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A place to read and check out books of all kinds.

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Michigan sat at table by herself, turning a phone - one she had lifted off of someone, of course- around in her thin palm. She wasn't much one for technology, that was her brother's thing, and this circumstance wasn't any different. She wasn't a big fan of this person's style, either. It had a glittery pink case that sparkled in the dim light. Micha frowned, pressing down on a button, making the screen glow, asking for a password in numbers and letters.

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Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) Kryo was reading off in his own little corner, hoping to escape the dreariness of others for the day. He didn't want to speak, and the only thing he wanted speaking to him was the book. Only its words mattered to him at the moment.

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After a while of staring at the screen, having come up with no idea for a password, Micha stood up, walking around the tall book aisles before glancing down at the item in her hand again. She turned around, intending to walk to the window, when she saw Kryo. She walked up, pausing a few feet behind him, and chirped in the designated hushed tone of the library, "If you were a middle-aged woman with a liking for the color pink, and an odd obsession with cats, what would you have your cellular phone's password be?"

~Spy~ Jack Sparrow's girl (GallagherGirl97) | 10 comments After the walk Eira walked into the library. Eira noticed two other people but she went to a corner to look at the books. When she grabbed a book ice started to form on it. Eira gasped and dropped the book.

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Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) "Probably pink mittens, without spaces," Kryo said simply, fighting the urge to groan. He keppt reading, hoping she'd go away. They weren't friends, and he wasn't being social, so hopefully she'd buzz off.

~Spy~ Jack Sparrow's girl (GallagherGirl97) | 10 comments Eira glanced about then picked up her book. She walked over to a small chair and sat down. The chair wasn't comfortable so she stood up and made a pillow of snow that she sat on. It wouldn't melt till she wanted it to she knew that.

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"Hmm..." Michigan murmured, glancing over to the girl she'd seen run into Kryo before. She looked back down to the phone, leaning against a bookcase, and wrote his answer into the touchscreen. When it blinked a dark color for a minute before turning to a home screen, she looked up, tilting her head at Kryo's back, looking to the book that had his interest. "Is there something meaningful about that book?" she asked, the same usual hum to her voice, but the annoyed look back on her face.

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Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) "It isn't irritating me with countless questions," Kryo answered, ever truthful. He was also very blunt. If he was asked a question, he answered it honestly and without mercy or forethought. Otherwise, he would be putting effort into something, and that led to to no good.

~Spy~ Jack Sparrow's girl (GallagherGirl97) | 10 comments Eira wasn't really reading she was watching the other two people who were here. One was a fire student she could feel her heat the other was ice like her. Eira, who isn't good at talking to people or being nice decided to just observe until approached.

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Micha smirked, glad to have made someone's day a little bit worse. "That doesn't answer my inquiry, really. Unless you count not doing something as meaningful, or... lazy. I guess it would. What's it about?" she continued, mentally tallying off how many questions she had already asked him. It wasn't countless, she decided, but it was quite a few.

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Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) "It's fantasy. Dragons and knights," Kryo said, wondering if how she'd react if he told her to go away, or if he froze her. However, the harming action would take effort, and he wasn't one for that.

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"I'm annoying you, I hope." Michigan moved from her place behind him, pulling out the chair across from him and straddling it, facing him. "Because the realization of annoyance takes a little bit of effort. You could be on the verge of something here." She set the unlocked phone down on the table, not caring if he thought it odd that the phone was actually in her possession.

~Spy~ Jack Sparrow's girl (GallagherGirl97) | 10 comments Eira noticed the boy was getting annoyed and wondered if she should say something. Shaking her head she decided not to and tried to read, ignoring them.

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Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) "You're displeasing me. However, it takes little to no effort to be displeased. It often takes more to be pleased," Kryo said, not giving two hoots about her stolen phone. He really didn't mind if something was stolen, even if it was his. Unless it was money. He needed that for the food he loved so much.

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"Not in my experience, but it does take a lot to please me. Except this time, I guess. Normally it takes more for me to catch the attention of one's displeasure. Congratulations." Michigan didn't mean anything by that. She stood up once more, now bored with Kryo. Already she felt she had figured him out, though it was unlikely that she had. She picked up the phone, glancing around the room. "You know," she spoke, starting to slowly walk away, "that book might be more alive if you wore a tin metal outfit for kicks. Just a suggestion." And then she was gone.

~Spy~ Jack Sparrow's girl (GallagherGirl97) | 10 comments Eira watched the girl leave,
Strange fire student
She thought to herself. She looked over at the boy and quickly looked away
I wonder if he's ever been truly happy?

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Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) Kryo sighed, frost on his breath, as always when he let out a heavy sigh. He was tired of people pretending that they were better for their effort in life. He did need to try, so why should he? He wasn't one for vigorous effort in anything.

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((could I join?))

~Spy~ Jack Sparrow's girl (GallagherGirl97) | 10 comments (Go ahead :) )

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