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Epic Reads (epicreads) | 54 comments Mod
Are you joining the Reboot read-a-thon? Tell us here and feel free to start any discussions!

Des Marie | 6 comments Woot Woot! Joining y'all, as a first time read. :) Been on my TBR for far too long. Thanks for inspiring to get on it. I can handle any cliffhangers now that book 2 is about to release. :) I'm having closure issues with series lately.

Haley | 1 comments Just read Reboot last week for the first time. I really enjoyed it. Best take on Zombies ever!

Sabrina Handal (sabrinahandal) Joining for my second read! Yay!

CallMeSara | 2 comments Loved Reboot, it enthralling me from the summary. First Zombie book I've read, and by far the best :D

Des Marie | 6 comments Um, pg 55: Holy Schnikies! "Ever?" Creepy and Not cool! haha

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Patcee | 1 comments Yes! Got my copy yesterday. Am so excited!!! staying on page one right now.

Brittany (blkel14) | 2 comments I'm in! I just finished school, so I'm starting my summer reading spree. :)

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Ashley Anne (triplea0131) | 4 comments Will be picking this up from the library today :)

Penny | 3 comments I am going to Join the Re-reboot read-a-thon. I saw it was on Kindle for 1.99 and since I had wanted to read it, this seems like the perfect time.

Des Marie | 6 comments End of chapter 25, ^-^ *feels* Eep but oh my, why Callum? No, why? (Ever flashback) 0_0

Paiten | 7 comments Chapter Three!!!
I forgot how much I love this book. And now I must order a physical copy!!!

Cassie Gutman (happybooklovers) | 1 comments This is my first time reading, but so far I'm LOVING IT, and I'm already sad my copy is a library copy. I know I'm going to want the second one, but incomplete series make me sad!


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