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Should I Read On?
Kate Hawkins Kate Apr 29, 2014 09:24AM
Now that I have finished this hefty volume I keep going back and forth in my mind as to weather or not I should read on, figured I could get my answer through the discussion boards.

I think the big question Josiah is did u enjoy it.
If so read on, if you were bored and didnt connect with the book in anyway then you shouldnt bother.
Personally I love the series and have been with it since the early days....my wife however only started the books recently but decided to quit reading them and just watch the TV series as she found the books heavy going.

i loved the first book. it had a mythic power, thanks to the doggies. book 2 was a chore. i got half way through and stopped. then season 2 started on tv. i loved it. i finished book 2 and started on book 3.
book 3 is the most tedious pile of <....> i have ever read in my life! it was so bad that i not only left it unfinished but i don't even watch the tv show any more.

I think you should definitely read the other books (my favourite is a storm of swords the second part)! You should take a break maybe between books to read something lighter, but the story becomes more interesting later on!

I bought the 4 book set because I had read A Game of Thrones years ago when it first came out and loved it. I read from the beginning again and made it to book 4 but I just couldn't get through it. I am going to go back to it only because I want to know what happens in A Dance of Dragons. For me the 4th book seemed scattered and I had a hard time following it but it may have just been me.

I strongly recommend stopping now. There are reportedly seven books in this series, only five of them have been published, and Martin's writing pace can best be described as "glacial." Do yourself the big favor of waiting for the publishing date for the last book to be announced.

Truth be told, after Game of Thrones, it only gets more interesting.... and more painful. All characters that seemed all white and black turn grey as the books go along. If you're into intense game of politics, intrigues and can handle the death of your favourite characters, you should continue.

It depends on whether or not you enjoyed the first one. Judging by your review, you seem to have mixed feelings. Well, the later ones have a lot more of what you liked as well as of what you disliked:

There's a huge amount of great world-building, with more and more characters, houses, places and cultures being introduced, especially in the later books. The political intrigue gets increasingly complex, as more people get drawn into the power struggle for the throne, with alliances being made between unlikely bedfellows, and betrayals galore.

On the other hand, the length of the books increases as well. The only one shorter than A Game of Thrones is the fourth book, A Feast for Crows. The longest is the third one, A Storm of Swords, which is popularly considered the best one in the series. It also features a lot of deaths of important characters, especially a couple of very shocking deaths. I would personally recommend this book highly. But if long books are simply not your cup of tea, or if you don't like the idea of major characters dying, then maybe this series is just not for you.

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In my view, the first three volumes A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1) by George R.R. Martin A Clash of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire, #2) by George R.R. Martin A Storm of Swords Blood and Gold (A Song of Ice and Fire #3, Part 2 of 2) by George R.R. Martin are entirely worth reading but book IV A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, #4) by George R.R. Martin pisses away all the narrative momentum and sense of impending doom in a pother of irrelevant (and newly introduced!) viewpoint characters and unresolved narrative arcs. A reader might be well served to walk away from the series and leave it to the television show to wrap things up in a more streamlined and timely fashion - I know that's the choice I've made.

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