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Would it be cool if you could taste sound?

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message 1: by Joanna (new) - added it

Joanna To me it would be pretty cool because then I would tasting sweet stuff all the time( I think).

Maddie C. i think it would be cool but after a while it might become annoying

Emma It would be cool for a while, but it would not be good to have it forever.

Katie I think it really depends on how it tastes. if it's really gross no, if it tastes awesome yes, but i may get annoyed if every time someone sneezed, i tasted pineapple.

message 5: by Ali (new)

Ali It would be cool but annoying

Maddie I love this book so much! So worth reading. It'd be neat, but like Ali commented, very weird and annyoing.

Natasha This book started off slow for me. But then after I really got into it, I found it amazing and it was beautifully written.

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