced to move to Texas when a prank goes too far. After six months away, she comes back to school with a new attitude and a camera crew filming her every move. Rain has her eyes set on Nathan, who now relishes in being an anti-hero.

Nathan loathes Rain and has no problem expressing it. He’s relentless in his impulses to bully her. But Rain takes it in stride and never gives up on her attempts to know Nathan. She understands what it’s like is to be a tormenter and what it’s like to be a survivor of overwhelming persecution.

They both explore themselves through unusual relationships. Nathan forms a strong bond with Teodor, his reserved British next-door neighbor. That bond flourishes into more as they get to know each other. But when Rain joins the picture, things get complicated. Nathan, Teodor, and Rain make their own rules to everyone else's games. Secrets are revealed and hearts are broken.

When reformed mean girl meets a converted bad boy it makes for great reality television. But reality gets dark and gritty. Their reality is morphed into a love story that goes disturbingly wrong. They both have their secrets and are not willing to share until tragic events bring them together.

When tortured souls unite sometimes things get out of control. Everyone may simply be doomed, because when it rains, it pours.

WARNING: This is not your typical romance story. This book contains sexual encounters and graphic language that some readers may find objectionable, including, but not limited to: M/F, M/M, M/F/F, M/F/M encounters and open relationships.

Young Adult meets New Adult fusion novel. Reading age +17

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Precious Thomas (pthomas982) | 3 comments Sounds so good...whatever format works

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Here is my review...Thanks

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