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What to do:
1)copy the below template
2)create a new thread for your character
3)make the topic title your characters first and last name
4)fill out the template in its entirety
5)wait for approval by a mod

{full members can be anywhere from age 17-90}

for the job section the available jobs are:
dauntles: tattoo artist, servailence team, cop, fence duty, fireman, cook
amity: harvester, planter, peace serum administer, situation management
candor: judge, lawyer, jury, truth serum administer
erudite: computer technician, doctor, surgeon, nurse, serum developement
abnegation: government official, factionless helper, aptitude test administrator, fireman, nurse
(note not all members are required to have a job; all faction leaders will be appointed by me)

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<.b.>Faction of Origin<./b.>

<.b.>Appearance<./b.> fill out everything below
<.i.>Image<./i.> use the format <.img src="paste link here".> remove periods. if it doesn't work, simply post a link to a valid image
<.b.>Written Description<./b.>
<.i.>hair color:<./i.>
<.i.>eye color:<./i.>
<.i.>body type:<./i.>
<.b.>Distinguishable marking:<./b.>

<.b.>personality:<./b.> atleast 3 sentences required

<.b.>family:<./b.> fill in the full name, age, and a one sentence personality for each person. only fill those that apply. put N/A for those that dont apply.
<.i.>partner:<./i.> (spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend)
<.i.>other living relatives or close friends:<./i.>

<.b.>History<./b.> atleast 3 sentences required

<.b.>Job:<./b.> this can be left blank, if youd like to request a job that is not listed then put it here and ill either approve or disaprove

<.b.>fears:<./b.> (atleast three here though all characters will have more in reality.)





<.b.>Weapon of Choice:<./b.>

<.b.>Aptitude test result<./b.> include whether divergent
<.b.>Faction they chose at choosing ceremony:<./b.>
<.b.>other: anything else youd like to add

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