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Veronica I loved this book.I love how it's full of history and how it proved me once again that no matter how many books about the Jewish Halocaust you read, you will always find a book that will show you a new side of it and make you discover things you could never have immagined. I had a hard time falling asleep after I got to the the part where Shara finally comes back to her appartment. Made me feel that I loved the book but maybe wish I hadn't read it.. I don't know.

Lexi Martin I think its a sign of a great book if it keeps you up. Hopefully not with nightmares but made you think. Personally, I LOVED this book. It was disturbing but it truly moved me. Movie was also good.

Libby Gordon I loved this book even though I was in tears more than once, I had never heard of this event in France , so heart breaking .

Jane I agree that it's a sign of a great book if it makes you think after you put it down. I loved Sarah's Key although it wasn't an easy read.

Linda I loved this book, too. The movie was good as well.

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Nora Years later, the French president felt compelled to address the issue as a dark time of the French government's betrayal of their Jewish citizens. Unbelievably sad! I couldn't quit the book, but had similar feelings to previous respondents. Well done.

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