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message 1: by Thushara (new)

Thushara Vithanage | 22 comments Hello,

Can anyone tell me what are the custom duty and taxes we have to pay when importing books to Sri Lanka from online purchases?... because I experienced sometimes they put very high duty on books which I bought (for example I had to pay about LKR 1800 something as total custom duty for a book worth LKR 4500)

message 2: by Samodh (last edited May 02, 2014 01:13AM) (new)

Samodh I buy from Betterworldbooks (secondhand) and Thebookdepository (new). TBD send each of their books separately wrapped no matter how big the order is. So their stuff come directly to your home via local post. But i clearly remember having go to a postal place near Lake House and having to clear Infinite Jest (1000+ pages) and The Collected Poems of Allen Ginsberg (864 pages). Only had to pay LKR 299 and 302 respectively. Also for the bulk orders from BWB, usually 10-30 books, i go to the same place. But so far never had to pay any amount over 450 LKR.

message 3: by Thushara (new)

Thushara Vithanage | 22 comments I just got to know that the custom officers just put high duty on coffee table books. Most of my orders are art of the movie books (coffie table type) Yea I order from the depository too... Its sad they charge duty on books... In USA they charge custom duty only on orders exceed 100 dollars...

message 4: by Travis (new)

Travis Gomez | 4 comments I also had a similar experience when ordering text books on Amazon. for a book worth approx. USD 60 the duty was close to LKR 2,400. This issue doesn't seem to affect regular novels I order from bookdepository.

message 5: by Thushara (new)

Thushara Vithanage | 22 comments "Wonder of Asia"

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