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message 1: by Marie (new)

Marie (heymarie) | 3 comments So I saw this photo of Sehun with this girl (who shall remain unnamed). They were standing so close to each other and there was a sort of closeness between the two of them. I just kind of burst out crying and it was so embarrassing cause I was at school. Now my friends think I'm weird. But that's not just it. I cry even during the happy videos, like in Showtime. Is there something wrong with me????

message 2: by Beth, mod ✿ (new)

Beth (bethandluna) | 664 comments I always thought it was weird when people got all upset to the extreme when their celebrity crush was found dating. Is it so hard to believe that they would go out with someone? I hate how a lot of agencies force their talent to abstain from having relationships. Lee Min Ho comes to mind.

I can see where it would be somewhat upsetting to find out though. There's always that back-of-the-mind fantasy that you could be the one, depending how into it you are. I just take it as fact that it's never going to happen. How often does the prince really marry the servant girl? Pessimistic. I know.

Can't really blame you from bursting into tears in public. I started crying in the middle of GFS yesterday. :) Though for good reason. :(

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