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You are standing in a room, surrounded by mirrors. What do you do?

A. Immediately look away.
B. Look as long as you can. You may never get this chance again.

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You find yourself on a thin walkway approximately nine hundred sixteen feet up in the air. A building in to your left that offers you safety, but if you walk there, you risk falling. What do you do?

A. Walk slowly and carefully to the building.
B. Sit there and wait for help to come.

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The second war has come. Where are you?

A. Fighting!
B. Devising new tactics to help your team win.
C. Treating the wounded.

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You see two teens fighting verbally. What do you do?

A. Walk in there and immediately break up the fight.
B. Explain to them how wrong fighting is.
C. Tell them that they are acting like little children.

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Your final result was Dauntless.

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Hmmmmm ok then

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Your other two answers came in the form of Amity and Candor.

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Ok cuz I train candor and dauntless so can't pick those two

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Yeah. But remember that the test just aids you. The final decision is yours.

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Yeh I know lol

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If you have not already done so, plug your result into your character and erase Divergent if you have it.

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I can't edit from the app

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Okay. So on a Pc then.

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